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  1. Paz liquor store? Vinos America?
  2. Is ILOX still viable? We had it when we last left Ajijic in June 2020. At $599 it was good for 70mb download.
  3. Elsewhere it was said that they opened at 3 or 4pm.
  4. I always enjoyed the burger at Bruno's.
  5. I never found it necessary to have a Mex bank account. My US bank accounts give access to ATM's worldwide. If you do open a Mex bank account, watch it like a hawk. I had one and evidently the balance fell below $1000mp and the bank ate the remaining balance down to zero with fees. I went in to close it and it had a negative $800mp balance so I just walked out.
  6. You could try Lydia's medical shop next to Vinos America.
  7. You might try wadding up paper towels and soaking them with cooking oil. I keep several in a ziplock bag and they work nicely to light charcoal fires. No petroleum odors.
  8. Awhile back we had a 2005 Toyota Rav-4 that had been in Mexico its entire life. I looked under the hood and found that it had a US EPA and DOT sticker. I am supposing I could take that car to the US and get it registered since it met all the US certifications and was originally made in Japan.
  9. A skunk won't spray you from the trap because it can't raise its tail.
  10. I like La Casita Deli in Guadalajara, 594 Ave Terranova
  11. The plumbing store next to what was the perry's pizza carries it.
  12. When we first drove down in 2008, we bought a policy from Sanborn's, a US company insuring our US car in Mexico.
  13. 11 years ago our US car was rear ended by a large truck from Galvez construction and our insurance co at the time thru Parker declared it a total loss. They gave me back my import sticker and a letter that said the insurance company took ownership of the car and holds me harmless from future liability. And gave me the declared value.
  14. When we were there, especially in the snowbird season, I would drive from Ajijic to SuperLake or Pancho's either before 9:30 or after 4:00. I hear from friends that the barriers for the bike path have not helped and left turners hold up traffic.
  15. Wise. I did the same thing last year when I had to get a document signed by the previous owner of our Ajijic home then get it Aposiled in Austin.
  16. I see a trip to Tijuana in your future!
  17. Ajijic weather site says 2.82"
  18. Jackie at H2Ole. His cell is 333-394-4413. He sells and services water softeners and also water filter systems.
  19. $10,000US one time entrance payment and $30,580MP per month.
  20. I am sure someone up in the US would bring some down for you.
  21. The cost is pretty low so what is the risk in trying it?
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