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  1. Last review on TripAdvisor was in 2013 - Any recent experiences good or bad?
  2. In our Lakeside communities there appears to be a strong demand for restaurants that have Meatloaf Sandwiches on their menu. To be precise, these would be sandwiches that some expats think of, mistakenly as Hamburgers. Recommendations for accommodating eateries would be most welcome.
  3. From Tom Gate's original post it appears that only six responses have any reference to the restaurant recommended. After all that's what this forum is all about. Opinions good or bad about restaurants. The "herd" of other responses go everywhere from the responders patio barbecue to the feedlot. Truth of the matter, it might be really beneficial if the moderator were to intervene far more frequently when posts are obviously being highjacked but those who've nothing better to do. One thing for sure. In a herd of cattle there's lots of steers and lots of B.S. ..........just like in many of the responses prior to mine. Great initial post.......but only three responses actually endorse the post! And as an aside.....Are there actually any people who care about the colour of the cow who donated the beef?
  4. Goat is cabra (female) cabro (male) Lamb is cordera (female) cordero (male)
  5. DEFINITION "HUARACHE" Footwear, usually coarse, consisting of a leather sole or rubber that is attached to the foot by leather strips or other material. Immigrant peasants were traveling inside the truck with huaraches and hats and dirt in their pants.
  6. Carnivore

    Mr Michi

    Calle, Guadalupe Victoria 16 A,
  7. Ismat will likely have to put "deep-fried canoes" on his menu for the last post hi-hackers!
  8. Pancho's father, (Manuel Montes Avila), the long time owner of "Mariscos Lety" passed away this past Tuesday. Perhaps that very unfortunate event impacted on the quality of your visit to Pancho's?
  9. The biggest obstacle facing "Scallions" is getting past people who simply remember the place as "Salvatores". The totally renovated location (next to El Torito) is no longer a cafeteria serving inexpensive breakfasts and lunch. It's a full fledged, well maintained restaurant with an exciting menu, excellent food, service and pricing. Once they become known...........providing they keep their current focus, they stand a very good chance of becoming "the place to go" in Ajijic.
  10. Sadly from some posts all the posters accomplish is clearly identifying who they are but more importantly “what” they are!
  11. barcelonaman: What post are you possibly responding to?
  12. At Scallions a wine list is in the works for introduction in November. Their original Guadalajara supplier failed to deliver as promised. Management now fully realize that their temporary existing offerings are less than satisfactory and they intend to do far better. In the meantime a $150.00MN cover will be applied to those patrons who want to bring their own bottles. As for the restaurant itself and food. Incredible wood burning pizza oven that provides temperatures to 600 and 700 Celsius. This provides for an incredibly excellent finished product in less than 5 minutes. A "world class pizza (pie) crust" to be proud of! The kitchen: Meticulously clean and well organized and, overall the restaurant premises are exceptional. We can only speak to what we've eaten after coaxing by management. An abundant appetizer of Thai style calamari was about the tastiest calamari we've ever had. Their other calimari appetizer was also excellent with a unique dipping sauce. In both cases the very lightly coated calamari was tender with a texture that felt like it would "melt" in your mouth. The oven roasted beet salad.......again abundant and wonderful. The Margarita pizza was as close to being the most authentic and tasty that we've ever eaten...even in Italy. The crust was superb! An additional offering of bruschetta with a wonderful topping of chilled freshly marinated tomatoes pushed us along to deciding that this restaurant, if they continue to develop as management are promising.........will become a more than welcome addition to our restaurant community. Oh, one more positive note. A made to order (exactly) margarita that I would describe as being every bit as good as the best margarita I ever had previously. Wine, currently aside, Scallions has a well stocked bar with a very talented, personable, knowledgeable and experienced bartender.
  13. Sadly, it's obvious that "Alpha 1" is reaching out to "luvsdawgs'. Now we have obviously developed a platform for a "Lonely Hearts Club"! There has to be a better, more private, and less intrusive way that doesn't take up the time of innocent bystanders!
  14. Tom Gates: Why not really get into the real reason as to why innocent newcomers post on this forum. Why not post the following and thereby eliminate a whole lot of drivel : Which restaurants are the really worst restaurants here at Lakeside and what exactly is your opinion based on? It would likely result in some (hopefully) insightful answers that, in the simplicity, of a response, provides a meaningful and believable answer. Ideally, an acceptable and thereby "directional" answer to what most honest posters are looking for! Tom, you've been around (and around) the block many times... so why not get to the heart of the matter? You're not going to offend anyone!
  15. Be careful about the company you keep......unless you totally enjoy only yourself.....and if that's the case.....good for you! Be lonely! I personally enjoy mixed company of various persuasion! No hangups!
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