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  1. Used cars are not a great value here, especially with the taxes added. New cars are the way to go, especially with the exchange rate at present. I saw a 2016 Honda HR-V (Epic model) for $280,000 with 72000k at Dalton Honda. A NEW one is only about $90,000 more.
  2. I don't know the name. Just duck stuff. The guys that own Pale get their duck confit for the duck tacos at this place. Maybe they know the name.
  3. There is a place in Guadalajara that specializes in all things duck. The directions are pretty easy. Travel west on Lazaro Cardenas and exit right for Patria and stay on the lateral. You will come to a railroad track and have to turn right. Go to first opportunity to take a left over the tracks and go left again back towards Patria. House on the right corner a block before Patria.
  4. We have had more than several very good meals at Scallions with the veal marsala and Kung Pao Chicken particularly good. Crab cake and calamari are good too and can do for 2-3 as an appetizer.
  5. Maybe that is why the past 2 times at Global Entry I didn’t have to answer the questions and it just printed off my receipt.
  6. I bought Ortho Home Defense at Home Depot.
  7. Is Tabarka still open? I had read something about the owner/chef moving on.
  8. We have had Ilox since April 10. Only 2 brief outages. Might have been lucky but no problems with porting over my Telmex phone number to them.
  9. TelCel office open as usual...my apologies for not reading the sign correctly. Permanent seemed pretty easy!
  10. At OXXO, just tell them the Telcel phone number and put $200p on it? Any service fee?
  11. Saw a sign on the door that they are closing permanently and suggested Andares or Tlaquepaque. Like seriously? I put $200 every 30 days for phone and data. Can any other place do this? Thanks.
  12. Rather than use their (bad) website, consider Expedia.
  13. We had a nice experience there a couple weeks ago. Great lamb loin too. Hadn't been there in a good 5 years prior.
  14. Degollado, in next to last block before the park, on right.
  15. Last time I had service at Vanguardia near Galerias, they had a special on Alignment. Forget the price but seemed reasonable. And they do have the equipment. S&S can call them and find out.
  16. David, Apparently you aren't serious about going to Costco.
  17. I compare net prices on both Amazon US and MX. My things get shipped to iShop so no hassles on delivery issues.
  18. Oh my gosh. I missed the similarities! Best of luck to the OP and family. Patti
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