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  1. We have lived in San Antonio Tlyacapan for 13 years. When we first moved into our home here, we noticed that we can see the church from our upstairs master bedroom. Uh oh. Cohetes have been a problem that we have lived with. Our previous Airedale terrier was terrorized by cohetes but I trained our new ex street dog just to get mad instead of scared. The barking is the same but the fear factor is gone...he's just mad at the noise.
  2. I was about to mention that. Best price for what you are seeking is at Super Lake.
  3. El Toro Furioso

    Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Do you have any references for that assertion? Considering the great respect that Mexicans give to their elders, it doesn't sound a likely note.
  4. I was told recently that there are now speed-trap cameras on the cuota from Guad to Colima and on to Manzanillo. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If there are, where are they? Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. I was told recently that there are now speed-trap cameras on the cuota from Guad to Colima and on to Manzanillo. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If there are, where are they? Thanks in advance for your input.
  6. Is this guy a crook? Has he skipped town? I've been trying to contact him for almost three weeks, but no answer, no phone answering machine, no nothing. He assured me that we would be able to watch the Olympics when we bought the service. But we can't watch any TV shows at all for some time. Anyone know what is going on?
  7. El Toro Furioso

    Update on Jalisco Driver's License Renewal?

    Well, my license expires this Thursday, so that probably won't be of any help to me. We are always in La Manzanilla this time of year and so I've always renewed in Cihuatlan, which is a breeze. Where does one go in Guadalajara to pay and then to get one's renewal? Thanks for the info.
  8. In 2014, the following was posted re: license renewal: Posted February 20, 2014 Renewal: May renew early but only within 15 days of expiration date. Step 1: Make payment by presenting current (Jalisco) driver’s license at the Recaudadora in Chapala Located at Calle Degollada 302 (South side of street/ ½ block west of Gonzalez Gallo (See 2014 Fee Schedule below) The payment receipt is conveniently valid for 12 months. Step 2: Proceed to Transito Office at Flavio Romero 405A – Northeast corner with Guerrero; a 2 story Brick building. Licensing office is on the left as you enter Step 3: Present original Jalisco drivers license + emergency phone # + the following original & 1 black and white copy of: a. CURP b. PASSPORT c. LEGAL STATUS: Permanent/Temporary Resident card d. PROOF OF RESIDENCE: CFE/TELMEX/WATER bill within past 90 days Are addresses still valid? If so, any other updates? Thanks for your help.
  9. El Toro Furioso

    Restaurant First Experience

    There is a new restaurant across the street, sort of, from Super Lake. I stopped by this sort of new restaurant today to see if they sell fish and shrimp tacos and to get a phone number to order, since they do make them. I brought home four tacos, two fish and two shrimp. I asked for an extra bag of salsa a la Mexicana when I ordered on the phone. When I picked up the order, I was brought a bag and charged $110 pesos plus tip. The bag with the takeout food felt alarmingly light. Then I got home and opened the bag! Four of the smallest tacos I've ever seen anywhere in the world. Even less food put into those tacos' tortillas. No nothing to put on the tacos with no offer nor sign of a buffet at the restaurant for self service. Enough salsa was enclosed in the bag to dress one of the four tacos. I had to go to Lety's to order a shrimp quesadilla to keep us from starving. Caveat Emptor!
  10. El Toro Furioso

    local BMW-smart mechanic?

    Al Berca, where is Francisco's in Riberas del Pilar? Thanks.
  11. El Toro Furioso

    local BMW-smart mechanic?

    Can anyone recommend a local auto mechanic who knows his/her way around a BMW sedan? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. El Toro Furioso

    Costco Hearing Aids

    Are Costco hearing aids any good? Any reviews or personal experiences? Thanks.
  13. El Toro Furioso

    Copper topped furniture

    Why not just stay put here and go to Robert in Ajijic. His crew of expert carpenters and craftsmen make wonderful copper topped furniture. We have several cherished pieces of his group's work in our home here lakeside and in our home in La Manzanilla. I can't find his phone number right now, but he is near the first light as one enters Ajijic from Chapala, up above the carreterra near the Sushi restaurant sign. He is on the right. He has signs out for custom furniture. Prices are fair and the quality is good to great. I'll post his phone when I find it.
  14. My wife asked me to inquire whether anyone knows where one can purchase comforters and comforter covers (duvets) around these parts. No polyester allowed, only cotton. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  15. My wife used to be able to buy Victorinox Swiss Army Knife parts at a local hardware store lakeside. That store no longer supplies the parts. Does anyone out there know where we could go, preferably locally, to find parts. She needs to replace the long metal ¨spring¨ that animates the scissor. She has replaced this part before, so she knows that it is available and that installation is simple. Thanks in advance for any information.