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  1. You are correct that some US brokerage companies require a US residential address and these private mailboxes are not residential addresses.
  2. I don't see it. Sunshinyday sent me one. I tried to send you one and you don't accept messages. You can call me at 333-499-6230.
  3. Over the years, I have asked for bids on 3 different jobs and never heard back from them. PM me for a really good contractor.
  4. One of our neighbors on Zaragoza had 2 of their dogs poisoned IN THEIR GATED AND FENCED YARD. They will survive. They said it is believed that someone in the government is doing this to hasten the chances of gaining Pueblo Magico status.
  5. We put in solar 6 years ago, E-Sun did ours and the followup service from them is a 10.
  6. Thanks Rick. I sent an email to CBP but they dodged the question, referring me to the Texas Dept of Public Safety and I couldn't find a number to talk to a real person.
  7. We insure our car thru Parker, and each time we renew, we opt for the optional coverage in the US/Canada. I don't think it can be done between renewals. No problems driving in the US. We did encounter something odd this past May when we crossed at the Columbia Bridge and the US Customs officer asked me if I had a Mexican DL (I did), saying if I didn't have one, I couldn't enter the US. That has never happened and I don't think it is correct, but try arguing!
  8. We have bought a car from Roccar on Patria and know someone else who bought one there. Very satisfied.
  9. We have a joint account at HSBC. No fees except a $10p charge to clear a check.
  10. Why would the Dem's celebrate the 4th on the 2nd? Number confusion?
  11. The Lakeside Conservatives are planning a July 4 event.
  12. We know people that have been on a tourist visas the entire time. They own a house and US cars. They go back to the US a couple times a year and it is easy to keep the tourist visas current and never lapse.
  13. The AT&T plan is a good one, save for one thing. The Mex cell number they give you, while you can use it here or in the US, friends in the US have to have international phone service activated with their service provider or they can't call you.
  14. More detailed directions to the one in Chapala. From Ajijic, Take Hildago east to the traffic light. Turn left (north), go past the plaza and right on the next street that goes east is Degollado. 3 blocks to Zaragoza, left one block and it is on the right.
  15. Emission tests are only for Mex-plated vehicles.
  16. The roof is about $120p per 24 hr period, I forget the exact amount. There is big display near the cash machines. El Cartero, you pay at the machines as usual.
  17. I parked in the garage at the airport one day from about 5am to 6pm and it was about $350p. I think you could park there for up to 3 days under cover for the round trip cab fare. Park for longer on the roof as that is cheaper.
  18. What street exit off Lazaro Cardenes?
  19. One of our neighbors has their system and the outside alarm goes off all the time and they never come check it out. What is the point in having a monitored system if they don't respond to an alarm? Suggest a large dog instead.
  20. We had private insurance in the US since I retired in 2009. Now it is Obamacare and Premera Blue Cross is what we have now and it covers emergencies in most of the private hospitals in Guadalajara.
  21. I looked into Boomers and Best Doctors and decided not to, mainly that the number of people in the "pool" was pretty low and the average age was 73 which means one huge claim and everyone's premium shoots thru the roof.
  22. https://sites.google.com/site/prescriptiondrugsinmexiconow/
  23. How does the ordering on-line work with Superama?
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