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  1. My wife and I will be traveling to the U.S. and renting a car. Has anyone out there ever rented a car in the U.S. using their Mexican driver's license ?
  2. twelveoaks

    Colostomy bag availabilty

    sent you another pm
  3. twelveoaks

    Colostomy bag availabilty

    sent you a pm
  4. twelveoaks

    Colostomy bag availabilty

    sent you a pm sent you a pm
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    Forest Grill / Food Truck

    We stopped for lunch today at Forest Grill and were shocked at the disorganization and poor planning of this restaurant. After ordering a couple of Victoria beers, we tried to order the Buffalo Wings. We were told they didn't have wings. Then we tried to order ribs. Nope, out of ribs also. So we ordered a nachos plate and Chicken Pops. After a lengthy wait, we got our nachos and had to order Cokes because now they were out of beer. After the nachos were gone, we watched two sandwiches come out of the kitchen, then four more for a different table and then two more meals. We asked when we would be getting the Chicken Pops and were told they didn't have any Chicken Pops. They offered to fix something else, but by then we had been there for about one and a half hours. I don't know when, or even if, they were planning to tell us the rest of our meal wasn't coming, so today's lunch for the two of us was a shared plate of nachos. We won't be back!
  6. My husband and I have been going to Dra. Candy for the six years we've lived here. I was very surprised to read about the bad experiences people have had with her brother as a hygienist. Juan Pablo cleaned our teeth today and both of us were very pleased with the work he did. He was very thorough and yet gentle in the sensitive gum line areas. He took a half hour for the cleaning along with a bit of an exam and finished with polishing. We will continue being patients of Dra. Candy and her brother and will also continue recommending them both.
  7. I generally try to stay out of these board feuds but feel compelled to comment on this one. Dra. Candy has been my dentist for six years and has done an implant s well as veneers on my wife's teeth and the work has always been outstanding. Also, She also ALWAYS did the cleaning. I went to her office a short time go and discovered with no prior warning that it would be her brother that would do my cleaning. I had no problem with that because in the U.S.it was always the hygienist that did the cleaning. Well, the entire process lasted less that fifteen minutes and I felt that my teeth were not properly cleaned. I personally do not feel her brother has been properly trained and I will not go back. I also doubt that I will go back to Dra. Candy when she is off leave.
  8. twelveoaks

    how can I pre pay my utilities

    I meant two hours. Can you pay wit a credit card ?
  9. twelveoaks

    how can I pre pay my utilities

    How do they do this ??
  10. twelveoaks

    how can I pre pay my utilities

    Can you give me more info on how to do CFE on the machine. My friend stood in line for 2 hours because he was unaware of this ?
  11. We travel a great deal and paying my utilities on time is always a challenge. I was told by a friend that I can go to TelMex and CFE and put a few thousand extra pesos in my account and they will simply subtract the proper amount at billing time. Another friend recommend opening a Bancomer BBVA account and having them pay the bills but from everything I have heard about them I do not want to be a part of that. So... has anyone done the former process of pre loading your regular account and, if so how did you do it ?? Thanks
  12. I am a U.S. citizen but reside in Mexico and have a residente permanente visa Do I need my passport to travel from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta or will my visa suffice ?
  13. I'm confused. Canuck Bob on TOB says it is outside at ground level but others are saying it is in the high rise garage. Can anyone verify ? Has it been moved ??
  14. I have never used the on site long term parking at GDL but would like to give it a try. I do not wish to use the roadside lots off site Can anyone give me the details of how to access the long term lot ? My understanding is that it is on the third floor. Is this correct? Also,how do you get the ticket for the lot and are there plenty of spaces available ? Any other info would also be helpful. Thanks
  15. Go to the CBX web site and there will be info regarding the shuttle that will take you to and from the train station in San Diego which is only two blocks from the cruise port. The shuttle will pick you up and drop you off on the U.S. side. It is about $ 10 USd per person each way plus the fee for crossing the bridge.