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  1. Like everywhere. Get in your car and go look for them.
  2. It was a lot easier to have someone like Spencer get our RFC numbers. It was more difficult to get CFE to add it to our "profile".
  3. Is this a second location, the original store just west of Vinos America?
  4. I echo the pink Posada. Easy to find on-line.
  5. Remember when Bruno was minding the place, you could go in and every table had a reserve sign on it? You'd ask and he said sit anywhere and he has the signs up so if someone he doesn't like comes in, he could say all the tables are reserved!
  6. Damn shame. Best steaks and bake potatoes lakeside by a large margin.
  7. Try the guys across from Vinos America. Quality work. English spoken.
  8. Liverpool or Costco Mexico (has over a dozen sets like you specify).
  9. You do not want to put a substantial amount of money in a peso denominated account. If I had done that in 2008 at 10 to 1, and at one point in early 2020, the exchange rate was over 23 to 1. Any money in a Mexican peso account would have lost over 55% of the principal. Not good. Also Mexican banks apply fees as they wish so you have to watch the account closely. Leave your money in Canada and use ATM's in Mexico to get walking around money.
  10. We had our RFC numbers added to CFE account. That and the fact that we hadn't sold a house in the past 2 or 5 years (I forget), were in possession of our Resident Permanent, we had no capital gains tax on our sale in 2020. MC's comments were accurate in that we bought the house in 2005 when the exchange rate was 10:1 and sold when it was 23:1. The gain in US dollars was $120,000 less immprovements but in MX pesos, it was $598,000. Doesn't seem financially accurate in my opinion!
  11. Schwab is good because they rebate any alien ATM charges. Just don't tell them you live in Mexico. I always had an iShop mailbox with a Laredo, TX address.
  12. On a very short term basis, the US/Mex exchange rate closely follows the US stockmarket. Stocks up, peso up and visa versa. On a longer term basis, there must be something larger going on with the peso. Since the US market low in March 2000 and the peso making a low at close to 23, the US market has gone up a lot and the peso not so much. The peso should be more like 17 or 18 but here it is near 21.
  13. Mama's in SAT usually has a special dinner.
  14. There is a difference between INCOME and sales of houses. In the US, the sale of a home is reported on a 1099-S. Sale of a home in Mexico does not result in a 1099-S. Nothing is reported to the IRS. You could be opening up a can of worms by reporting a sale transaction for which there is nothing reported on the IRS's end. If you have lived in the house a minimum of 2 years and have a profit of up to $500,000us for a married couple or half of that for a single person, you would owe no tax in the US, so your conscious would be clear.
  15. Bruno's used to do it on Wednesday with reservations made through Tuesday. Jitomate on several evenings.
  16. Suggest crossing border at Columbia Bridge. Opens at 8 am. If you have a good GPS, you should make it to Ajijic in under 12 hrs. The route thru SLP and Lagos de Mareno is preferable to the route thru Zacatecas and Aguscaliente. There is an exit off the cuota on the north side of Monterrey to direct you to SLP.
  17. There is no reporting requirement for foreign owned properties.
  18. Before we left in April 2020, we enjoyed weekends in Guadalajara, at the Aloft Hotel and the Villa Ganz. The restaurant scene up to that point was vibrant, to say the least. So many exciting chefs. Not sure how covid has impacted that scene the past 2 years.
  19. The current rule for a covid test 1 day before a flight to US expires on March 16. The CDC just said today that the mask order for airline travel and airports is extended to April 16.
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