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  1. MitchF if you are on FB the stats are posted daily on the Chapala Health Talk FB page. Stats are pulled from a number of government websites and compiled. An AVC report is generated but can't recall its regularity. https://www.facebook.com/groups/222858375093594/?hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&multi_permalinks=823486468364112
  2. This was posted this morning: The Lakeside municipalities include: ACV = Active Virus Carriers o Chapala at 9.6 AVCs per 1000 residents (up from 6.5 last week), o Jocotepec up to 9.1 AVCs from 8.3 and o Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos at 14.2 AVCs per 1000 residents, up from 8.5 last week. LAKESIDE BY MUNICIPALITY(3) All-time confirmed cases. CHAPALA: 647 confirmed, (2 new), 70 deaths (0 new) JOCOTEPEC: 554 confirmed (2 new), 44 deaths (0 new) IXTLAHUACÁN: 911 confirmed (8 new), 62 deaths (1 new) Cases could be as much as 10x higher. Often those that are not hospitalized or die at home are not included in numbers.
  3. Are you on FB? it has been posted multi places; If you can read Chapala, the date and time in spanish then you can find where on this site https://coronavirus.jalisco.gob.mx/ruta-de-la-vacunacion/ Updates are made to the website usually on Sunday or Monday. Chances of getting a first shot are getting slim, they are doing second shots for the 40-49 group this week. No you won't have a choice of shots. If you expected a call, you ain't in Kansas any more Toto.
  4. I haven't used Norton in over 15 years. Just as an FYI to all. "Subject: Standard Update on Invoice - Order#1E8x - 1WViO 484857 Details. Your Product key will expire in 0 day, We've renewed your Norton Security Plan. We'll drop you another email with your new Activation Key. Amount of $275.78 has been debited from your checking account you will see the details in your your statements by the end of this month. 0X1fTwa7WPGmxqEsNuXkL/pveBkIV9ua If you wish to cancel the service and get the Brefund please_call9us4on K(803)}832S7577J _______________________________ _______________________________ 8Regard , 8Maia Burns monag2658@gmail.com"
  5. My point was it does not gravity feed or have a valve at the bottom of the tank like a tinaco. Second point was that most people cannot do without water for several days while the parging cures properly. Third point although a pressure washer may have adjustable PSI it doesn't mean it will be used, particularly if the individual using has rented or borrowed it without knowing HOW it works.
  6. Unless you have a plastic/solid tank using a pressure washer will strip the concrete/parging from inside the tank and then you have another problem as it will no longer hold water. Just because there is sand/silt in the bottom is not a reason to use a pressure washer as there is NO WHERE FOR THE WATER TO DRAIN. Water is most often taken near the top of an aljibe as they are generally in ground tanks.
  7. Why not call Lidia at Lake Care and ask her what her rates are?
  8. This is the man who said we would have herd immunity by April 2021. He is also an oncologist and gastroenterologist NOT an immunologist. He thinks he is better informed that the head of U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).
  9. How does that get to be confusing August 10 is tomorrow, which is Tuesday and it will last until the 13th, Friday?
  10. Did you expect that they would, like the Raid commercial, die in front of you? They may take the mix back to their nest and feed the family. If you aren't finding them it may very well have worked. I haven't seen any cockroaches since the rains started so it could just be the natural cycle.
  11. The list posted by Mostlylost was what we HAD last time the state was designated RED. It is possible it will change. We should know more on Monday.
  12. Could try these guys https://bestmexicomovers.com/
  13. New they are worth $2,000 US dollars; $50,000 pesos is $2500 US for a 2 year old machine.
  14. I was in email discussion with the verification site and they advised that it IS mandatory if you are a resident of GDL and surrounding environs OR if you made frequent trips into those areas. As far as lakeside goes, stay tuned as once the verification sites in your local area are set up THEN ALL vehicles (no matter where is it plated) will be required to have emissions testing done.
  15. NOTE: there is a time limit of 90 minutes from the time your request goes thru. If it has expired by the time you get the email - try, try again.
  16. It was reported in a press release " "Jalisco soon to apply second dose of vaccine to group of 50 to 59 June 30, 2021.- Before July 15, the application of the second dose of the vaccine against Covid 19 could begin for people aged 50 to 59 years and laggards [those 60+ who missed their second shot], then 10 days later begin with those between 30 and 39 years in their first dose, detailed the coordinator of Social Development of Jalisco, Barbara Casillas. "On [July] 12th we start with the second doses of those of 50+, after that, calculating about 10 days more or less, what we take, we could be in possibilities to start with the group of 30, it would be at the end or beginning of August, now those of 50 would already possibly start receiving, then we will finish with these first doses and then it will be the call that will be made". " https://jalisco.quadratin.com.mx/principal/jalisco-listo-para-aplicar-segunda-dosis-de-vacuna-a-grupo-de-50-a-59/?fbclid=IwAR3VUGjlJe22K20IXL2pY6P3-NaJOdZkBUOZI3udCh8g0ImkeVuA0Nqzlc0
  17. Try starting a new post rather that your request getting lost
  18. Found this on a FB post from January 2020 - Carlos 327-109-4267
  19. In a large workplace situation you likely have no idea what an individual worker's social circle is like. It could have invalid family members (children, parents, grandparents), the family living unit could be a large group, etc. There are so many factors. I guess if a person is self-centered enough not to bother to get vaccinated, they really don't care about their family members, co-workers, friends or anyone else they are in contact with. If you don't want to wear a mask or get vaccinated, then please wear a sign announcing that 'I'm an anti-vaxxer', much like in the book The Scarlet Letter, so that the rest of us can avoid you. Just for comparison - If you were to replace covid with ebola or smallpox, would you still think complying with protective measures unreasonable? Try to remember that your rights end where mine begin.
  20. There are two sizes of chicatanas - the really big ones are young queens, the smaller winged ones are male drones.
  21. Actually they started home vaccinations on May 30; there was a specific phone number to call.
  22. The feds have advised that they expect to have the mivacuna website updated with vaccination information by the end of the month (June). They you can go in, enter your CURP and print off a completed form. just relaying information.....
  23. Try these people, pulled it from FB "Susy G Castillo HOLA WE DELIVER RAW FOOD FOR DOG AT YOUR HOUSE . 🏡💁‍♀️💁‍♂️ The food is homemade, free of chemicals and preservatives. NOW 2 RECIPES; CHICKEN AND BEEF Chicken recipe 🍖🍖🍖🍖 80% Chicken (loin) and meaty bones 20% vegetables (zucchini and carrot) Cost: $65 pesos/kilo Beef recipe 🥩🥩🥩🥩 80% beef (lean) 20% vegetables (zucchini and carrot) Cost: $110 pesos/kilo Feed your pets with the appropriate diet for them!! 😉❤🐶 Deliveries every Saturday;Contact me by message on Lake pets or Whatsapp 3317184831."
  24. Could be tlacuache / possums which are a protected species - no trapping, killing, moving OR maybe coatimundis (not sure if they are protected) Perhaps talk to one of the local wildlife rescues to get ideas of deterrents. Vern & Lori Geiger operate Fauna Silvestre lakeside but I don't have their number
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