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  1. As far as I know, Uber and others like it, are "ride sharing" services. The people that sign up with Uber are individuals and presume would pay taxes as individuals. They might even be able to depreciate their vehicles under US tax provisions. Not sure how it would work in Mexico or other countries. ML--I don't think Uber owns the vehicles, individuals own them.
  2. Uber is what is known as a "disruptive" technology. Think cell phones vs pay phones or Expedia vs travel agents. Get used to it.
  3. I would be interested in how such a sting operation fits with Uber's fine print when registering for the service. You can't just call up Uber and request a ride without registering for the service and providing a credit card to pay for it or PayPal.
  4. If you call a taxi, more often than not, it is in poor condition. Uber cars are new. I just downloaded the app to my iPhone and registered a credit card to the account. So next time in GDL, we are set. As for cost differences in taxis and Uber cars, in NYC the cost of a taxi medallion is $100,000 and that limits availability. That cost has to be recovered.
  5. I was at the old Costco today and found Tillamook Med Cheddar, 2# baby loaf, for $129p. Also I saw a guy talking to the meat dept people and they brought him what turned out to be USDA choice boneless beef short ribs, at $219p per kilo. He said you have to ask them for them as they don't put them out in the meat cooler.
  6. 1. Quatro, aka 4 2. Bruno's 3. El Serape Risking more 4. La Taverna, in new location 5. Min Wah
  7. I am up for a class or two. No weeklong thing however. 3 courses plus dessert is doable. $400p including wine is par for the course.
  8. What is his cooking style?
  9. We have a large sediment pleated filter and a smaller carbon filter with the UV light. Had our water tested prior to the installation of the carbon filter and the water was perfect, so I suppose it is better now. I should mention that we have a large ajijibe with the intake about 18" off the bottom. The ajijibe is about 12' x 12' by 12' deep. H2Ole did the work.
  10. Might not bother. Didn't check in with anyone last time, going or coming back.
  11. Thanks. I didn't see INM the last time we drove. Where is it? Our car is Mex plated.
  12. If exiting Mexico via Laredo, where would we show our Res Permanente card and/or FMM Immigration form?
  13. https://sites.google.com/site/prescriptiondrugsinmexiconow/
  14. How does the ordering on-line work with Superama?
  15. SuperLake has Pillsbury bread flour. You can also go to WalMart and get pizza dough already made for about $29/kilo.
  16. Lydia at the pharmacy next to the Vinos Americas liquor store, just west of El Serape, has the vaccine at $300p. No waiting.
  17. I have been getting glasses at Costco for years but the summer of 2013 I got new glasses, this all NOB, and for the first time I couldn't get the lenses clean, even using the lens solution and special cloth. Took them back.
  18. If it was bought in Mexico I think it is unlocked already
  19. If you are to be there long enough, consider getting a T-Mobile pay as you go plan. $60 per month. Just replace the TelCel sim card with the T-Mobile card.
  20. Home Services has never followed through on my work requests.
  21. We had breakfast on Sat and it was very good, albeit the service was really slow. Only one guy and only our table of 4. Go figure!
  22. I would think 3 floors above the carretera would dampen the noise and fumes. Doesn't seem to affect Gossips or Bruno's. Just sayin',,,
  23. Ron, I have 7 standard (Israel?) panels and my pool is 8600 gallons, 7x34 feet and 5 1/2 ft deep. Having had a pool for over 15 years NOB, I maintain it is hard if not impossible to keep it above 80 F when the ambient air temp is in the 50's and during this time of year when the sun is low in the sky. It is the same reason that my solar electric system produces 11kw on a GOOD day right now vs. over 17kw beginning latter part of Feb.
  24. Clear skies, full sun and 66 degrees coming out of my solar panels. Just sayin...!
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