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  1. If anyone wants to get together the week of Christmas, send me a PM. I hope everyone is not out of town that week. My brother and I love eating out or going to a coffee shop, etc. We'd also be interested in horseback riding or ATV, taking the water taxi to San Luis Soyatlan to see the pelicans and eating lunch at Los Crotos, or going to Joco to eat at El Quinto Sabor. Actually, anything is an adventure to us when we come to Mexico. I'm hoping to move down there later this year and would love to meet people already living there.
  2. I'm here in Nashville and thinking about moving down next summer. My brother and I will be in Ajijic the week of Christmas and would love to meet up with any of you. We are in the "last of the baby boomers" age group. El Barco is fun on Monday nights if the The Jam Band is still playing there. They play baby boomer music, though, so you might not like that. I think a group of the younger crowd is a great idea. Then if you want to go check out any of the dance clubs in Guadalajara, you will have someone to go with.
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