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  1. On a very short term basis, the US/Mex exchange rate closely follows the US stockmarket. Stocks up, peso up and visa versa. On a longer term basis, there must be something larger going on with the peso. Since the US market low in March 2000 and the peso making a low at close to 23, the US market has gone up a lot and the peso not so much. The peso should be more like 17 or 18 but here it is near 21.
  2. Mama's in SAT usually has a special dinner.
  3. There is a difference between INCOME and sales of houses. In the US, the sale of a home is reported on a 1099-S. Sale of a home in Mexico does not result in a 1099-S. Nothing is reported to the IRS. You could be opening up a can of worms by reporting a sale transaction for which there is nothing reported on the IRS's end. If you have lived in the house a minimum of 2 years and have a profit of up to $500,000us for a married couple or half of that for a single person, you would owe no tax in the US, so your conscious would be clear.
  4. Bruno's used to do it on Wednesday with reservations made through Tuesday. Jitomate on several evenings.
  5. Suggest crossing border at Columbia Bridge. Opens at 8 am. If you have a good GPS, you should make it to Ajijic in under 12 hrs. The route thru SLP and Lagos de Mareno is preferable to the route thru Zacatecas and Aguscaliente. There is an exit off the cuota on the north side of Monterrey to direct you to SLP.
  6. There is no reporting requirement for foreign owned properties.
  7. Before we left in April 2020, we enjoyed weekends in Guadalajara, at the Aloft Hotel and the Villa Ganz. The restaurant scene up to that point was vibrant, to say the least. So many exciting chefs. Not sure how covid has impacted that scene the past 2 years.
  8. The current rule for a covid test 1 day before a flight to US expires on March 16. The CDC just said today that the mask order for airline travel and airports is extended to April 16.
  9. We always enjoyed La Casita Deli in Guadalajara, especially the Tillamook Cheddar in 2 1/2 lb loafs, direct from Costco in Texas.
  10. The best vanilla is Perrier from Haiti. Very pure with little to no alcohol. Just bought 2 on Ebay.
  11. 9x9 is the standard size
  12. Just stop in and talk to Carlos.
  13. I have seen adhesive strips applied to floors, kind of like sandpaper with a peel off sticky back. Suppose a trip to Home Depot is suggested.
  14. Notaries don't exist in Mexico. You will have to get to the US to have that done. Easiest and cheapest is to fly to Tijuana, cross the border, get your business done, and fly back.
  15. Weather (vs. Eastern WA state), and sense of adventure. After 12 years of part time then full time, and turning Medicare age, we decided to move back to the US and a new adventure here in Greenville SC.
  16. You mean a push reel type mower? Thought you were moving to Mexico City?
  17. All the more necessary to deal with a reliable dealer. S&S has the Mexican version of the NADA valuation guide to used cars.
  18. Couple years ago I had no problem getting my meds delivered thru iShop. The only issue was I had to pay duty on the supposed value even though the invoice showed zero cost to me. So I quit having them delivered to me and just waited until I went back NOB or someone brought them to me when they visited us.
  19. Just call around. I take it that you need the 20kg cylinder replaced. Use your rudimentary spanish or you will find someone at the other end of phone who speaks redimentary english.
  20. Yes, that was the accurate chronology. Mark was the last operator.
  21. It was actually the Spotlight Club when Mark Rome was managing it.
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