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  1. I've got internet in Chula Vista... Av del Parque. It was out yesterday.
  2. Click here: Canadian New Year's Resolutions.....
  3. We arrived at GDL last nite and found the taxi booth has moved to just outside and to the right of the sliding doors from the red/green light area to the general population.
  4. Looks like "Drain flies" to me too.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drain_fly I buy Harpic Destop (not a typo) and follow directions and pour down ALL drains in house. I buy mine at Jara Hardware, just west of Telmex on north service road. https://super.walmart.com.mx/limpieza-del-hogar/destapacanos-liquido-harpic-destop-1-l/00750105877210
  5. FREE (This word gets more attention than "SEX." That’s because sex is never “free”.....
  6. We have to go to Laredo to legalize our car and want to spend a couple of nights... shopping, eating etc. Any recommendations for mid-range hotel/motels ?
  7. Show me yours.... I've shown you mine. 😉
  8. This is a Google Street View - taken in 2017 - of the location. Now, if someone can't find Vicky's, they shouldn't leave their house unescorted.... 🤣
  9. Several years ago I was told that if you are bringing in anything questionable - as to having to pay duty or not - tape a 200 peso bill in clear sight to anyone looking to examine the contents. That seems to deter any further paperwork or questions. Not condoning - just sayin'.......
  10. Here's something we learned in the last 2 months. Once you attend the INM office in Chapala to finalize your Temporary Resident's application, you have to attend their office within 1 year of your entry to Mexico to apply for annual extensions. It is not within 1 year of your first appearing at their Chapala office.
  11. What are their days and hours of operation ? There was a post elsewhere about it being near a 'large green tire". Where is it from there ?
  12. I see there is an RV lot just east of Jesus Garcia.... maybe it is an RV lot. Jesus Garcia - San Antonio Tlay.
  13. What could happen you try to light your water heater, instead of having your gardener do it.....
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