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  1. I got one too, from April 25 and I paid them at the aforementioned office in Chapala.
  2. There is a lab on Colon, about 2/3 the way down in the first block south of the square, on the east side.
  3. When we have exited by car, and returned by car, never stopped to submit paperwork. Never saw a place to do so either.
  4. The nursery behind Superlake has lots of stuff. Just got sage there today.
  5. Tango is open a bit later than the 8:00 closing norm.
  6. tomgates


    I went to WalMart today and saw ternera milanessa and it looked like all the other beef, red, not pale like veal in the US is.
  7. tomgates

    Coconut shrimp

    No 4 had it on the fresh list yesterday. Not on regular menu.
  8. My Nuvi will receive cell phone calls when the blue tooth is activated on the cell phone.
  9. My Garmin Nuvi is a couple years old, model 2460. Current models with pre-loaded maps for all of N America (US, Can and Mex) and with lifetime updates are 2686LMT, 2589LMT and 2559LMT. www.thegpsstore.com has good prices
  10. Chapala weather station is showing 3.07"
  11. I only buy time from the main TelCel office in Centro Laguna plaza. Some of the small shops rip people off. So I have enough data, I have the 2gb service for $370p per month. As some have said, when I am not near wi-fi, I turn OFF wi-fi.
  12. We had some film applied to reduce UV and other stuff. Mid block on the Carretera between Colon and Juarez, mountain side.
  13. BMH, I have been running a surplus for the entire 5 years since the system was installed. CFE incorrectly read the meter in July of 2010 and billed me $2400p. E-Sun went to bat for me and corrected the situation. CFE wouldn't refund the money but created a credit for me and has debited the small monthly service charge (about $24p) from that credit for the past 5 years. My current surplus is 2084 kwh. There was some speculation that CFE would reset the account annually but that has not been my experience. I think we are on a first name basis with them and they like me! I would get bids from the 2 main co's and my preference would be E-Sun if the bids were close. There are a couple minor entities around and I cannot vouch for them however.
  14. Costco, Costco, Costco. They even use nitrogen instead of compressed air.
  15. Scratch that. Jeanette let the site lapse.
  16. Search for Jeanette's posts and there is a link there to her site of all the pet friendly hotels in Mexico.
  17. I think what RV meant was not to do the Aguas & Zacatecas route but do the Lagos, Matehuala route. Our recent expeience going north via the latter and south via the former was that while the tolls were a bit less on the Zacatecas route, they were not that much less and the mileage was about 80K shorter, it was about 45 minutes LONGER than via Matehuala. There is a lot of 2 lane quota and while not that much traffic, it is still 2 lane. And Aguas is still a pain to get through, even with a GPS.
  18. You don't cut corners in cookingor the outcome suffers. Use fake vanilla, then soon using fake crab.
  19. Super lake has Costco's Kirkland brand of pure vanilla. Costco would be cheaper if you are going there anyway. Super lake also has a Mexican brand in a squarish shape bottle with a big cap.
  20. The card I use most is thru RBC Wealth Mgmt. it is issued by PNC Financial. There are no fees on that end. I have a daily limit of $2000 US. The only fees I pay are the Mexican bank fees, HSBC about $35p and Bancomer about $27p. On a $5000p withdrawal, that is 11bp and 8bp resp. The HSBC at Superlake is fine, the HSBC office across from Walmart is good and the Bancomer off the plaza in Ajijic is good.
  21. Our Citibank American Air card will pay for CDW for up to 30 day rental. In Mexico we have never been able to avoid them charging something like "optional liability" insurance, even though liability ins in on the CAR, not the driver ( just look in the glove box for a copy of of the policy). In GDL it shouldn't be more than $10 a day. Hard to avoid.
  22. Four definitely. Short ribs, duck or jerk chicken.
  23. La Paz is a pretty middle class kind of Mexican city, with being the capital of Baja Sur. The bay is a mud flat at low tide. Nice beaches out towards the ferry terminal. Best ice cream and fish tacos I have had are in La Paz.
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