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  1. Trying to locate newcomer from Texas. Joe Rayner. Any contact information would be most appreciated.
  2. Trying to locate Joe Rayner. Thanks for any contact information.
  3. Carnivore


    The response to your opening post from: TechnoNorm, kam, slainte39, gringohombre and Ian Greenwood are each intended to tell you that Lilifher Deli which is located in Ajijic on the west side of Colon (#19). This would be on one's right as they head south towards the lake, about 30 to 35 yards south of Hidalgo. Their hot Italian sausage is excellent and is usually always available frozen. Over the years this product has proven to be consistently better than any of the "Italian" sausage products we've obtained at various vendors in Guadalajara. Today we make our own hot Italian sausage with the intended usage being Italian pasta sauces such as Bolognese and, of course pizza toppings.
  4. Carnivore

    Min Wah

    Since our own post requesting updates on MinWah has been significantly hijacked by the usual "timewasters" we'd like to report that we ordered for delivery again last night. All was perfect. We ordered exctly the same items as reported in our previous post but as there were three of us we added an additional order of eggrolls and an order of Szechuan beef. All was excellent with more than enough food that arrived at exactly 6:50p.m. as requested.
  5. Since nobody actually responded to the opening post we decided to update our own opinion. Having had the opportunity to experience Chinatown eateries in Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, New York and Boston* (*the very best) we feel that we know and appreciate Chinese food. We ordered for delivery last week. They close at 7:00p.m. and we were told that we would have our order delivered just before 7:00p.m. We ordered 2 orders of Egg-Rolls; an order of their "House" Lo-Mein; an order of their "House" Egg Foo Young and an order of their Moo Goo Guy Pan. Total Price:$560.00MN - Suggested tip for driver $30.00MN (Ridiculous!). Our order arrived at 6:55p.m. Everything was well packaged and hot. (Sides of Hot Mustard, Plum Sauce, Chili Sauce) As there were only two of us there was sufficient of everything for a full meal the following day. The best food and value of all that we have had delivered during the "shut down". That includes: Blue Rose, Tepetate Pian Thai and Bruno's. (We also liked all three of the other restaurants but we now, definitely feel that some of the recent Min Wah posts are "totally suspect"!!) Oh yes, we tipped the driver appropriately! The order of Egg Foo Young (which is the best we've ever eaten) in the delivery container was still appropriately "hot" 45 minutes after delivery!
  6. Has anyone ordered food recently? If so....Good or Bad Experience? (We did hear recently that a new chef was to totally to blame for the bad experiences a month ago.)
  7. Generally, "happyjillan" you're simply offensive and overbearing in many of your response posts. It appears that as you're so incredibly proud of what you think you know, you simply can't wait to tell all! From here on in, at least for me, and quite a few others who I know well....YOU SIR, ARE PERMANENTLY BLOCKED!
  8. We've been ordering beef brisket from Tony and now, since his retirement, his son Caesar for the last 16 years. We buy our saltpetre (Potassium Nitrate) (known locally in the butcher trade as "pink nitrate" or "pink salt") in Chapala (tiny corner store that sells spices which located about one or two blocks from the central market on the same side of the street (Francisco I. Madero) as you proceed towards the Central bus station). We cure the brisket totally submerged in a solution of water, saltpetre, pickling spices and salt for 10 days. Put a heavy weight on the meat to keep it submerged and if possible keep the meat in a single piece. Our finished corn beef is identical the the best we've had in Toronto, Montreal and New York and what we have (purposely) left over after St. Patricks Day, we slice, pre-package and freeze so that over the next 3 to 4 months we continue to have great corned beef sandwiches. The Costco product is nowhere close!
  9. Superlake closed because the largest percentage of their inventory has been dedicated to the expatriate consumer who demand or seek products they are accustomed to north of the border and........are willing to pay somewhat inflated prices. The Paz family who now operate Superlake and the adjoining liquor store might not have access to Pancho's suppliers. When Pancho opened he had, and still does, have significant support from GDL wholesale entities. He's successful as a result. Last night the mayor (President of Chapala released the following: See translation) To all citizens of #Chapala Today, in a video conference with the # Governor, Eng. Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, we evaluated the situation regarding the Covid-19 health contingency and the measures that should be taken starting tomorrow. The message was very clear, we must continue with the prevention measures already established until May 17, and to continue like this without any outbreak in our municipality, we can gradually lift preventive measures such as the closure of businesses. On the other hand, inform them that the only measure that will be lifted is the sale of low-grade alcoholic beverages with a limited schedule from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, this in order to avoid, as in other municipalities, the poisoning and deaths of people for industrial alcohol intake. We know that these are very hard times for the economic life of our municipality, for this reason we strongly ask that you do not leave the house if it is not for some essential activity, keep your healthy distance, use your face mask, wash your hands with soap and water and together we succeed in not having any contagion to be able to lift these prevention measures. If you take care of yourself, you take care of us all.
  10. Yesterday, while shopping at Walmart, it was very apparent that alcohol purchases were restricted. The entire of the store where beer, wine and other spirits were displayed were "closed off". You can buy alcoholic beverages at Pancho's and El Torito. Why not at Walmart?
  11. For a number of years we have purchased ground beef from Walmart. We buy 80/20 grind for both burgers and pasta sauces. We've always been very satisfied. Yesterday we bought two packages identified as 80/20. Approx. 500 to 600 gm prepackaged. We formed the contents into our normal 5 oz. burger patties but noticed that there was virtually no texture to the meat and it seemed to be quite "wet". We barbecued two patties for burgers last night. The burgers were totally tasteless, mushy and wouldn't stay formed. After a single bite of each burger, we gave up and ended up adding the "burgers" to the food that we make for our dogs this morning. If it doesn't affect them adversely they'll likely be fed the remainder of the whatever it was that we purchased. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem lately? This was only our second visit to Walmart in the last month. As a result of our experience yesterday we probably wouldn't risk another visit to buy meat! Tony's son Caesar always has far superior meat but yesterday we had other items we needed from Walmart and simply wanted to avoid visiting an additional store.
  12. Carnivore

    Min Wah

    If Peter hadn't included his actual name (or his Spanish variation) which is unusual, I would never have left it in the post. Why did I choose that particular post? Simply because it was singularly the most disparaging....... bordering on abhorrence! Getting attention was obviously intended! Hopefully the message(s) within the ensuing posting(s) will filter through to the owners of "Min Wah" and work towards achievement of the intended result!
  13. Carnivore

    Min Wah

    Ian Greenwood is, as usual, right on! Today I posted the following on Min Wah's Facebook Page. Hopefully the owner's will see it sometime soon. Our two recent delivery orders were just fine. Reading the post that I copied and included on their Facebook page was discouraging. The owner's need to know what's being said. Maybe what's written will help. We, personally, would like to see them survive. .......................................................................................................... If the owners of MIN WAH would review the recent posts on Chapala.com (LA COCINA SECTION) it might help them understand that although there are a number of people, who have over the years enjoyed the restaurant, there are some very disturbing recent reviews. Some recent posts in this time of the Covid-19 shutdown do not support the restaurant. When most of us have to rely on telephoning our orders and "gambling" that what we order will be delivered on time and be of a level of quality and value that we would expect if dining in the restaurant..... reading numerous bad reviews would discourage most people from ordering. Following I've copied a recent post from Chapala.com that, if legitimate, would discourage anyone from placing an order from your restaurant. If the food is delivered and turns out to be as described in this post what would a disappointed patron do? In reality it's pretty hard to complain over the phone! My wife and I have frequented the restaurant for years and have had two delivery orders in the last three weeks. We were going to order again today until I read the post in the La Cocina section of the Chapala.comWeb-board. TO MIN WAH'S OWNER AND MANAGEMENT: PLEASE MONITOR, REGULARLY THAT WEB-SITE. IF YOU DO AND POSITIVELY REACT TO WHAT'S WRITTEN, YOUR BUSINESS WILL SURVIVE THESE TOUGH TIMES. IF YOU DON'T PAY MORE ATTENTION YOU MIGHT NOT. HERE'S THE DISCOURAGING POST: So two days ago we ordered delivery of 2 egg rolls,1liter of wonton soup, and chow mein with veg,shrimp,bbq pork and beef topping over the noodles. Mein means noodle in chinese. Chow mein is stir fried in a wok. What we got for $350p +50p tip was 2 barely passable egg roles. some tasteless warm water with a few vegs floating and bits and pieces of wonton dough and 2 wonton innards. a lumpy bed of plain rice not noodles under mystery overcooked vegs and a few small bits of shrimp,bbq pork and beef bits. This is not my first rodeo in the eating of Chinese food but definitely the last time ordering from Min Wah. Absolutely the WORST, by a country mile I've ever had and I had my first experience in 1965 In the Toronto Chinatown and used a wok myself on occasion with no complaints from my wife and friends. I should have listened to a lot of you people that gave this dreadful place thumbs down. pedro kertesz
  15. Piloncillo is a raw form of pure cane sugar that is commonly used in Mexican cooking and is sometimes referred to as Mexican brown sugar. It is high in calories and has no vitamins or minerals. Muscovado sugar is a natural form of sugar made by evaporating the liquid from cane juice without removing the molasses. It has a dark brown colour and contains small amounts of minerals and antioxidants. I've used both in baking and more commonly in barbecue sauces, Muscovado wins hands down......incredible flavour and aroma!
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