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  1. Good heavens, the current recommended precautions are not front and center, nor included anywhere? Thanks 😊 Patti
  2. I am telling you otherwise, since you have not made it your business to stay informed on the latest information on a world wide pandemic. Everyone on the planet has been asked to minimize being around other people for 15 days-starting now. This will curb the spread. sigh. Patti
  3. There was a special segment on Fox News with 2 heads of large hospital systems in NYC and they said 88% of people with Covid-19 show symptoms from day 2-5. The 14 day quarantine is for people who have it and the 14 day number is how long it runs its course.
  4. MC, didn't someone write a book titled "Arguing With $%&/()s"?
  5. Dispute it with the credit card bank.
  6. What about the tolls going thru Aguas and Zacatecas?
  7. So is the burger better than Bruno's, which in my book is a very fine burger?
  8. Kind of surprising as it is an offshoot of Gosha's?? I ate here once and wasn't impressed.
  9. Schwab also rebates back the alien ATM charges at the end of each month. Thone alien fees range from $16p at CI Banco, $69 at HSBC (also decline the added exchange fee) and $83 at Bancomer. Also suggest talking to your bank and have them change the daily limit and also the transaction limit to the highest possible.
  10. Amazing number of questions, education, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, refrigerators, stoves, cars, on and on.
  11. What happened to night only paving? Bunch of morons to close down the intersection on a usual busy Friday afternoon with all the Guadalajara traffic.
  12. Ditto Eurofreeze. They are there in the afternoons. They are at their Guadalajara shop mornings.
  13. THE MEDIA’S FEAR VIRUS IS THE REAL DANGER NOT THE CORONAVIRUS Published March 3, 2020 | By Dr. Jack Wheeler I’d like to suggest considering the latest bulletin on Covid-19 from the New England Journal of Medicine: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMe2002387?query=RP Almost all deaths attributed to Covid-19 are quite elderly, in their 70s and 80s/90s and/or with compromised immune systems. There are no deaths reported among the young, i.e., under 15 years old. Another consideration. The genetic vector by which the virus infects the body is the ACE2 receptor gene that codes for an enzyme involved in constriction of the lungs. As in all genes, there are slightly different variations or “polymorphisms.” Turns out that ethnic Chinese have one producing more of the enzyme than any other ethnic group in the world. Further, smoking tobacco greatly accelerates the enzyme’s lung constriction. No people on the planet come close to Chinese men on how much they smoke cigarettes. Which is one main reason why thousands of Chinese have died and not elsewhere, and many more Chinese men than women. The same, albeit to a bit lesser degree, applies to South Koreans. Bottom line is: If you’re under 70 in good health, not Asian and don’t smoke, avoid being in an infected area and wash your hands if you are, you’re gonna live. Oh, and for your mental well-being, ignore the media and TV news. The media is far more dangerous than this latest flu virus. Its principal product is no longer news but fear-mongering crises. Franklin Roosevelt’s most famous quote, from his 1933 Inaugural Address, was: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Today that translates to, “We have nothing to fear but the media’s fear-mongering.” We all need to vaccinate ourselves from the Media Fear Virus.
  14. Facebook page says 1-9 every day. Karaoke is 4-9 Tues and Friday.
  15. I have had ILOX since April 10 and it has been flawless. I can only recall 2 very brief outages. My old Telmex land line works perfectly too, although I might be the only one!
  16. Ian is correct. Social Security, Medicare, and the IRS do not call. Medicare will use email to provide information. Social Security and IRS only use postal service mail.
  17. Between a visit up there once and year, and our daughter visiting here once a year (no problem for her bringing my meds in unopened shipping containers with the prescriptions inside), that is all I need.
  18. I quit having them shipped to I-Shop because customs ignored the invoice price (very low) and preferred to charge duty on some price list they maintained, which was far higher. Also added expense of I-Shop's charges to bring parcels down here from Laredo.
  19. According to the CDC, guess how many people in America died of influenza in the 2017-2018 illness “season” (November through March). Please be sitting down. 61,000. Last season (2018-2019), we fared better. The CDC reports 35 million flu illnesses, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths. That’s still over thirty-four thousand of us dying of the flu in just a few months. And we’re supposed to freak out over something that hasn’t killed any of us yet and 34 in the whole world outside of China so far?
  20. tomgates


    Did the cure work or not? MER? Are you well?
  21. I usually have the vacio and it has always been fine. Fatty steak? You must be talking about the ribeye, which is fatty but not overly so.
  22. tomgates


    How are you feeling MER?
  23. Op Ed in today's WSJ about plastic bags not taking up a lot of room in landfills, paper and other biodegradable items give off greenhouse gasses as they decompose and most plastic in the oceans comes from Asia and Africa where the people dump it into the rivers. The US sends lots of recycle plastics to Asia and lots of it ends up in rivers if they can't use it.
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