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  1. What I was trying to say is that some cars, like our old 2005 Toyota Rav-4 was a car that could go into the US as it was made for the US market, having the DOT certification.
  2. On the underside of the hood, there is a Mexican DOT label and under it is the US DOT label. If there is a US label, it can be imported to the US.
  3. Facebook page says 1-9 every day. Karaoke is 4-9 Tues and Friday.
  4. I have had ILOX since April 10 and it has been flawless. I can only recall 2 very brief outages. My old Telmex land line works perfectly too, although I might be the only one!
  5. Ian is correct. Social Security, Medicare, and the IRS do not call. Medicare will use email to provide information. Social Security and IRS only use postal service mail.
  6. Can only speak for the US. Energy prices are not subsidized.
  7. Between a visit up there once and year, and our daughter visiting here once a year (no problem for her bringing my meds in unopened shipping containers with the prescriptions inside), that is all I need.
  8. I quit having them shipped to I-Shop because customs ignored the invoice price (very low) and preferred to charge duty on some price list they maintained, which was far higher. Also added expense of I-Shop's charges to bring parcels down here from Laredo.
  9. According to the CDC, guess how many people in America died of influenza in the 2017-2018 illness “season” (November through March). Please be sitting down. 61,000. Last season (2018-2019), we fared better. The CDC reports 35 million flu illnesses, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths. That’s still over thirty-four thousand of us dying of the flu in just a few months. And we’re supposed to freak out over something that hasn’t killed any of us yet and 34 in the whole world outside of China so far?
  10. tomgates


    Did the cure work or not? MER? Are you well?
  11. I usually have the vacio and it has always been fine. Fatty steak? You must be talking about the ribeye, which is fatty but not overly so.
  12. tomgates


    How are you feeling MER?
  13. Op Ed in today's WSJ about plastic bags not taking up a lot of room in landfills, paper and other biodegradable items give off greenhouse gasses as they decompose and most plastic in the oceans comes from Asia and Africa where the people dump it into the rivers. The US sends lots of recycle plastics to Asia and lots of it ends up in rivers if they can't use it.
  14. I quit cleaning them several years ago. With occasional hard rains, no change in daily output.
  15. McD as well as Starbucks will not build in a location that can't accommodate a drive thru. Makes more sense where Exotica Nursery is.
  16. White with black interior. 55,000 K, mostly highway driven. High 30's mpg. Door edge guards, front bug deflector, all weather floor mats, auto-dimming mirror. $235,000. Available April. 766-4716
  17. tomgates

    Bar Jamon

    There is just a sign, for over a year now.
  18. I have bought all our appliances at Tio Sams. They deliver, set up and haul the old one and packaging away.
  19. Driving out or in, no contact with INM ever.
  20. we have had Maytag for over 12 years with zero problems.
  21. Suggest Ernesto at 766-3264 or 331-309-1473
  22. Home insurance is pretty cheap here. We have had it mainly for the medical benefits it provides our various workers if they injure themselves while working on our property. We have friends whose gardener was on a ladder trimming stuff on his wrought iron fencing and the ladder slipped and he impaled his arm on the spikes at the top of the fence. It also covers power surges or brown outs that damage electronic appliances.
  23. Visa, Mastercard, etc set a daily exchange rate. That rate is what you get at any ATM, less any "alien" fee that ATM charges you. HSBC is unique in that they "offer" you an exchange rate markdown that you can decline and proceed with your withdrawal, less their "alien" ATM fee.
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