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  1. I saw some juniper berries at Pancho's in the spice section.
  2. Why not go to Spencer at S&S and have them do it. Price is the same as if you did it and they can get some things extra for you, like licensing and making it possible to put it on a US Visa or Mastercard for a small additional fee (like using a United Airlines card to get the miles).
  3. I usually got it done at Vanguardia Honda but last time in for routine service, they weren't doing it anymore. If it isn't convenient, I am not going to do it. Screw it.
  4. Does your house already have a Telmex land line telephone? You can get Telmex internet too if you want pretty slow speeds. Or consider ILOX for high speed fiber optic internet. If you have the land line, ILOX can transfer it over to ILOX so no need to continue service with Telmex. For TV, I use Dish US for about $100/mo. Satellite service in Ajijic or CP Electronics in Guadalajara. CP has a website so you can check out prices for receivers, etc.
  5. 8 of us had lunch there Thursday. Ravioli with meat filling and tomato sauce was perfect. Others had spinach lasagna and pizzas. Appetiser of serano ham, roasted tomatoes and baby asparagus was outstanding. Gerard said he is getting Sonora prime-rib and having someone in Guadalajara age it for 2 months. Plans are to have the prime-rib all weekend and not just Fridays. Also prime-rib burgers.
  6. We happen to like Min Wah.
  7. There is a Vespa dealer in Guadalajara on Ave Vallarta just past Vanguardia Honda (which also has scooters).
  8. tomgates


    Had dinner here yesterday. Outstanding brisket. He smokes brisket and ribs everyday, so anytime after 2pm you get fresh smoked meats. Sides excellent too.
  9. Skylights eventually leak. Then you have a mess on your hands and your roof already has a hole in it.
  10. It is 4:30pm and 82 deg. Rainy season is getting off to a slow start but the higher temps in April and May have moderated even without all the rain. Some prior years have had the rains come late and we end up getting an average amount.
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