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  1. Have you tried the Garden Center in Riberas? Or perhaps Luis at Rainbird?
  2. Take Zinc and Vitamin D. Some are saying this is not a virus pandemic but a Vitamin D deficiency.
  3. Eve's, La Pacena, Panino, Smokehouse
  4. When we were there, we dined a couple times, to mixed reviews in all honesty. I suspected that the whole enterprise was some kind of money laundering project for some cartel.
  5. If you take the Aguas and Zacatecas route to or from Laredo, you will see lots of KSC rail activity south of Monterrey.
  6. All the gringo stores, Pancho's and SuperLake, had the hard shells and the taco seasoning packets.
  7. What I posted is from the IRS's website. I recall some issues in the past concerning managing a non-profits funds. In the US, the organization would get a taxpayer identification number and use that in opening an account to hold funds. In Mexico that isn't so easy.
  8. Just Google FBAR and FATCA. This is from the IRS website regarding FBAR. Note the filing threshold is $10,000us or more at "any point in the calendar year. Every year, under the law known as the Bank Secrecy Act, you must report certain foreign financial accounts, such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts and mutual funds, to the Treasury Department and keep certain records of those accounts. You report the accounts by filing a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) on FinCEN Form 114. Who Must File A United States person, including a citizen, resident, corpo
  9. We recently did the reverse move and used Strom White. Excellent service. It was about $2500 per lift-van (a wood container 7' high, 7'wide and 4'deep) and that was from Ajijic to South Carolina. You being in CA, would probably be a bit cheaper. Lots of furniture can be had in Tlaquepaque and Replicas & Originals ( https://tequilasource.com/ornelas/index.html ) in Tonola. A variety of resale shops locally. Same with mattresses. Also Liverpool in Guadalajara. As others have said, bring your kitchen stuff, bedding and bath linens, personal stuff, art, etc.
  10. tomgates

    Mexa Bistro

    New place where El Serape, and most recently, Bobby's is located. On the Carretera across from Blue Rose Bistro. Phone is 376-108-2309. They deliver.
  11. If you drive out and fly back, then give INM (at immigration in the GDL airport) the filled out upper half of the form that you would have retained had you flown out and given them the lower half of form. I have never interacted with INM at the border when driving out or back in.
  12. Correct but only recently MI, CA, WA, OR and NY had locked down restaurants, bars, etc.
  13. Mostly Lost was right on in his comments about government actions. There is no logic in letting Home Depot open but a small business closed. Or a church being only allowed to have 10 people regardless of how large the church is. Here in S Carolina, businesses have been open for months now. Yes, people were masks and socially distance. Stats here are little different from states that are completely locked down. I recently read something that said there is 1.3% chance of getting the virus in a restaurant with table spacing and an 87% chance of getting it in a multi-generational residence.
  14. That is why I would have them give me several extra caps.
  15. No mention in that article on how to make it.
  16. The baby backs at Costco, as well as the spare ribs, are US pork and good for home use. Pancho's and SuperLake carry Stubbs bbq sauce, which in my opinion is the best bottled sauce. If you want to make a simple, but very good sauce, the one from Franklin Barbecue in Austin: 1 3/4 C ketchup 1/2C + 2 T water 1/4C + 1 T cider vinegar 1/4 C + 1 T white vinegar 1/4C + 1 1/2 t brown sugar 2 T + 1 1/2 t Worcestershire 1 T chile powder 1 T ground cumin 1 1/2 t Kosher salt 1 1/2 t coarse black pepper Combine all ingredients and warm over med heat.
  17. We had a car totaled in 2010. The insurance company (Parker) helped us. We got the sticker off the car and a letter from the insurance company saying they took possession of the vehicle. Ours was a US plated car.
  18. Typical. Political machinations and manipulation interfering with citizen sevices. Patti
  19. There is also a percentage fee/tax based on the value of the car.
  20. I had a big surplus of Kwh from 2010 onwards and never did CFE take them away. As we migrated from part time to full time, that surplus was gradually worked off. There was always talk of resetting the account at the beginning of each year but I never had mine reset.
  21. Where would you get one of those specific tests?
  22. Tio Sams can have a qualified Samsung repair person come to you.
  23. Between Liverpool and the Kitchen Store in Galerias there is a good selection of grinders. Kitchen Store is on the upper level at the opposite end of the mall from Liverpool. Of course the above mentioned Amazon or Amazon Mexico is there for you too.
  24. 🤢🙄🤮✅ Put the shoe on the other foot and try reading this claptrap.
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