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  1. Apple is to the technology world what Communism is to the political world. Everyone is locked into a system. You do it their way or no way. A bicycle with training wheels you cannot remove.
  2. I do not think it should have been moved. This was a terrible event that should be remembered.
  3. The other day we bought 2 scoops each of Romeo & Julieta Gelato on the Chapala malecon. While we sat, slowly savoring our selections, we found out we no longer need to leave Ajijic for this pleasure. Ajiijic location is at the bottom end of Colon (Morales) street, between La Casa de Cafe and the Old Posada. It is a tiny storefront, easy to walk past it. They offer 6 flavors of gelato and 3 of fruit sherbet with scoops starting at $20 pesos for 1, $35 for 2, $50 for 3.
  4. Remembrance of a sad day in Manzanillo. After the earthquake of October 9, 1995, hundreds of volunteers and army personnel participated in the rescue of victims who died in the collapse Costa Real Hotel, which was located on the boulevard. Today marks 20 years, which left 42 dead in Colima and some 35 thousand people homeless. The epicenter was off the coast of Colima and Jalisco, and had a magnitude of 8 degrees. [www.diariodecolima.com] [www.nytimes.com]
  5. I feel sorry for them, but at least they are fed and have cover from the elements.
  6. Do you mean click on Blogs and Utube Shows? Still does not open properly. Impossible to read items to left of the screen.
  7. My lady enrolled 2 years ago. Interview only. Accepted and using the IMSS services. Myself, I have been in the IMSS system 15 years. Renew every year. Two surgeries (one this year), treatment by the urologist over a 2 year period, flu shots, etc. The bureaucracy can be a problem if you do not have reasonable spanish. In the hospital, there is always someone that can help with translation, but I manage with my mediocre spanish. The surgeon who did my surgery in January spoke perfect english and in the post op encouraged his interns(?) to speak to me in english.
  8. Had mine done January 28th by IMSS. Over night stay. 7 months later scar has nearly disappeared. Present yearly fee for my age is 4,600pesos
  9. Black liquorice and Bassetts' Liquorice Allsorts (or licorice if that is how you spell it)
  10. Looking for courses for an older teen female. Preferably accounting, will consider secretarial, management, etc. Thank you
  11. I frequently call NOB on my Mexican land line to USA and Canada at no charge with my INFINITUM contract. Can I also call NOB CELL phone numbers with my Telmex land line phone free? Thanks
  12. Check the voltage requirement of your mini fridge. Here the appliances are built to handle a wide range of voltage fluctuations. For your mini, you may need to buy a voltage regulator.
  13. I have a TDCanada Trust card and an HSBC Canada card. HSBC used this morning to withdraw. No problems.
  14. Been with IMSS since October 1999. Had lingual hernia surgery this past Monday. Through November 2014 and December, I had clinic appointments, blood tests, xray, ekg, evaluation by a cardiologist (because of my high Bp), and met with the surgeon twice. I spent one extra day in the hospital due to my BP and they wanted to make sure my bowel movements were normal. Recovering now. No pain, but I tire easily, The bureaucracy is painful, more I think than the surgery.
  15. We have done the going straight on at the end of 80D at Villa Arriaga towards SLP. As you get closer to SLP 80 is a nightmare. Did it in June, never again.
  16. 80 is a BIG mistake unless you like curvy narrow truck infested roads. Not pleasant.
  17. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We crossed at Pharr on Thursday October 2, 2014 at 7;30am. A little confused at the C. Victoria corta, the # is actually 126, but our TOMTOM gps knew the correct way. Also disappointed in the lack of services on this route. Don't let your fuel get too low. Good savings on cuota costs compared to Laredo route. Stopped by 11 Federalis and Army check points but they always waved us right through. Lots of patrols all the way down Spent the night in our favorite hotel in SLPotosi, the Quinta Imperial.
  18. Plan to cross into Mexico at Pharr soon. Using Mainecoons' directions Comments please from recent crossings. Thanks.
  19. I have the Telmex basic internet package. From March to late November, my speed is as below and streaming is fine. But come Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year when all my neighbor snowbirds are here, the speed drops.
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