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  1. Actually the April 15 payment is postponed to July 15. But the second payment due June 15 is still due then.
  2. Second Teresa at O'Rourke. In the little strip mall just east of Black Coffee, across from Walmart. It is easy to look back in hindsight about how much $ one has paid in insurance. That misses the point entirely. Insurance is supposed to be a relatively small outlay to cover a potentially large covered claim. Auto insurance is a good example.
  3. I walk the malecon (Ajijic) daily. Not too many people. Easy to keep safe distance.
  4. Originated in China, hidden from the world for weeks, covered up, whatever. Yes, China Virus. People are entitled to their own opinions, not their own facts.
  5. Website shows (Galleria) open usual hours 10-8:30.
  6. Columbia Solidarity Bridge is only open 8am-Midnight. Others open 24hrs. Here is a nice website: https://bwt.cbp.gov/Viewallports.html?com=1&pas=1&ped=1&plist=0708,3004,0901,0115,0712,0209,3800,0212,0106,3604,0104,3023,0109,0704,0211,0701,3401,3802,3803,3009,3310,2502,5355,2503,2406,2302,2601,2303,2402,2404,l245,2305,2304,2602,2603,2604,2506,2403,2309,2307,2310,2608,2504,2408,2505,
  7. For those who have to send IRS estimated tax payments that usually begin April 15 are also postponed to July 15.
  8. It has dropped a bit this week. I had seen the almost $21 at the Ajijic Pemex earlier in the week.
  9. Regular gas is almost $21p/lt. That makes it US$3.32/gal. I heard a report that a KY gas station was .99/gal and sold out quickly.
  10. Maybe that is why the busses are still in operation, packed to the gills.
  11. Good heavens, the current recommended precautions are not front and center, nor included anywhere? Thanks 😊 Patti
  12. I am telling you otherwise, since you have not made it your business to stay informed on the latest information on a world wide pandemic. Everyone on the planet has been asked to minimize being around other people for 15 days-starting now. This will curb the spread. sigh. Patti
  13. There was a special segment on Fox News with 2 heads of large hospital systems in NYC and they said 88% of people with Covid-19 show symptoms from day 2-5. The 14 day quarantine is for people who have it and the 14 day number is how long it runs its course.
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