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  1. A taxi from Lakeside into Guadalajara will be about $700p.
  2. Like Mostly Lost said, easy to get a ride share to Lakeside or Tequila but hit or miss on the return. There are always taxis for the return. The Aloft Hotel is a good one to stay in Guadalajara. Great area of the city.
  3. tomgates


    Elegante has had rack of lamb.
  4. Agree totally. Just because you think of something doesn't mean you have to say it aloud! At least that is what my wife tells me!
  5. Your OP didn't say you were going to SF first.
  6. From Lukeville to Ajijic is a good 3 days driving and 2 nights on the road. From Columbia Bridge (north of Laredo) it is one day driving and no nights on the road. Cheaper gas in the US and no tolls. All good roads too and the only bad spot is the railroad crossing on the north bypass of Lagos de Moreno. Suggest driving thru LdM rather than take that bypass.
  7. There is always Dish US. I have the 2.4m large dish pointing at 119 and a small dish pointing at 77. If rain or other issues make reception on 119 difficult, it switches to 77. Very handy in the rain.
  8. If people are more rude this year, it could be due to a small influx of people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.
  9. OFFICIAL WINNERS OF 2019 BEST SALSA OF 2019 FIRST Perry’s Pizza (8) SECOND Malta & Grill Restaurant (7) THIRD Frida Restaurante (5) PEOPLE’S CHOICE Forest Grill (1) BEST MARGARITAS OF 2019 FIRST Merendero Lake Burgers (9) SECOND Incognito, Casa Bonanza (6) THIRD TIE D’harma Restaurant (7) and XOLO Cocina (8) PEOPLE’S CHOICE Red Wine Margarita, Malta & Grill Restaurant (7) SATURDAY’S BEST CHILI 2019 FIRST Caribbean Confusion, Lanny Overall (2) SECOND Love In Action (8) THIRD Blue Moon Restaurant (5) PEOPLE’S CHOICE Mayabela & Rangers BBQ (1) SUNDAY’S BEST CHILI 2019 FIRST Perry’s Pizza (7) SECOND Pale’ Restaurant (2) THIRD Centro de Desarrollo (5) PEOPLE’S CHOICE Blue Moon Restaurant (1)
  10. Google Mexican National Chili
  11. If you are following the laws here, any residential construction/destruction requires a permit. Any legitimate contractor or architect can do this.
  12. How is it being moved from point A to point B? Are you moving it or a freight company?
  13. With tip, $550 for early morning trips in the dark. Might be cheaper now that they don't have to dodge craters in the highway!
  14. We have had several construction projects over the years and wages haven't varied much in the past 10 years. Laborers get $1000-1200p per week, 5-8.5hr days. Maestro gets about $2000 per same week.
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