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  1. Bless you! I cannot believe more than 600 people have viewed this photo and no one has stepped up! I would take him in a heartbeat but I can't have two dogs and expect to ever have another housesit here. Can't handle summer at the beach where I live either...

  2. Very good thought! Thanks.

  3. I undertand some BOUGHT things - i don't want it on the internet .. talking about it jepardizes theirs and others chance of doing it in the future.

  4. I tried Ignacio and found that he adds about 50% to the prices for coming to your door. His things are always frozen and he has a LOT of the same fish, scallops, etc that the fish market on the mountain side of the Carretera in Ajijic sells for a LOT LESS MONEY! And you can get fresh fish - not frozen too! So - to each his own!
  5. We buy our seafood from the Pescaderia on the mountain side of the highway too, Valerie, and have always been very pleased with what he sells. And, if there is something I want and he doesn't have it, he will get it for me.
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