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  1. I'm still trying to find something of importance in this entire thread. Even if a limited supply of Kirkland butter was back on the shelf on Sunday, who's actually going to jump on their tricycle, peddle like crazy and...most likely find the last package resting in the cart just ahead in the check-out line. And as for AndyPanda...if you do attempt to use it in the manner you've so thoughtfully suggested, I would recommend at least keeping it frozen as the alternative is difficult to imagine!
  2. Considering a house in lower Chapala Haciendas. Is Internet available? Thanks.
  3. "happychillin", contrary to his intent, opened the opportunity for "oregontochapala" to actually respond with something worthwhile.
  4. I, like most others, I would think, go to this web board for advice or to provide a meaningful response to a post with accurate information. Protocol would normally dictate that the response is directed specifically to the originating post. But then there's "happyjillin" who, over the years simply gets more and more Narcissistic with virtually every responding post. There have to be others who feel as I do? The constant "Highjacking" from what can be best described as being from an individual who suffers from extreme insecurity. Obvious evidence of a borderline personality with underlying
  5. Throughout the Covid-19 shutdown, thus far we have ordered a number of items on a frequent basis on-line from Costco. One item, in fact we're expecting it today is a Kirkland Olive oil product we have never seen in the store. Unlike the dark green three litre jugs in the store this product comes in a 2-pak of clear three litre jugs. Well protected in bubble wrap and, of course, if you're a Costco member, no delivery charge and usually here with 48 hrs max. This particular product is, in our opinion the best and most versatile (with great taste & smell) and withstands cooking tempe
  6. Pancho's emporium is the single best thing that has happened in Lakeside in years. Great food, great variety, great staff and a "go to necessity" for the best all round grocery and beverage selection anywhere. He's put himself on the line and in difficult times he's doing all of us a service. Yes, there are wrinkles along the way for any new business and not every day is filled with perfection........but take a good look. Pancho's will, with very little doubt, be around a long, long time.....and he has a son who'll likely take over when Pancho gets a little tired!
  7. Any recipe I've used for the last many years calling for brown sugar, I've simply used granulated Moscabado. Many different brands available at virtually every Mexican grocery store and Costco. One very common brand is "Zuka". In reality I honestly believe that Moscabado is superior in flavour, particularly in sauces (e.g. BBQ). In a cake recipe such as "carrot cake" or, of more importance, a traditional "Christmas cake" which I usually make to be eaten three years later, the Moscadado sugar is far superior to long term flavour development. If you buy granulated Moscabado which usually com
  8. This entire post has become so ridiculous that it's now only best described as bad or drunken humour. In case some of the more self-aggrandizing posters have forgotten....the whole purpose of the forum it to allow restaurant clients to honestly report their good OR bad experiences so that anyone who happens to read the post can make their own decision about patronizing the eatery, OR not. Some of the most recent posts can only be described as drivel and an incredible waste of time for both the poster and reader!
  9. We've ordered four times for delivery during the virus shutdown and all was exactly as ordered, on time and great value. We've had better Chinese but not locally.
  10. On September 9th when I first posted it was after receiving a friend's suggestion that we read the prior responses to the post. My wife and I decided to take a look for ourselves. We know very well what a Cuban sandwich is, having been to Cuba, southern Florida and the area around "Nueve Esquinas" in Guadalajara. Further, there are probably at least a dozen authentic Cuban eateries in Guadalajara. We also have our favourite Cuban restaurants in Scottsdale/Phoenix and having been, successfully in the restaurant business for many years we know what service, quality, value and the importance
  11. They're a lovely young couple who are operating on a "shoestring". Their menu is limited and changes by the day. I ordered food for pick-up 30 minutes later and it was ready right on time. By the time I had returned home to Ajijic it had cooled slightly but it was very easy to reheat. I doubt that there was any measurable loss of flavour as a result. The food was excellent and, authentic. We would love to see them make a go of it. Give them an honest try!
  12. There's been too much confusion about M & J and Purple Garlic. When M & J. was located on 16th of Septiembre (S.W. corner of Donato Guerra) the young Mexican man who subsequently opened, with his American wife's family, "Purple Garlic" on the Carretera (on the North side just across from the Ajijic bus terminal). M & J ended up opening a very tiny place on Guadalupe Victoria (2 blocks east of the Plaza on the north side facing the long established picture framing shop.) There has not been any connection between Purple Garlic and M & J's since. Purple Garlic in their subseq
  13. A friend, a long term resident wrote to inform me that there was a posting on this site that totally evidenced proof of the level of insanity that can develop in a retirement community where boredom and lack of industry takes hold. Curiosity took over and I looked......and totally agree! I also have to say that our one and only visit to "Sabor Del Caribe" (located at Hidalgo 257-B, informally known as the Carretera, in Riberas Del Pilar on the north side of the road) did not, in any way provide us with any reason to return. Evidence: LOOK AT HOW MANY TIMES THE SAME INMATES POSTED!
  14. Appears to be in the early stages of construction in the new, very small plaza that's behind Farmacia Guadalajara. On the N/E corner of Guadalupe Victoria and J. Encarnacion Rosa. It currently appears that work has ground to a halt.
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