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  1. My doctor, Dr. Aceves, has done it for me. I was shocked at the amount that he removed in a few minutes.
  2. Dust or bag worms, eventually hatch as tiny black moths.
  3. Heading north to Bridge 2 for INM, is the side road Cesar L de Lara towards Modulo CIITEV open? It was blocked off in 2017 when we took the same route and had to find a way around this. Thanks
  4. In 2017 as we were headed north to Laredo, we needed to stop at INM at Bridge 2 but side road to CIITV was closed and we had to find our way around. Is this side road to Aduanas at Bridge 2 open this year? Thanks
  5. I do with the Telcel package Sin Frontera
  6. WordStar was the program of choice for conservative intellectual William F. Buckley, Jr.,[... ... He said of WordStar, "I'm told there are better programs, but I'm also told there are better alphabets.
  7. Agree with you. Never use acetone on painted plastic, it will remove varnish and paint on plastic.
  8. 11pm EST Comedy Network West ...............176 Comedy Network East ................175
  9. Received my new TD GoldSelect Visa card last month via MexPost and it is good until August 2020.
  10. https://www.safevisit.ca/getquote/index.php?step=1
  11. I stayed at an AirBNB in Puerto Vallarta recently that had this installation. Impressive. The AirBNB owner said that Telecable in PV had been bought out and IZZI came in. Incredible number of TV channels including NetFlx, and movie channels. Fast internet too. He said it was expensive for all the options.
  12. I am not charged import fees, no Canadian tax, only shipping. Pay with my VISA CARD. Email Raj for more info. raj@kusat.com
  13. KU Satellite delivered 830s to my US address. http://www.kusat.com/catalog/shaw-direct-c-18.html?osCsid=f241b2b25e5a05b5d829961bd72de77a
  14. Yes at Aug 3. Several delays for construction and one landslide, short detours but ok 4.25 hours up, 4.5 hours back.
  15. Jara has a bait? for scorpions. Has anyone used it? Other suggestions welcome. We are NOT over run, just the odd one. Actually he is not odd, seems pretty smart at escaping my shoe.
  16. Just bought an Amazon FireTV 4K jail broken with Kodi 17.3 installed. It shows lots of movies, downloads selected item but always says NO STREAM. What do i need to get it to stream? Thanks
  17. I have the TELCEL Amigo plan basic. Can I call the USA with this plan? I have TelMex Infinitum with my land line with no charge for calls to USA. Only occasionally needed so I do not want the SinLimite plan.
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