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  1. Elections Canada couriered ballot via DHL Express directly to my home. Included paid return.
  2. My MagicJack rings here on my Android phone and my land line. Contact MJ for assistance.
  3. I have been a patient of Dr. Aceves for 20 years. I have had surgeries arranged and he was there to watch my vitals and visited me twice during hospital recovery. Cleaned out my ears when i thought I was going deaf, provided inoculations required for overseas trips, arranged fpr a colonoscopy, cat scan and medical tests in Guadalajara, etc. A caring responsible physician.
  4. Thank you, will check Dancefield in Guad.
  5. Lots of parking along the Chapala Malecon and a huge lot behind the Cruz Roja.
  6. Where can we buy Tap Dancing Shoes (Ladies)?
  7. A neighbor is buying a used computer on time from First Cash. I am uncomfortable with the agreement and cannot figure out what the interest is. Does anyone have first hand information? Thanks.
  8. Intercam Canadian dollar to peso conversion rate?
  9. What conversion rate did you get from Intercam?
  10. EXCELLENT reliable servicing. I recommend.
  11. What happens when the plate is from another State? I spend time Lakeside and in Guadalajara but my plate is from a different state.
  12. This will be a busy weekend Lakeside where ever you are. Día de los Santos Reyes
  13. In Ajijic across from El Torito-other side of Carreterra.
  14. GoGo ZLO - Manzanillo on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/924132374282899/
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