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  1. I am sure someone up in the US would bring some down for you.
  2. The cost is pretty low so what is the risk in trying it?
  3. If you ever want to sell the car, you have to have all past registrations along with all the other paperwork.
  4. OK, good to know that it wasn't on the cuota. Article didn't distinguish.
  5. I am reading an AP article about the highway ( cuoto) between Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo where 50 people have disappeared in the past several months.
  6. I had understood it that US/Canada coverage can be added as a rider only at renewal time.
  7. Dogs and cats don't need the certificate. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel/by-country/pettravel-mexico
  8. OK, good. I had read elsewhere that the International Health Certificate is no longer needed as of Dec 2019. Probably best to keep the used Flea and Tick prevention container.
  9. There was a time when a local vet had to be called, at great expense, to clear a dog from customs at the Guadalajara airport. Then it was reported that it was a lot easier, just the international pet form. Any updates? Thanks
  10. When I book a Volaris flight, I do it thru my Expedia account.
  11. Alejandro lives on Zaragoza in Ajijic. 2nd door east of Juarez on north side of street. He drives a dark blue pickup. If it is there, he is there. Best go before 8am.
  12. tomgates


    Used to love that place--meat, salsa, tortillas and beer. Bring your own salad. It is on the south side of the highway and with the new median barriers, you have to travel west until the first place you can cross the highway and proceed back.
  13. This is from the Grumpy Economist: Vaccines and liability Posted: 26 Apr 2021 03:52 PM PDT I learned something from the New York Times lead editorial on Sunday. Why are we not shipping mega quantities of vaccines to countries like India? Well, you can sort of see the problem. You're a drug company. You sell a billion units of a brand new drug -- still on emergency use authorization in the US -- to, say, India. 10 people get a rare blood clot that may or may not be due to your vaccine. Local courts sue you for a gazillion dollars. Who wouldn't want liability protection? As the Europeans allowed trillions of GDP and quite a few lives to vanish while they haggled over a few billion in cost of vaccines, perhaps the onus on countries should be, to say, we want your vaccine, we understand it's brand new and there may be risks, we'll take them? The NYT is, predictably, full of bad ideas. "Suspend patents." Great. Just in time to discourage drug companies from working full steam to identify the new variants stewing around the world and get moving on updated vaccines. Once again, all you need to know about cost benefit analysis is that trillions > billions. The profits' of drug companies are drops in the bucket. Related to a twitter stream going on, it's always time for that "once and never more" property expropriation isn't it? But most of all, "absurd indemnity clauses that protect company profits over human lives?" If you mean it, dear Times, here's a suggestion: You offer to pay for any legal damages that foreign courts assess to US drugmakers over vaccines gone wrong. Not that hot to put "people" over your own "profits," eh? I'll given them the first, but not the "wise." DPA was silly in the first place. We're not building aircraft carriers for WWII, and it is beyond hypocritical to complain about Chinese and others banning exports to us while we do that. Instead our newly internationalist administration should work to stop all export bans worldwide in such situations. The world needs to work together, and that means to use our global supply chains when we need speed and efficiency. http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/TheGrumpyEconomist/~4/GJswSiZRdU4?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email
  14. They aren't going to send them to other countries because of liability issues. The drug companies are protected in the US but not outside.
  15. The vaccinations in the US are no cost. To say Mexico has a free market system is a stretch.
  16. On Monday, in the US, anyone over the age of 16 is eligible. With the increase in supply, especially when JNJ is back in the market, combined with decreased demand (much to everyone's chagrin), anyone will be able to get the vaccine. As for "jumping ahead", it is a free market.
  17. Nothing "major". Several minor ones, always rearender from following too close, and a stalled vehicle or two. That would be the longer time.
  18. I have done the drive from Ajijic and best time is 45m and worst is 1hr 10m.
  19. Have you tried the Garden Center in Riberas? Or perhaps Luis at Rainbird?
  20. Take Zinc and Vitamin D. Some are saying this is not a virus pandemic but a Vitamin D deficiency.
  21. Eve's, La Pacena, Panino, Smokehouse
  22. When we were there, we dined a couple times, to mixed reviews in all honesty. I suspected that the whole enterprise was some kind of money laundering project for some cartel.
  23. If you take the Aguas and Zacatecas route to or from Laredo, you will see lots of KSC rail activity south of Monterrey.
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