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  1. I have a DSR600 receiver and a Shaw satellite dish I'm not using and either or both are free for the taking. (Whoever might want the satellite dish would have to arrange and pay to have it removed--otherwise, free.)
  2. I'd like to second Bokko's comment about Chuy. He and his sons did a thoroughly professional job painting the house. They were neat, efficient, and easy to talk to and made sure everything looked as good as new (or better) when they were done. They fixed roof leaks as needed too.
  3. What's today's bad news? All I saw was good news. Please point me to the bad news because it seems to me the vaccine is very good after all.
  4. This is an approach similar to one that I've thought about before. In our garden with various food items for the leaf cutter ants there are flat paths that converge on a fountain which has a steep drop down into the water. Once, I was cleaning the fountain and found several hundred dead leaf cutter ants in it. Unfortunately, I could never figure out what had attracted them to the fountain. I looked up formic acid suppliers and learned that in concentrated form it is very dangerous in terms of flammability and toxicity. I don't think it would work anyway based on the article on this topic I found at the URL: The Importance of Pheromones as Trail Markers for Leaf Cutter Ants – Tropical Ecology 2016 (wordpress.com) Some (all?) leaf cutter ants are attracted to sugar water which was a surprise to me and now I'm thinking of making a trail of sugar syrup droplets leading into the fountain to see if that would attract them. Also, I was thinking of trying a trail of leaf chunks with and without sugar syrup drops on top to see how that might work.
  5. I haven't received my stimulus check so I checked on the IRS website as suggested above. I requested a check and, lo and behold, they will be mailing it today. Quite a coincidence! I wonder if they would have sent it if I hadn't asked for it. Of course, I still haven't received it... Payment Status We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 22, 2020 to the address we have on file for you. We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment. If you need additional help or do not receive your payment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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