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  1. We are still waiting for ours. It is a mysterious (to us) process which inexplicably takes forever.
  2. If it is the factura that is lost, be prepared for a long and expensive process.
  3. http://www.mariachi-jalisco.com.mx/
  4. From my experience, it is a time consuming and frustrating process to deal with transito in Guadalajara. Those sidewalk blocking tickets are $$$$! If you do decide to challenge it, you go to the transito office at the "glorieta de transito". It's at Alcalde where Avila Camacho starts. Little to no parking around! As far as I know, you can pay it when you pay for your tarjeta de circulacion in January.
  5. I'm not sure this will help, but maybe? When my Magic Jack quit working, it just needed a new power supply. The little part you plug the Magic Jack thing into if you don't use it directly from your computer. Mine worked from the USB on the computer, but not when plugged in separately. I got a new power supply and it works fine
  6. Most of the stuff I've ordered from amazon.com (US) has not had duties added.
  7. Maybe there wasn't then, but there is now http://www.telcel.com/personas/telefonia/amigo/tarifas-y-opciones#!paquetes-amigo-sin-limite
  8. when I was in Texas, I just dialed the local number 254-772-xxxx. No prefix needed. To call Mexico, I needed to dial 011-52-1 then a cell #, or 011-52-land line #
  9. no contract. Go to Telcel and they can help you, or text SL100 to 5050.
  10. Be cautious, but yes it would. Curves can be pretty sharp, and there are plenty of them. My husband takes it easy, mainly for the benefit of our dogs
  11. That is correct, but we still go that way. If you look at the routes, neither one of them is anything like a straight shot!
  12. We drive fairly often between Bucerias and Guadalajara and always take the route through Ameca. My husband does al the driving, and he says the lack of trucks and buses clinch the deal for him. We rarely get stuck behind slow vehicles for very long. And the road has been in good condition this year. We'll be taking it again in a week or so.
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