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  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/vLiOkyV
  2. My MagicJack isn't working for the last couple of hours. Anyone else ???
  3. Was there an extra "roaming" charge for calling back to the USA or Canada and did it include data on your phone, for email messages etc. ? ? ?
  4. Has anyone used their TelCel SIM card in Europe ?
  5. I have tried searching but too many results..... Someone on here regularly posts that they have written instructions for driving from Laredo to Lakeside. Please post or PM me with a copy that you can email me. Gracias....
  6. IANOS - Would you please post your hours of operation, days open and closed AND a menu ? I can't find the info on your webpage.
  7. I know of someone going to Ottawa on Tuesday. I have sent you a private message with my email address.
  8. Since they come from Guadalajara each day, they don't open until very late morning.
  9. Dr Antonio Pinto, in Riberas, just west of Mom's Restaurant will take them and distribute them to locals who can't afford them.
  10. The proper spelling is Emilias....
  11. I have 331-117-2325 but haven't tried it in a while.
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