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  1. Just call around. I take it that you need the 20kg cylinder replaced. Use your rudimentary spanish or you will find someone at the other end of phone who speaks redimentary english.
  2. Yes, that was the accurate chronology. Mark was the last operator.
  3. It was actually the Spotlight Club when Mark Rome was managing it.
  4. I would talk to Luis at Rainbird up on Lazaro Cardenas.
  5. A good Garmin GPS with North American maps (Canada, US and Mexico) will guide you.
  6. What company is Canadian? Costco? I don't think so. Kirkland WA.
  7. The only issue I have had with car rentals in Mexico is with the insurance. They insist of my purchase of "optional liability". If I say that if it is optional, I don't want it. (Keep in mind that in Mexico, the liability insurance in on the car, not the driver. The policy paperwork is in the glovebox.) So when I try to decline it, they say it is required. And at up to $40US/day, it is more than the actual rental.
  8. I once used white potatoes in a classic gratin and they had such a high water content that the gratin was soupy and inedible. Russets, of which the "dirty" potatoes are kin, are preferred in many potato dishes.
  9. I would first try Pancho's and SuperLake. They are not in season here in the southeast US so I doubt they would be in stock there.
  10. So sorry Harry. You guys were some of first people we met after buying our house back in 2005.
  11. Price of a US passport going up $20 on Dec 27.
  12. Is there a nice selection of prime beef and seafood at Costco Galerias on the weekends?
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