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  1. Sticker is less important than the receipt for payment of registration. If they are too stupid to begin the year without the necessary supplies, I am not going to negotiate the construction to go get one later down the line.
  2. I continue to shop for plants there.
  3. $638 just now. No stickers until Jan 15 however.
  4. There is no issues with driver's licenses. The issue the OP brings up about what kind of vehicle registration is the issue. If you are driving a Jalisco plated car in Jalisco you are OK. If it some kind of other states plates, you are probably NOT ok.
  5. tomgates

    Salted Butter.

    Pancho's has Tillamook salted butter, $145p per pound. Also has a variety of Tillamook cheeses in 1/2 pound and 2 pound sizes.
  6. tomgates


    Tuesday's and Friday's beginning about 5pm
  7. Lots of cars here Lakeside with CDMX and Estado de Mexico plates. None have decals for annual registration much less pollution control stickers.
  8. Up until the last couple regular session games, Oregon was a contender for National Championship.
  9. Maybe because the real games are the Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl??
  10. Good pasta, good veal when they have it. Take your own salad dressing if you don't like balsamic and evoo.
  11. No more stretch IRAs either after 12/31/19. Any IRA left to spouse or kids has to be liquidated(and taxed) within 10 years.
  12. Liability insurance in Mexico is with the car, not the renter. Just look in the glovebox for the policy. If you rent from Expedia, there is a low cost option for CDW.
  13. Stop in to see Valerie in the office near Benno's in the Lake Taco and Car Wash complex. She sells Vumi. Don't mention meds to anyone as they will exclude coverage or not extend coverage to you at all.
  14. Suggest SuperLake around the noon hour
  15. The route to Manzanillo hasn't changed in decades. The only new option is to go towards the airport and get on the Microliberamento going west and exit at the first exit and proceed south. That way, no topes all the way thru Joco.
  16. Notary's are specific to the US and specific to a geographical place. Consider flying to Tijuana and cross the border and find one there and fly back.
  17. I find the BP station just west of Ajijic has the best prices, but as mentioned, only a few centavos.
  18. The new noise-cancelling ones are coming out this month. I think they are $279.
  19. If you went back to Telmex and just had phone service, no need for a modem. You would just plug the phone into the old phone jack.
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