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  1. I have always put ham hocks in my blackeyed peas. The one you got at the Smokehouse looks wonderful.
  2. The last one I bought was at an Office Depot. The Pase worked fine going and coming back from Laredo recently. I refilled it at Oxxo, actually 2 Oxxo's since they have a $2000 limit and I needed a bit more than that to do the round trip.
  3. I think very welcome. Eleana's is the only thing close since El Serape closed several years ago.
  4. Do keep up with the cleaning otherwise you will wind up at the doctor, thinking you’re deaf.
  5. Prior to recently leaving Mexico for S Carolina, we had Dish US. We used CP Electronics in Guadalajara. I had Americas top 250 service plus HBO (HBO and Dish have been in contract disputes for months) and Sirius Radio for about $110/mo. My network channels were out of NY area. I had the 2.4 meter dish pointed SW to Sat 119 and also a smaller dish pointed SE at whatever Sat Dish Mex uses. This was so when rain interrupted the signal on 119, it would automatically switch to Dish Mexico. Service was good and many channels were Hi Def. We also had a DVR receiver and could record stuff. CP has a good website if you want to check it out.
  6. 25 years ago we were vacationing in PV and on my way back to the hotel from my morning run I couldn't help noticing some hotel staff filling empty water bottles from the garden hose. Makes one wonder...
  7. I have always bought hamburger from Tony's. That or I grind my own from ribeye's or brisket or chuck.
  8. Mama's is in the original location now. Both are in one location. Karaoke in back and the pool bar in front. Just down from iShop Mailbox on the left.
  9. The rye bread that Pancho had for SuperLake came from NY. He had to order a lot of it and kept it in Guadalajara in a commercial freezer. It carried over to his Uncle when he took over SL from Pancho.That all sold out. Recently he had some rye and other bread from a commercial bakery in the US.
  10. SuperLake usually has rye bread.
  11. How are these comments helpful to the OP? (I do realize some expats have to respond to Every Single Thread) asking for a friend.
  12. 💥💥 4 July 2020 💥💥Happy America Day too!
  13. I would think keeping some kind of US residential address (could be a kid), not telling the company of relocation plans.
  14. 1. You live in Mexico. Citizens are not molly coddled. 2. Dengue has been at epidemic levels for a couple of years. 3. Locals cannot afford bug spray.
  15. We have had excellent service from Strom-White. Packed on day 1 and received our goods on day 25.
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