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  1. A new sign on it indicates it is a pawn shop.
  2. Registracion Vehicular Federal ? Heard this rumour on the weekend, from responses below it is just a rumour. Any one confirm this requirement? Apparently it is a new sticker requirement for Mexican vehicles this year in addition to the standard state yearly sticker. No charge for it. You have to have it placed on your car by April 1st. It is a federal requirement and a way for the federal government to track vehicles.
  3. Daylight Saving Time Forward USA and Canada March 12 Mexico April 2
  4. Yes! I want to know why I cannot vote in Federal Elections.
  5. Last week the WIFI quit on my Telmex modem. Took it into the Office and they gave me a new one.
  6. Do you have your own account? I pay monthly so I assume a three month payment is through a facilitator. I have my own account and see an increase only every January. Tried streaming several times, not worth the aggravation. Love Shaw and my PVR - can pause live broadcasts while I take a break. Have to admit I added an external hard drive because we tend to keep favourite programs to watch again.
  7. Dr. Aceves. I have been seeing him for 18 years. He is a caring individual, General Practitioner and Microbiologist and makes house calls. Has arranged surgeries for me, catscans, etc. http://www.lakesidedirectory.com/business/draceves.html
  8. http://www.snopes.com/can-you-hear-me-scam/ " The "Can you hear me?" scam for now seems to be more a suggestion of a hypothetical crime scheme than a real one that is actually robbing victims of money. In messages we left with the BBC, the FTC, and the Consumer Federation of America, we asked a question absent from all the news reports we've encountered about this scam: "Are there any documented cases of people being victimized in this manner?" We have not yet received any affirmative response to those queries.'
  9. Is your car insurance in force NOB if the car's registration is not up-to-date?
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-04-21/obama-wants-to-let-you-buy-hearing-aids-over-the-counter
  11. At the top of the page, to the left, click on the MX logo and it will give you MANY national editions.
  12. 18 years here full time. NEVER paid a bribe. Speeding tickets, sure but I ask for the ticket and pay it.
  13. Just renewed with Lewis & Lewis. No problem. Downloaded and printed policy. US plated.
  14. Just checked it is actually under TUNERS & STORAGE. There was a FIRMWARE update a few months back with the option of one coax line. I have tried it and it works.
  15. Press Options-Enter/OK... scroll down to TUNERS & STORAGE and 'Enable' Single Tuner Mode. Without this step the PVR will try to use the second input and the behaviour you describe will be seen. You will NOT be able to record on one channel and watch another channel. You can watch a pre recorded programme at the same time. OR install a multi-switch.
  16. Manufacturer warrantee on my Samsung TV was 3 years. I called once for service and they came to my door.
  17. Anyone tried this out? Shaw FreeRange TV
  18. I bought the NYX MAXX for 1049p at Walmart. Simple to change the language to English. 4G LTE, Quad Core 1.34GHz, Android 4.4.2, 8 Mpx main camera, 1.3 Mpx front camera, WIFI. Bluetooth
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