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  1. Hi--She still has time open. She will be here at my house   tomorrow. Do   you  speak any Spanish. It's helpful but   not necessary. Contact me at Thetis01@gmail.com and I'll answer questions, etc. She can get to Upper La Floresta.


  2. I live in Upper LaFloresta and would love a good maid. No laundry, ironing, etc., just need someone to mop my floors and dust. If she's still available, please PM me and I'll give you my phone number. Thanks.
  3. I had Notario Uriarte in Chapala prepare my will, which covered assets in both MX and the US. I was very impressed with him. Wills are half price one month of the year, not sure if it's September, October or November.
  4. I second Azucena. Most of my friends go to her too. Consistent good advice.
  5. Yep, I walked into the Chapala immigration office, filled out a form requesting a CURP, went back in about 10 days and they handed it to me. Bring your passport, immigration docment, utility bill and a copy of each. That's where you'd go for a replacement card.but, like Sonia says, it's really easy on the web page she cited.
  6. I did it myself at the Plaza los Torres on Lazaro Cardenes. It was a 20 minute slam dunk, and my Spanish is not good. Read the article on page 14 in this week's Reporter about getting your license in Chapala. They issued 200 new licenses and renewals last Friday and are going to do it again in four weeks. If I needed a facilitator, I too would use Luzma Grande. She's really good.
  7. Sandra - Yvonne Jensen at HandyMail is a US notary and notarizes documents all the time for people here.


  8. A CURP is easy to get at the immigration office in Chapala. I went in, they gave me a form which I completed and turned in the same day. One week later, I picked up my CURP card. Easy peasy. No charge.
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