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  1. Just a side note about all this testing. My wife her sister and I were tested prior to returning to the US of A about three weeks ago ar Soriana. Not a soul asked for it either in Mexico or the U.S. I’m not telling anyone not to get tested but sure was a waste of time and money as well as disappointing. So much for government giving a s…..
  2. Dotcalm, just sent you a postmark. We live in GV and often travel to Chapala.
  3. I have been trying and trying to make local (lakeside) calls from Chapala with no luck. I’ve used every combination that I can find online to no avail. Can anybody tell me how to make my calls? I have a U.S. cell phone, T-Mobile, and am trying to make local calls to Mexican cell phones and Mexican landlines. TIA!
  4. We will be traveling to Chapala later this month from Tucson, Az. I am very familiar with driving in Mexico as we lived in Chapala for eleven years. Instead of going through Nogales we are considering Presido, Tx. Has anybody done this after the latest post above? What were the road conditions? Did you spend the night somewhere or did you drive straight through? Thanks in Advance!!
  5. Help. Looking for hotels that will accept my dog, about 20 lbs. My internet search has found nothing. Navojoa is preferable. TIA! ,
  6. I am getting extremely tired of my telmex internet going down numerous times per day. I have heard about poor telecable internet service but at this stage of the game I am willing to try another provider. I have had telmex to the house, i have had the guy, can not recall his name, come out and track down my line and found no problem. Uggg, just getting tired of this. MY QUESTION, can anybody in Chapala Centro provide their telecable experiences, good as well as bad. What speeds do you get and what is the reliability? TIA.
  7. Yes, pressing 1 gets to voice mail on my phone, in spanish is the problem. I need to know what numbers, and in what order, to use to set up a voice mail message, how to retrieve the message and then to delete the message.
  8. Need help please, in setting up my voice mail. I have a Mexican AT&T account and would like to use voice mail. I would like to set up a “leave me a voice mail” message and then of course listen to it. I have an IPhone but I don’t think that matters. Any help will be appreciated. TIA.
  9. I have used them using Tricare and Tricare for Life for my insurance. I used them for PT and some minor ailment. I had no problems and they billed my insurance.
  10. Awhile back somebody posted a number for a non telmex person who would trace down your telmex line looking for problems. I have done several searches and am unable to find his. Umber. Can that somebody please repost. I am so tired of up and down internet conection I am willing to try anything.
  11. The 599 package, i believe I was told up to 20 mbs. That is of course with phone.
  12. I have been following any and all comments on telmex internet speeds, problems, etc. I live in Chapala centro, right next to the American Legion. My internet often, three times or more per day, goes down for a few minutes or more at a time. I have to reset and then hope that it comes back up. I have noted several conversations on this board stating that the Arcadyan dual band would not get more than 10mb download. As you can see from the pics below I get more than 30 mb down and good upload speed. Now to my question.... is my router having problems since it goes down so many times per day or is it just Telmex, other people in my area do not seem to have so many outages. If I do go for a new router will I trade reliability for speed? any responses will be appreciated.
  13. I use unblockus for a vpn. As of last night unable to get Hulu, Amazon Prime or U.S. Netflix. I contacted support, they gave me new dns settings. Still have the problem. Anybody else with unblockus having a problem? Support for my problem has been great, hopefully they will get it going
  14. August will soon be upon us. Here are upcoming events at The American Legion Post 7 Chapala. You do not have to be a member to attend our events, however if you are eligible we would love to have you join our Post. PLEASE visit our web site at .http://chapalalegionpost7.com/ Our Roll Call Magazine is posted there as well as many other features you may enjoy! We are located at the SE corner of Morelos and Guerrero in Chapala, Morelos 114. WE SERVE A GREAT BREAKFAST! Stop by and visit us. August Events 2nd US Consul: 9:30 am – 10:30 am 2nd Military Org. Happy Hour: 3 pm to 5 pm at the American Legion 5th Taco Saturday 3 to 6 pm 8th Legion Meetings: E-board 10:00 am – General 11:00 am 10th Auxiliary Meetings: E- Board 10:30 am – General 11 am 10th Hasta la Pasta: Auxilary Cindy Thompson & Sharon Munns - 3 pm social hour 4 pm dinner, hot and cold pastas with dessert, tickets 150 (bring a pasta dish and get ticket at ½ price) 50/50 & door prices. Weekly Activities for the Month of August Fish Fry 3 – 6 SAT. Hamburgers 12 – 3 SUN. Bridge 1 – 5 WED. AA 10 am FRI.
  15. Makes sense now. Couldn't see the forest for the trees. Thanks!!
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