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  1. I have bought all our appliances at Tio Sams. They deliver, set up and haul the old one and packaging away.
  2. Driving out or in, no contact with INM ever.
  3. we have had Maytag for over 12 years with zero problems.
  4. Suggest Ernesto at 766-3264 or 331-309-1473
  5. Home insurance is pretty cheap here. We have had it mainly for the medical benefits it provides our various workers if they injure themselves while working on our property. We have friends whose gardener was on a ladder trimming stuff on his wrought iron fencing and the ladder slipped and he impaled his arm on the spikes at the top of the fence. It also covers power surges or brown outs that damage electronic appliances.
  6. Visa, Mastercard, etc set a daily exchange rate. That rate is what you get at any ATM, less any "alien" fee that ATM charges you. HSBC is unique in that they "offer" you an exchange rate markdown that you can decline and proceed with your withdrawal, less their "alien" ATM fee.
  7. Good point. And projects like this happen when the funding happens. Like it would be better done in the low season but the money is available now.
  8. Thank you. Had one in the US recently (after a long absence ) and it was probably one of the best things I have ever eaten! Look our Chic Fil A!
  9. Anyone knows whether the Popeye’s in Guadalajara serves their chicken sandwich?
  10. Thanks... very helpful


  11. I'll take the bait. Funny how there are NO people trying to sneak into socialist countries, Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, N Korea, Russia, China. Also NO people in the US who claim to be socialists moving out of the US to one of the aforementioned countries.
  12. They haven't bothered to list the winners on the website, mexicannationalchilicookoff.com
  13. We eat there regularly and are happy with the food. Orange beef, sesame chicken, kung pao chicken, pot stickers egg rolls, spicy broccoli.
  14. Francisco Miramontes always travels to Texas via Aguascalientes rather than the Lagos route.
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