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  1. Oatsie

    Special mattress

    Thanks Harry.... Glad you are on it... I was just typing a PM when you beat me to it. I'm sure we can assist. Shriners Hospital for Children - Mexico City
  2. Oatsie

    Men's electric shavers

    Sorianna had some last winter....
  3. Oatsie

    Mike the ComputerGuy

    Mike.... I wonder if this would be a good alternative for Mexico ? SkyRoam Solis
  4. Can someone tell me his age and preferably his date of birth? Maybe I should give you a little more info as to why I'm asking for the his age. I am a member of the Lake Chapala Shrine Club and our International Shriners Hospitals for Children treat children up to the age of 18 for Orthopaedic, Burn Care, Spinal Cord Injury and Cleft Lip and Palate treatment, regardless of their ability to pay. Our Mexico City Hospital may be able to help. See Shriners Hospitals for Children - Orthopaedics
  5. I can highly recommend a Logitech Harmony 650 remote. I have one in Canada and one in Mexico for my Shaw Direct service. https://www.logitech.com/en-ca/product/harmony-remote-650 They are available at Best Buy in Mexico: https://www.bestbuy.com.mx/c/buscar-best-buy/buscar?query=harmony+650&autoFacet=true
  6. Oatsie

    Chaplain Elevation

    I'm told that blood pressure goes up with the elevation. I don't bake, but elevation affects baking time too - "someone said".....
  7. I know that this web board is about Lakeside, but Lakesiders should know that Ontario is experiencing an unusually high number of forest fires this summer. Mexico has sent 20 - five man fire crews to assist other out of province firefighters. With 28 fires out of control, Ontario gets help from U.S., Mexico, other provinces Gracias y Viva Mexico....
  8. Oatsie

    Need glass worker

    Sergio is a personal friend. He is a true stained glass artist and speaks perfect English. Web page: Aimar Vitrales
  9. Oatsie


    Banning won't work in Port Dover Ontario. Watch Ontario news on Shaw to see video.... 140,000 in Port Dover AND http://www.pd13.com/
  10. Oatsie

    just sold my home up in usa..

    I just read somewhere that Mexico won't cash a NOB check until after the Mexican elections in 2 weeks. Something about money laundering to politicians. Sorry, I don't recall anymore about it since it didn't apply to me. It may have been on the Mexico News Daily web page but you should check with your financial institution first...
  11. Oatsie

    Hector Espana's Wedding

    San Andrea's in Ajijic.... 1 PM tomorrow (June 16)
  12. Oatsie

    Luau Party

    Does this work ?
  13. Oatsie

    Roberto's Terrace

    What is his "Facebook page" so we can "follow" him????
  14. Oatsie

    Automobile Electric Shop

    It's a bit further than Riberas, but the best auto electric guy (IMHO) is Jaime HERNANDEZ in SAT. Turn south between Fenex Real Estate and the Coke warehouse - Jaime is 1/2 block south on the left side.... just past the Vivero. Speaks English.
  15. Oatsie

    Austin bypass