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  1. Second Teresa at O'Rourke. In the little strip mall just east of Black Coffee, across from Walmart.

    It is easy to look back in hindsight about how much $ one has paid in insurance. That misses the point entirely. Insurance is supposed to be a relatively small outlay to cover a potentially large covered claim. Auto insurance is a good example.

  2. 2 hours ago, Tingting said:

    I just went to several different locations today (bank, Soriana, etc). Yes, I washed face and hands up returning home. I think HappyJillin has It right and I will continue to shop/bank/get my massage as long as it's possible. Either this is the bug to end all bugs, or it's an overreaction. Either way, I'm not qualified to make that determination, so I'll continue to live as normally as possible until told otherwise.


    I am telling you otherwise,

    since you have not made it your business to stay informed

    on the latest information on a world wide pandemic.

    Everyone on the planet has been asked to minimize being around other people

    for 15 days-starting now.  

    This will curb the spread.

    sigh.  Patti


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  3. Schwab also rebates back the alien ATM charges at the end of each month. Thone alien fees range from $16p at CI  Banco, $69 at HSBC (also decline the added exchange fee) and $83 at Bancomer. 

    Also suggest talking to your bank and have them change the daily limit and also the transaction limit to the highest possible. 

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