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  1. Yes at Aug 3. Several delays for construction and one landslide, short detours but ok 4.25 hours up, 4.5 hours back.
  2. Jara has a bait? for scorpions. Has anyone used it? Other suggestions welcome. We are NOT over run, just the odd one. Actually he is not odd, seems pretty smart at escaping my shoe.
  3. Just bought an Amazon FireTV 4K jail broken with Kodi 17.3 installed. It shows lots of movies, downloads selected item but always says NO STREAM. What do i need to get it to stream? Thanks
  4. I have the TELCEL Amigo plan basic. Can I call the USA with this plan? I have TelMex Infinitum with my land line with no charge for calls to USA. Only occasionally needed so I do not want the SinLimite plan.
  5. Used Sin Limite for 2 weeks in Canada. NO problems. Phone switched to Rogers by itself. NO messages from TelCel America in Spanish. Had friends text me and then I called them.
  6. Using an Amazon Firetv2nd Gen with Kodi 17.3. Jailbroken. Working well.
  7. In Canada using my Mexican cell phone with Telcel's Max Sin Limite, what do I dial? Just the area code and number? or do I need to put add a "1" and zeros Thanks for all input.
  8. we wound up at Migracion at bridge number 1. Now that was an interesting little journey through NL! It is the same place!
  9. False information such as the above continues on this site. For FACTUAL Information from Shaw Direct go to Transition Plans at http://www.shawbroadcast.com/Content/English/mpeg4.htm
  10. http://www.shawdirect.ca/english/support/article/8436/ The MPEG-4 HD network upgrade is designed to be as gradual as possible. The conversion schedule article outlines when each channel will be upgraded. When an HD channel is upgraded, the SD version may still be available in MPEG-2, so you won't be without your channels until you have upgraded to an MPEG-4 compatible receiver. Once a channel has been upgraded to MPEG-4, the channel can only be viewed on an MPEG-4 compatible satellite receiver. You will see a message in your Guide indicating that particular channel has
  11. Road was still blocked so we drove in from the other side under Bridge I. Just follow signs to Bridge I, Turn left and watch for CIITEV signs and drive under Bridge !
  12. We are Permanente. On May 4 2017 we filled out the FMM forms at Bridge II Laredo. Agent checked them and then gave us back the top half. Three days later I walked across Bridge I, took a taxi to the Nuevo Laredo Airport and gave the top half to the INM agent before boarding the plane. No problems either way.
  13. Read the letter i received from Shaw. I have one 500 series receiver that needs to be replaced. My 600 series are fine.
  14. I have no problem with getting in to my HSBC Canada account tonight.
  15. If you are driving and cross over into the USA without filling out the FMM, what happens if you fly back?
  16. So long to the Dancing Queen. Had a great time last summer with her dancing at Adelitas.
  17. I have 2 630s. Never watch live TV. One (Motorola) is 3 years old. Bought a new one (Arris) one year ago. No problems.
  18. Would appreciate your Laredo driving directions. It has been awhile since making the trip. Thanks

  19. No my car was bought new from a dealership in Mexico, not imported.
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