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  1. You might want to use Expedia to book Volaris flights. Better than their website.
  2. On several occasions we have gone straight thru Lagos on our way north and didn't see anything special. Must have missed it!
  3. I knew someone who died from that procedure. Not sure who he had gone to.
  4. Great time for major purchases!
  5. What police? The only police that can enforce traffic violations are the Transito and the Federal.
  6. FYI: This is more of a bully pulpit than a web board. Don’t take anything personally. Patti
  7. With the current exchange rate it is an excellent time to buy a car, new or used.
  8. You can check with Lydia at the medical store just east of Vinos America. She usually supplies the flu vaccine when LCS has their flu vaccine day.
  9. I have tried to stay away from Mexican beef due to uncertainty of the use or lack thereof of some kind of bad supplement added to feed. That is why I have always bought my beef at Costco which has US Choice and Prime. They have prime tomahawks on the weekends but they aren't cheap.
  10. John, The wash sale rule only applies if taking a loss. The 0% long term cap gain rate applies on taxable income less than $78,750.
  11. Accurate info here: mx.usembassy.gov your source for factual, real time information without propaganda. patti
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