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  1. Typical. Political machinations and manipulation interfering with citizen sevices. Patti
  2. There is also a percentage fee/tax based on the value of the car.
  3. I had a big surplus of Kwh from 2010 onwards and never did CFE take them away. As we migrated from part time to full time, that surplus was gradually worked off. There was always talk of resetting the account at the beginning of each year but I never had mine reset.
  4. Where would you get one of those specific tests?
  5. Tio Sams can have a qualified Samsung repair person come to you.
  6. Between Liverpool and the Kitchen Store in Galerias there is a good selection of grinders. Kitchen Store is on the upper level at the opposite end of the mall from Liverpool. Of course the above mentioned Amazon or Amazon Mexico is there for you too.
  7. 🤢🙄🤮✅ Put the shoe on the other foot and try reading this claptrap.
  8. I always liked the Costco Kirkland vanilla. Cream was the first ingredient, followed by milk. No vegetable oil like that garbage Holanda.
  9. If you adjust the alkalinity first, keeping the pH in the proper range will be easier. Any 5 way test kit will have an alkalinity test. You already have muriatic acid for reducing pH. Get some baking soda to treat low alkalinity(add thru the skimmer). High alkalinity is treated with acid, just like high pH.
  10. Ironic. It’s easier to vote in the USA than it is to shop/buy on Mercado Libre.
  11. Personal attacks. old people become children all over again. patti
  12. A water softener is very helpful with most tankless instant on hot water heaters. The high mineral content of non-softened water fouls the components and needs to be serviced a lot more to remove the deposits.
  13. Ken's is a good thousand island dressing.
  14. Open a Schwab high yield checking account and you can deposit any check with your smart phone.
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