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  1. Walmart has had similar in the past, Home Depot has them now.
  2. I have Googled the Guad Expo Furniture show next week, but cannot find hours it is open. Hopefully open to the Public each afternoon and evening. Can anyone confirm for this year's Expo?
  3. Seen them 3 times. Looks about every hour.
  4. Danza de los Voladores appearing near the Chapala Malecon now and this weekend
  5. For the past 15 years I I have been going to Ajijic Dental - Dr. Rosio Vidrio. Plaza San Juan. Upstairs across from Telmex. Have had cleanings, fillings, crowns, one extraction and a bridge done by her. Super attention to detail. A great dentist!
  6. Suggestions of where to go dancing? Best nights? Best bands?
  7. There is a Farmacia Guadalajara next door that will take care of those needs.
  8. What is the Family Rate for IMSS?
  9. What about the LCS Wilkes Center. They teach English. No we require comments/info on the Forever Language Center.
  10. Looking at enrolling a young Mexican lady at this school for one year to study English. Comments please, only on this school. Forever Language Center Chapala. Recommended? Facebook link Website Google search
  11. Drove a friend's US plated car in USA. Stopped by city police for a safety check(?) I showed my Mexican license. No problem.
  12. Francisco across from Maskaras
  13. The Coffee Tree in Chapala is my favourite. Usually the French Roast.
  14. Recommendations for accomodation. Please only personal experience. Thanks
  15. Apple is to the technology world what Communism is to the political world. Everyone is locked into a system. You do it their way or no way. A bicycle with training wheels you cannot remove.
  16. I do not think it should have been moved. This was a terrible event that should be remembered.
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