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  1. WideSky

    Emissions place in Chapala

    http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/regional/51191-statewide-emissions-testing-program-restarts-with-minor-changes Found a post from Intercasa on this webboard (emphasis added) Posted April 24, 2016 Technically law does require it as law says that vehicles in Jalisco for more than 6 months must follow rules. If you click on the location it tells you if they have sufficient or a few holograms left - https://verificacionvehicular.jalisco.gob.mx/talleres-acreditados
  2. WideSky

    PBS Series, Wonders of Mexico

    BBC 2 has a very similar series, in fact a lot of the PBS clips seemed to be from that series - Mexico Earth's Festival of Life https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08qdsfg/episodes/guide
  3. Arjay I sent them a message on facebook for their contact info. I'll send you a message when I get the info.
  4. There are a couple of people from GDL that come and sell cbd oil lakeside. Might be an idea to contact them. Need to join FB as that is where the post when they will be in the area.
  5. Gringal - Temporales have limits? - what do you mean? never heard of that before.
  6. The show, I believe, was called The Shadow -
  7. WideSky

    Dia de los muertos

    Chapala is much more low-mobility friendly than Ajijic. Where the displays are is perfect for wheelchairs or walkers; accessibility ramps, flat surfaces; even the malecon is easy to get to and traverse if someone is mobility challenged.
  8. WideSky

    Funky Finn's Closed?

    This was posted in FB - "Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Funky Finn's will be closed for the foreseeable future. I appreciate my friend's & patron's support. Please stay tuned for future updates & events! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon."
  9. WideSky

    Dia de los muertos

    Chapala usually has displays done by students; families do displays on 5 de Mayo; Pantheon tours in Ajijic. Thriller dance is Oct 27. Still too far out to be 100% sure of what will take place.
  10. WideSky

    180 Day Tourist Visa Calculation

    Why not got to the immigration office on Monday and ASK THEM. Geez. Most of us have RT or RP so we don't need to figure out dates
  11. My husband just did his roll over from temporale to permanente; submitted documents mid-June, fingerprinted mid-July, card early August. Would have gotten card sooner but there were mechanical difficulties with the card printing machine.
  12. WideSky

    Cinnamon Rolls

    On google maps, Panderia Rojas Looks like it is a doorway directly opposite the Angel Flores/Juarez intersection. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Ajijic,+Jalisco/@20.3015983,-103.2637172,20.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x842f414c90a728b5:0xb8d60a7105a49d63!8m2!3d20.2996995!4d-103.2637074
  13. WideSky

    Cinnamon Rolls

    There is usually a guy at Wednesday Tianguis (probably behind the plaza bugambillas parking garage) that sells sourdough cinnamon buns in a couple iterations (plain, nuts, apple) and other donuts; Scandinavian Bakery in Centro Laguna also has cinnamon buns (cardamon & slivered almonds).
  14. WideSky


    Why don't you look at chapalamls.net and judge for yourself. on the MLS site you can choose properties for sale or under contract. Google walk neighborhoods to get an idea of what they are like (not current views but a good start). Real estate market here is not like NOB.
  15. WideSky

    Pancho's New Store

    TOB says opening Sept 22; I've walked by and heard activity; tough to see as black plastic over the chain link - guess no peeking permitted.
  16. This mover has been recommended by several people on FB - http://www.bestmexicomovers.com/
  17. WideSky

    Buy high, sell low. Lots of stuff.

    Check out his other ad under automobiles; pics and price explanations.
  18. WideSky

    Save your neck!

    https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/3M-Vertical-Notebook-and-Tablet-Riser-LX550/?N=5002385+3294308575&rt=rud Guess holding using books to raise the height is passe, although cheaper.
  19. Did you happen to look at the dates on the posts? late 2017 If there have been anything recent it certainly hasn't been posted anywhere.
  20. WideSky

    Snake ID

    Could very well have been a coach whip which is a constrictor; comes in various shades of green/grey/black; good for rats, mice and other vermin. Hubby almost stomped on a 2 mtr one while out for a walk one day. Both (he and the snake) went in opposite directions.
  21. WideSky

    crutches needed

    Soriana sells them for about $200 pesos each one; the Medical Supply place in west Ajijic rents them for $200/month.
  22. WideSky

    Tool set

    Might want to post a picture and include some specs - SAE, metric, drive size, how much use, tool box, etc; check prices online too.
  23. WideSky

    Things to bring from states?

    I would want my own linens rather than a rentals (which could be old , worn, etc - you get the picture) and blankets (although you can find them here there always seems to be a people looking for duvets in the winter; Advantage to bringing your own mattress you get to bring your fav sheets; good quality high threat count can be hard to find if you have a NOB sized mattress. Foundations are going to be within an inch or two in size; We have a MX king which is wider than long, so we gave it a 1/4 turn to get the length. Landlords should be able to remove whatever furniture you don't need and make sure it is noted in the lease so that they don't come back to you saying you sold/stole the removed pieces. Several mattress places lakeside Dormimundo, San Francisco Furniture, another place is SAT but can't recall the name.
  24. WideSky

    Allergy shots for wasp

    FYI - Can't get EpiPens here