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  1. We have done the going straight on at the end of 80D at Villa Arriaga towards SLP. As you get closer to SLP 80 is a nightmare. Did it in June, never again.
  2. 80 is a BIG mistake unless you like curvy narrow truck infested roads. Not pleasant.
  3. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We crossed at Pharr on Thursday October 2, 2014 at 7;30am. A little confused at the C. Victoria corta, the # is actually 126, but our TOMTOM gps knew the correct way. Also disappointed in the lack of services on this route. Don't let your fuel get too low. Good savings on cuota costs compared to Laredo route. Stopped by 11 Federalis and Army check points but they always waved us right through. Lots of patrols all the way down Spent the night in our favorite hotel in SLPotosi, the Quinta Imperial.
  4. Plan to cross into Mexico at Pharr soon. Using Mainecoons' directions Comments please from recent crossings. Thanks.
  5. I have the Telmex basic internet package. From March to late November, my speed is as below and streaming is fine. But come Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year when all my neighbor snowbirds are here, the speed drops.
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