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  1. 12 years ago when we had a US plated car, this car was totaled in an accident by a truck owned by Galvez Construction. Our insurance agent was ParkerThe claim was professionally handled and we had our money within 30 days. We also got our import sticker back along with a letter  from the insurance company taking responsibility for owning the car. 

    When we first drove down to Ajijic in 2008, we took out insurance with Sanborn.

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  2. We got ours via iShop for a brief while. The problem we had was financial in nature. Most all my prescriptions were generic and the invoice showed zero cost to me however, Mexican customs applied some kind of value to them and I had to pay duty on them. We quit doing that and went back to what we were doing prior, that is, ordering refills to be sent to our daughters house in the US and letting them accumulate there until we visited or she visited us.

  3. For 2 years when we were in Ajijic, I jumped through all the hoops to be a driver with Uber. The only ride I accepted was all over Ajijic's cobblestones for the whopping fare of $60p, a little over $2us(17 exchange rate). Wasn't worth beating up my new car. A fare to the airport was about $250p. I suspect that is why after 4 years when I was doing it, there are still no Uber drivers lakeside. The driver had to have a car less than 3 years old. Proof of insurance, etc etc. The compensation isn't worth it. 

  4. We always bought appliances from Tio Sam's. LG has some of the highest rated washers and dryers and refrigerators. Samsung not so much. GE in the middle. This from Consumer's Reports. Newer LG french door refrigerators have "craft ice" ice makers that make round ice cubes.

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  5. You do not want to put a substantial amount of money in a peso denominated account. If I had done that in 2008 at 10 to 1, and at one point in early 2020, the exchange rate was over 23 to 1. Any money in a Mexican peso account would have lost over 55% of the principal. Not good. Also Mexican banks apply fees as they wish so you have to watch the account closely. Leave your money in Canada and use ATM's in Mexico to get walking around money. 

  6. We had our RFC numbers added to CFE account. That and the fact that we hadn't sold a house in the past 2 or 5 years (I forget), were in possession of our Resident Permanent, we had no capital gains tax on our sale in 2020. MC's comments were accurate in that we bought the house in 2005 when the exchange rate was 10:1 and sold when it was 23:1. The gain in US dollars was $120,000 less immprovements but in MX pesos, it was $598,000. Doesn't seem financially accurate in my opinion!

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