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  1. We were originally planning on opening the 15th of October. We have pushed this back to the first week of November in order to tackle some bigger projects before opening.
  2. My guess would be no. I'm not even sure if we could find a Non Mexico, Non Permanente, with Work Visa to do the job. We do have Insurance specifically for Valet parking, something that too many places who offer this service do not have.
  3. Where did you here that from? As I'm sure everyone here knows and has experienced, often times people tend to invent things here when they don't know. The new property is still having finishing touches put on it after a HUGE renovation including building several entirely new rooms and a spa. The website is down because we are not yet able to provide accurate post construction photography. The website, Facebook, etc all goes right along with the new Hacienda. This is why we have gone though Google, Facebook, and travel websites to delete the old photos. We have completely deleted the hotel trip advisor page so that we will start new with reviews that have nothing to do with the old property as we do not want to mislead anyone. The new owners infact purchased the entire business down to the inventory of shampoos and linens. As some people have been quick to point out, there is not a lot of on street parking. There will be valet parking offered free of charge. Once we have a finished product to present, the website will be back up and we will start taking reservations again.
  4. That is typically what happens when one purchases a business. "We were approached by someone to PURCHASE the business. All of our staff including the same chef are still involved with the addition of more. We are actively helping the new owners with a smooth transition and will continue to have an administrative role."
  5. I'm not sure where you are getting your information but this is simply not at all true. I've heard all kinds of rumors and as always, it's best to get it from the source. We we have not moved away. We are not "letting someone use the name". All previous reservations have been canceled and refunded and NOT held over to the new property. Of course people can rebook but we didn't find it fair to just tell them "your reservation is now at a different location". This gives guests the option to stay at the new location or not. We were approached by someone to PURCHASE the business. All of our staff including the same chef are still involved with the addition of more. We are actively helping the new owners with a smooth transition and will continue to have an administrative role. We are also negotiating the rent or possible purchase of land near by for parking. The new property is much larger with 9 suites, heated pool, a kitchen three times larger, full service salon & spa and extensive grounds. We we will be officially opening October 15th and will make announcements in all of the usually local outlets. To address the corkage fee. It is correct that we have a corkage of 250 pesos. We carry a select menu of boutique wines, mostly Mexican, and our Margin is 250 pesos more or less. Rather than doubling or tripling retail price (as is typical of restaurants), we would rather make the same margin on all wines and make the higher end wines much more affordable. Plus since we get our wines direct from the winery in most cases our prices end up being around retails price. We are a business. Our reason for investing and opening every day is to make money. We make 250 pesos on a bottle of wine toward our overhead (and yes I idealy profit), whether you buy it from us or bring it yourself.
  6. Haciendadellago

    Number 4

    a serving a liquor 80 proof is (legaly) 1.5oz, though many places do 2oz pours. A martini (again depending on the place) has at lesat 50%, if not twice that, especially if it's a straight martini and not one with juices and other things added for flavour. I obvisouly don't speak for Yann and Gaby, but in most restaurants this is how it works. On a side note, I had a nice dinner there last week. I think it's important that other busines owners support one another and I've known Yann and Gabby for years, since they were playing at our place.
  7. I have been trying to contact both of these guys with no success, both email and telephone. We have a 25 camera sistema inside and out and just need a simple reconfiguration of the system since we changed ISPs so that I can see them from my iphone app. I need this urgently if anyone has any other suggestions. The company that installed them Microjack, they were below the old Whole In One for a while, now they are not lakeside at all, I would NOT recommend.
  8. Araceli who use to work for us and is now at Adelitas makes the most amazing cheese cakes. She is a trained Chef and I think her focus was pastry and desserts.
  9. A legitimate question was asked and as far as i understand the rules any individual or business can post a legitimate response to a request for information as long as we aren't hijacking the post. I'm pretty sure we are both okay answering the question and your issue is with the person questioning your response, not with me.
  10. Hacienda del Lago is open all weekend as usual. We open at 12 noon unitl 10pm Thursday - Saturday and Sunday Brunch 10am - 3pm Ocampo 56 / Privada Ocampo 1 766 0685 Full Menu http://www.haciendadellagoajijic.com/gastronomy-events/lunch-dinner.htm
  11. It is downloadable at the bottom of our Lunch and Dinner Menu. Since we offer mostly small producers and boutique wines, our list often changes when we discover new wines or sometimes the smaller producers simply run out. For examplel there is one Chardonnay on our menu that is currently out since it was rated as the number one wine in Mexico. The 2014 should be released in a couple of weeks and then we'll have more. We do have two other Chardonnays on the menu. This is an example of how we try to be sure to always have a good variety for everyones taste and budget. We even have a 100% Cab Franc. http://www.haciendadellagoajijic.com/gastronomy-events/lunch-dinner.htm
  12. We will have having our 6 Course Sunday Brunch that we offer every week including 25 peso mimosas. Reservations are highly recommended. 766 0685 http://www.haciendadellagoajijic.com/gastronomy-events/sunday-brunch.htm Brunch Every Sunday from 10am - 4pm 6 Course Brunch Menu Our Six Course Sunday Brunch includes mimosa or sparkling wine, seasonal juice, and coffee. Full bar and wine list available at an additional charge 250 pesos First Season fruit compote with vanilla Greek yogurt foam and organic granola Second Selection of home made baked goods Third Chef’s Choice Ask your server for today’s Chef’s plate Fourth Selection of Fiambres: a typical appetizer in Argentina of cured meats, cheeses and pate Fifth Eggs Benedict Smoked Canadian Ham and perfectly poached eggs over poplenta cakes and topped with our signature Hollandaise Sauce. Or Hacienda del Lago Omelet Fluffy pan baked omelet with spinach, goat cheese, corn, onion, cream cheese and salmon Or English Breakfast: Home Made Black Pudding, English Muffin, Eggs, Ham, Grilled Tomato Sixth Dessert
  13. We just wanted to let everyone know that we will be closed Saturday, March 12 for private event. We will be open our regular hours Thursday and Friday as well as for our Sunday Brunch.
  14. Went last week with friends and had a delightful dinner on the sofas near the fireplace. We especially like the small plates. We ordered many small plates and shared among us and then a few entrees. The new place has high bar type tables, lounge areas and regular tables distributed nicely through a house with a court yard and a nice library. I personally love the small plate restaurants and the idea of sharing so that everyone can try more.
  15. I was 28 when I moved here. Probably by far the youngest expat I have met.
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