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  1. TelCel office open as usual...my apologies for not reading the sign correctly. Permanent seemed pretty easy!
  2. At OXXO, just tell them the Telcel phone number and put $200p on it? Any service fee?
  3. Saw a sign on the door that they are closing permanently and suggested Andares or Tlaquepaque. Like seriously? I put $200 every 30 days for phone and data. Can any other place do this? Thanks.
  4. Rather than use their (bad) website, consider Expedia.
  5. We had a nice experience there a couple weeks ago. Great lamb loin too. Hadn't been there in a good 5 years prior.
  6. Where is La Terraza?
  7. Degollado, in next to last block before the park, on right.
  8. Last time I had service at Vanguardia near Galerias, they had a special on Alignment. Forget the price but seemed reasonable. And they do have the equipment. S&S can call them and find out.
  9. David, Apparently you aren't serious about going to Costco.
  10. I compare net prices on both Amazon US and MX. My things get shipped to iShop so no hassles on delivery issues.
  11. Oh my gosh. I missed the similarities! Best of luck to the OP and family. Patti
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