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  1. Could you forward your contact information to me as well? jon.b.pace@gmail.com Thanks.
  2. We lived lakeside for 11 years before we paid more than $500 pesos for a dinner for two. This new place takes precios sin verguenza to new heights, and I mean heights! I hope that even wealthy people will recognize this and respond accordingly.
  3. Can you provide a means of contacting him? Phone, email, address or whatever. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for a number of really helpful replies. You have steered me away from several less-than-the-best approaches.
  5. Anyone out there use this service? How would you rate it? Any clearly better alternatives?
  6. Uh oh. I have Telmex, not Telcel. I assume that makes a difference.
  7. We are going to San Diego from Chapalalandia next week. Can I use my Mexican cel phone due to our proximity to Mexico in San Diego? Worth a try? Thanks in advance for any info.
  8. He was back in business in front of Super Lake yesterday and today. I saw him packing up to close at about 3:00pm today.
  9. My beloved Sanyo internet radio died last year after about 17 years of great service. No one has been able to fix it anywhere around here. So now I'm looking for recommendations for a replacement. The old radio could search by country or by genre or both, ie, genre within country. That worked just fine for me. It cost about $150 USD way back then. There are dozens of brands and models of internet radio available on el Mercado Libre. So specific recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I even noted that some of the radios for sale only play their own proprietary stations...not interested. Actually, for all those years, that old Sanyo was pretty much exclusively tuned to WNYC, public radio New York City. Thanks for helping in advance.
  10. Or just go to a hardware store and buy a replacement handle for a "swinging" tool like an axe. They are well balanced and IMHO more effective than a baseball bat. Easier to find as well.
  11. And they speak fluent English, so you should have no problem communicating.
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