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  1. A friend bought one recently that came from St Petersburg Russia.
  2. I just had some of the chicken this week. They have it down. Added bone-in breasts in addition to the tenders, legs and thighs. Sides really good too, gravy is delicious, as is the cole slaw, mash potatoes and mac n' cheese.
  3. Maybe timjwilson would be wise to invest in an automobile!
  4. I don't have an audio out on the back on my new Samsung.
  5. Jitomate has prime rib Friday and Saturday evenings. Bruno's is Tuesday and USDA and you have to make a reservation by Sunday. Pancho's has USDA on Wed and Thurs.
  6. No clue at this point. You will have to go to Guadalajara, alone or with a facilitator, of which there are several around here.
  7. Try calling your ILOX phone from your cell phone.
  8. The new location is in Riberas between the Gas Station and the Catholic Church. There is some kind of clinic there on the lakeside of the highway. The phone there is 688-1244 and her cell is 333-408-0951. She is in clinic on Thursdays and still does screenings at LCS the same mornings.
  9. She moved to somewhere east. Will try to look into it.
  10. We have been happy with Chapala Realty.
  11. I have had trouble (about half the time) renting cars in Mexico and avoiding buying their insurance, since my US credit cards already provide coverage for what they sell as CDW. They also try to sell "optional liability" which is a scam because the car already has liability insurance. I say if it optional, I don't want it. Then they say it really isn't optional! On Expedia, you can make a reservation and get this insurance coverage a lot cheaper than at the agency.
  12. The ice maker in our refrigerator uses household water that has gone thru the UV, sediment and charcoal filters plus the filter in the refrigerator. No deaths reported.
  13. 2:30 start time might be a problem at El Barco. Will be ok with Adelitas.
  14. Jitomate. Suggest calling them or going by in person after 1pm.
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