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  1. Call Rob @ Bugs R Us 762-1516 or 333 4529448 We have used him for years. You can say Pam and Bruce recommended him. He has an ad in the new OJO.
  2. Looking to replace my Bosch tankless water heater. Who sells Bosch Lakeside? Tried the big hardware store next to Guad Farmacia but no luck.
  3. Ditto Computer Guy's post. Gualberto Real is great.
  4. Computerland is one block east of Ladrons Veterinary on the lake side of the Carr. They are closed Saturday. Address: Hidalgo 100B, Riberas del Pilar, 45906 Ajijic, Jal. Phone: 01 376 765 7595 The repair for our ipad 2 was around $900 pesos a few months ago.
  5. Computerland can get it repaired for you. The cost will depend on the model. They usually go to Guad on Saturday with that kind of repair. Ruben has done that for us a couple of times.
  6. I have gotten matchstick roll-ups for my pool house at Home Depot a couple of times over the years.
  7. I agree with CG. We have used Refrigeracion Real for many years. Their great.
  8. Has anyone purchased sheets at Costco Mexico? If so, were you satisfied? Thanks.
  9. We have used Gualberto many times over the years. Excellent in all regards.
  10. We have used them for 10 years to and from the airport. Excellent service.
  11. I'm looking for recommendations for a gas pool heater repair person. I would also be interested in anyone's experiences with the purchase and installation of solar panels for pool heating.
  12. You might give Ruben at Computer Land a call. 765-7595
  13. I can't comment on tires from China but if you want tires manufactured in the U.S. check out Cooper Tires. I got a set from the Goodyear place in Chapala at a reasonable price 2 years ago. They have good ratings from Consumer Reports and I have no complaints about them.
  14. We used Cynthia's Costco service this week for the first time. Excellent!
  15. Hailed in upper La Floresta. Been here nine years and never saw hail lasting that long.
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