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  1. My local phone(ported over to ILOX) still works, having severed Telmex service last Wed.
  2. Gatita, Do you want to sell your stuff or not? Please give me a call.
  3. This is the low season and those rates are real. Insurance is a separate issue. I have to take my Visa benefits booklet that shows they cover 15 or 30 days of full coverage. Optional liability is another scam. Liability comes with car, not the driver, and is already in place.
  4. We recently had some glass work by Beto Cueves. He is in Zapotitan and cell is 331-074-0316
  5. tomgates


    Best eggs rancheros I have ever had.
  6. I can't call the phone number you supplied. Vonage, local, whatever. Please provide more clarity. Interested in the 20" bookcase. My cell number is 333-499-6230. Email is tomgyakima@gmail.com
  7. I have had a surplus for 9 years and have never lost any surplus KwH. Maybe they just like me as Pete and I were some of the first people installing solar back in 2010.
  8. I use iShop because of the above mentioned ability to process meds. Also, they are the default for FedEx, UPS, etc to drop off packages if they can't find your home address.
  9. $130p at the pool supply store Next door to Bobby's restaurant and just east of Vinos America.
  10. We need a golf cart for one evening. PM me or call me, 333-499-6230. Thanks, Tom
  11. Costco Galerias has prime-grade bone-in rib roasts on the weekends. I have also had good success with the choice grade boneless rib roasts they sell the whole roast in cryovac. I take the portion out of the middle of the roast that I want to make prime rib and cut steaks out of the rest of it.
  12. I bought a 32 Cal revolver from a private party several years ago. Spencer M (Intercasa on this board) took me to the army base in Guadalajara and I got it legalized. I have paperwork and can buy ammo in Guadalajara, store on Pablo Neruda, north side of street, close to Little Caesars Pizza and about a mile west of Av Americas. I can defend my home but cannot carry it in the car or on my person. If I joined a shooting club, I can legally carry it my car to there and back.
  13. A taxi from Lakeside into Guadalajara will be about $700p.
  14. Like Mostly Lost said, easy to get a ride share to Lakeside or Tequila but hit or miss on the return. There are always taxis for the return. The Aloft Hotel is a good one to stay in Guadalajara. Great area of the city.
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