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  1. Is there a local facility where we can take a sample of our drinking water that supplied through our filtration and ultraviolet system? Thank you for any advice.
  2. Twenty litre water bottles are the most common size for home dispensing purposes. We've just obtained a smaller electric hot/cold water dispensing unit that recommends use of a ten litre bottle. Does anyone know where that size might be available in the Ajijic/Chapala area? Thanks.
  3. Twenty litre water bottles are the most common size for home dispensing purposes. We've just obtained a smaller electric hot/cold water dispensing unit that recommends use of a ten litre bottle. Does anyone know where that size might be available in the Ajijic/Chapala area? Thanks.
  4. For years the restaurant was simply unpredictable and the service always lacked enthusiasm but, as the original owner is no longer living, does anyone have any recent experiences worthy of comment? Good or bad? Thanks.
  6. Wasn't it Lori who, initially, opened Lake Taco behind the Pemex on the Libramiento prior to then opening Charlotte's?
  7. The Brew House is possibly still owned by the people who own Adelita's. The quality of what is served at the Brew House is not, currently, the same as what's served at Adelita's. It is located in the same building as the Brewery "Corazon de Malta". The Brewery is not involved in the restaurant but their beers, on tap, are available in the restaurant. The Brew house has been for at least the last 5 or 6 years at the same location at the western end of Ajijic just a few metres south of the Carretera on Calle de Las Flores #25. The service and food have been consistently "up - and - down" and unreliable. Overall reason (read excuse) is a total lack of management and knowledgeable supervision. As a result they have a well-earned reputation as serving"undercooked unidentifiable fish" and an inconsistent burger presentation. It's not, in any way, what it could be if......they bothered to listen to dissatisfied clientele and, then, actually did something about it! ¡Hola a todos nuevamente! Solo queremos agradecer infinitamente su ayuda y la confianza depositada, si en algo más podemos ayudar no duden en llamarnos. Muchas gracias Sonia y Alejandro
  8. No comparison. Burger today at Brew House inedible...mushy...didn't taste like meat and simply fell apart. Cold bun and after a couple of bites simply left it. When the waiter inquired as to why I wasn't eating the burger, I described the burger exactly as I've just written. I showed him the uncooked patty which was crumbling apart. The waiter, who spoke perfect English, made no offer to replace the burger. We asked for our bill. Paid the full amount and left and.......we'd not likely ever return. Far too many times we've been disappointed. Three weeks ago at Adelita's, I would suggest that the burger I ordered there, was one of the best I've had in our many years at Lakeside. Something is wrong at the Brew House! Likely, lack of management and supervision. Perhaps the kitchen staff are substituting their own burger concoctions and taking the real burger patties home! We left and went for the first time to Betos. Each of our burgers were excellent and....contained properly cooked meat...no mushy filler. The fries could have been crispier but that small negative was more than offset by the attentive service to match the quality food. Nice people, sincerely hope they make a go of it
  9. We've had our two Pfizer shots but when we download the official Mexican verification receipt, the information is totally incorrect. We're shown as having received the Sinovac vaccine and the dates are incorrect. We received our receipts at the vaccination site at exactly the same time as several of our friends. Their official "downloaded" receipts are "mostly" correct but we're the only people who we know of where the "wrong vaccine" is shown. The Jalisco department of health, when contacted, told us that it is the Federal Department of Welfare (known as Bienstar) that's in-charge of distribution and recording of Covid vaccinations in Mexico. We've attempted contacting Bienstar and even visited their primary site in GDL where we were, after providing our "vaccination site receipts", our CURP, our "Permanente" and our Passports, promised that a correction would be made within a few days. That was five weeks ago and no correction has been made. Has anyone else had a similar problem and had it resolved? If so, how? Sincere thanks if you have any advice.
  10. If you've already received your two doses is a booster shot available as of yet in this area?
  11. Any information about this relatively new restaurant would be great. Type of food, days and hours, pricing......any actual dining experience reports......good, bad or indifferent.
  12. still looking for used/low mileage auto ?

  14. Members 478 Posted Tuesday at 05:17 PM When we, and many others, downloaded our official certificate we found errors. In our case the dates of for each of our two vaccinations were incorrect. The vaccine we received was "Pfizer" but the certificate says "Sinovac" and the Lot or Batch Number for the vaccine is incorrect. As we were able to report the errors we followed the instructions by 1) Scanning the receipts we were given at the vaccination site in El Salto and the 2) Uploaded the scanned receipts to the "Correction Input" form and reported each of the errors. The information you are allowed to correct on the input form is listed following: 1. Correction of Dose 2. Correction of Date 3. Missing Dose 4. Batch correction 5. Correction of Vaccine and 6. Correction of your contact information...i.e. your email. It now been three months and although we check every few days no corrections have been made and as you are only allowed to enter the correction site once if you try again you get the message: YOUR CURP NUMBER HAS ALREADY BEEN USED TO REPORT ERRORS.......and the form does not allow you to proceed further. Has anyone else experience the same problem and discovered a solution? We contacted a senior health professional in Guadalajara and when we explained our situation, his response was very precise. "Fly to L.A. like family, friends and associates of mine have done.....and instead of confusing the U.S. vaccine administrators by trying to describe your predicament in Mexico, simply tell them you have not been vaccinated. Obtain the J. & J. single dose and get the "world wide" accepted "scannable" proof of your vaccination on your phone immediately."
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