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  1. I find the BP station just west of Ajijic has the best prices, but as mentioned, only a few centavos.
  2. The new noise-cancelling ones are coming out this month. I think they are $279.
  3. If you went back to Telmex and just had phone service, no need for a modem. You would just plug the phone into the old phone jack.
  4. My Telmex number was ported over to ILOX back in early April. Works perfectly.
  5. Not sure. On US Amazon, some of the pickling spices will ship to Mexico. Or go search thru all the spices at SuperLake or Pancho's selections.
  6. Fly early in the day to Tijuana and take the passageway to the US. Do your business and fly back later in the day. You should have a good 6-7 hrs in the US.
  7. I have gone thru town and even at 8am it is pretty easy. If you go this way, will you run into the new western bypass to SLP?
  8. So MC, is the bad RR crossing fixed on the ring road around Lagos?
  9. You can take soapy water and apply it to connections. If it bubbles, you have a leak. You can also call the various home inspectors and they have electronic devices that can detect leaks.
  10. Went there once to try his fried chicken. I don't have any respect for him since he sold his restaurant to some folks saying he was retiring and comes to open a restaurant almost across the street. No class.
  11. I will note Luis' phone number. Thx.
  12. Consider the Columbia Bridge crossing north of Laredo. Good exit off the highway into NL. Open 8am-Midnight.
  13. I have Express VPN. I really like it. It makes interacting with financial websites, shopping, etc a lot easier since it doesn't default to Mexican/Spanish sites.
  14. Francisco took us to the airport in late Sept. He drives people to Texas a couple times a month. I would call that active.
  15. Ismat’s is better that Bobby’s. Sides better too.
  16. I think parking tickets are paid in the municipal building.
  17. $2000/mo is more doable here than in most places in the US. You don’t say your age but if Medicare eligible, stay put. You don’t want Mexican Medicaid. We know someone who broke her hip and spent 3 WEEKS on a gurney in the hall at an IMSS hospital. Factor in private insurance and also a car if you value mobility.
  18. We also have a Bosch. Helps to have a water softener so less service calls. Bosch has their own technicians too.
  19. A friend bought one recently that came from St Petersburg Russia.
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