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  1. We were originally planning on opening the 15th of October. We have pushed this back to the first week of November in order to tackle some bigger projects before opening.
  2. My guess would be no. I'm not even sure if we could find a Non Mexico, Non Permanente, with Work Visa to do the job. We do have Insurance specifically for Valet parking, something that too many places who offer this service do not have.
  3. Where did you here that from? As I'm sure everyone here knows and has experienced, often times people tend to invent things here when they don't know. The new property is still having finishing touches put on it after a HUGE renovation including building several entirely new rooms and a spa. The website is down because we are not yet able to provide accurate post construction photography. The website, Facebook, etc all goes right along with the new Hacienda. This is why we have gone though Google, Facebook, and travel websites to delete the old photos. We have completely deleted the hotel trip advisor page so that we will start new with reviews that have nothing to do with the old property as we do not want to mislead anyone. The new owners infact purchased the entire business down to the inventory of shampoos and linens. As some people have been quick to point out, there is not a lot of on street parking. There will be valet parking offered free of charge. Once we have a finished product to present, the website will be back up and we will start taking reservations again.
  4. I was 28 when I moved here. Probably by far the youngest expat I have met.
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