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  1. Express II, just west of the parking lot of the old Avocado Club, had the 500mg, 90ct, for about $140p.
  2. OK, thanks. There used to be dozens of green locations but now only several in all of Guadalajara.
  3. I usually buy one at the Chili Cookoff but I need one now. Where can you buy them?
  4. As of Nov 1, here are the places open, none lakeside. http://siga.jalisco.gob.mx/talleres/
  5. You will find the fines at the first thread on this forum
  6. Lots of indoor/outdoor weather "stations" have hydrometers built in.
  7. tomgates

    Pimento cheese

    Never seen it. Easy to make.
  8. If MagicJack works like my Vonage, I just plugged the router into the dedicated VOIP outlet on the ILOX modem.
  9. Do you still get the money if you decline the markup??
  10. The 5.5% markup at HSBC is new. Schwab will rebate the $68p ATM fee but not the markup. That markup effectively makes the 19.1 exchange rate more like 18.2.
  11. I don't put anything in the burger and don't handle it much. I gather about 6 oz and gently push it together and form a patty about 3/4" thick. I put a little divit in the center so when cooking on a griddle or charcoal grill, I don't press it. Cook about 5 minutes a side, adding a salt on both sides. I like the smaller Bimbo buns, the ones 8 to a pack. Tony's meat is good as it comes. I also have a meat grinder and have ground ribeyes and brisket into burgers and those are a real treat.
  12. Driving from the NW it is a push miles-wise to come down the coast and cross at Nogales and spend 3 days on the toll roads in Mexico as opposed to angling down SE to Texas and cross at Columbia Bridge (8am open) and make it to Ajijic in one day. Not sure where to get the car sticker as we have always had a Mex car so no help there.
  13. No clue. You would have to prove residency somewhere in the US.
  14. Car filled to the brim and only a cursory look. Columbia Bridge crossing north of Laredo.
  15. Best Western on the north side of Navojoa and anyplace that suits you in Mazatlan.
  16. tomgates

    Great Burgers

    Let's not lose sight of the original idea for my post of the new restaurant.
  17. tomgates

    Great Burgers

    Theirs are burger standard 80/20. Trip's uses Angus. You can taste the difference.
  18. The newest FMM paperwork I got do not have the boxes for the purpose of the trip.
  19. tomgates

    Great Burgers

    Cost comes up a lot these days. Angus beef is a lot more than Walmart beef. At Costco, prime rib-eyes were $899k on Aug 30 vs $699 on June 16. Just one example.
  20. tomgates

    Great Burgers

    There is a new place that features several innovative burgers and mac n' cheese. It is Lake City and located out west of Ajijic, about 1/2K passed La Ankla and Jicomate, on the mountain side. Google maps and Facebook have the location wrong. Open at 12 noon. Burgers come with fries and some sauce on them that I thought would be better without. I'm a ketchup kind of guy.
  21. I have seen some small beads pressed into plaster at some pools in Cabo and I see some samples of same at Albercas del Lago in Riberas. As for tile, if 99% of pools are 100% tiled, we may not know the reason but there most certainly is a reason.
  22. You will need evidence of birth and citizenship. Passport card or Global Entry card will suffice. Also your lost passport number.
  23. You are going to have to fly up to the US to do that.
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