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  1. Thanks for the suggestion --I have checked everywhere and often, but long-haired cats seem to be rare in Mexico.
  2. Found the perfect long-haired cat for me, but he's in Victoria! Is there anyone who might be able to bring him down soon? I'd of course reimburse any expense. The cat is one of 50 being transferred form the overcrowded Prince Albert ASPCA to Victoria. If it's possible to do this, please call Priscilla at 766-3493.
  3. Young German Shepherd needs a good home with room to run and play and with owners who will care for her. She's 12 months old, has had shots, is spayed and house-trained. She is smart, bouncy and affectionate. Questions? Call Priscilla at 766-3493.
  4. Priscilla


    Does anyone know a restaurant in Guadalajara that serves good American-style steaks? Thanks!
  5. Went with Natasha to the Expo to renew my driver's license today -- what a giggle, this is Mexico, after all. She will post the details!
  6. It's Friday morning and I get a call from the Cat Lady that they have seen a young dog up at the mall three days in a row, hiding in corners and shivering with loneliness and fear. Apparently all the shelters were full and there was no one to rescue him so I was elected. Well, a half hour later and with the help of five security guards, we found him, and two young Mexican boys helped me get him into the car. The meet and greet with my dog went well, so he's used to other dogs. We think he's about year old. It's obvious he had a home at some time because he's very affectionate and house trained and in good condition (and past the chewing phase!). But someone dumped him! I'm just calling him "Puppy" because i think whoever adopts him will want to find their own name. All he wants is petting and tummy rubs and good people to care for him. Please, please, give me a call and come see him! 766-3493
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