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  1. Bunch of construction on Cisnes and Colibri in CH, usually one or two welders around; go and ask.
  2. Did you try calling the office at Chapala Haciendas? They often have emails addresses of residents. 376 765 4054
  3. Pet Place is on the Libramiento; Pet Avenue is near Farm Gdl & Hotel Montecarlo; Lakeside Friends of the Animals aka Riberas Pet Store is next to Ladron's and has the cat shelter
  4. Actually the Joco booster shots ran 2 extra days; originally scheduled for Dec 9, 10, 11 & 13 but ran Dec 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16. Ixtlahuacan ran a booster clinic Dec 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 Gov't did state that there would be a break in giving boosters during Christmas & New Years so I would expect that Chapala will be on the list early in the New Year. The Jalisco ruta-de-la-vacunacion site has not been posting booster dates so you would be best advised to check the Gobierno de Chapala FB page as that is where Joco & Ixtlahuacan clinics were posted.
  5. You might be able to get one from telmex, as all landlines need a filter. Steren https://www.steren.com.mx/filtro-telefonico-adsl-2.html
  6. As this was a post from 2018 chances are you won't get a response from the original poster who seems to have relocated to Mexico City. You could go to Lakeside Care Registry https://aclakeside.com/TCR.asp?fbclid=IwAR3dRCfHAzMF30_GZ65druJX77geQX_ULBFAKziBzK_CijKfrxOFkoDHicA
  7. Same couple change it up occasionally and he is in a wheelchair with one leg straight out, at least they remember to wrap it.
  8. Perhaps you are thinking of Farmacia Benavides which is next to Soriana; Farmacia Ahorro is about a block and a half south of the Bus Station.
  9. Her name is Ana Siller: "Hello everyone This is an advertisement for my services to register those over 60, who live in the municipality of Chapala or Jocotepec and received their 2nd dose more than 6 months ago to register you on mivacuna.gob.mx for the NEW form that will be required. I also gather together the rest of the documents you may need like CURP or previous Vaccine Certificates. If you require assistance gathering your docs and you can email me at sillertranslations@gmail.com or fill out my online form https://forms.gle/MyffT25oMCRr7ekq7. My fee is 100 pesos per person payable at Oxxo, Bancomer or Xoom. It is also possible an appointment system will be implemented which would also be covered by my fee. Date, location and brand of boosters for Chapala is still undetermined."
  10. Saves time when you get the registration station if you have the refuerzo form printed out. AND remember each clinic has been different so why cause yourself any anxiety when you get there, just register and take the form with you. You retain 1/2 the form as proof of the booster.
  11. I'm in Chapala and registered, it did pop up a screen which I saved and printed off. The Ruta-de-la-vacunacion site has NOT listed the refuerzo, information has been posted on each of the Gobierno de Jocotepec and Ixtlahuacan sites> You could go to Joco Thursday (last day) and get your shot and a flu shot if you want one. Take copies of your CURP, status card, vaccination certificate (proving you have had two shots) and new refuerzo registration. It is a bit of a hike uphill to the registration site from the front gate of the hospital, then across a parking lot to the chairs. Then you have to walk back out so be prepared. Joco is not requiring proof of residence, Ixtlahuacan is requiring it. As with the first time registering for shots DON"T expect a phone call or email.
  12. When they did my car, it sat double parked on the street. Just don't have your doors open.
  13. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/arrivecan.html https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/covid-vaccinated-travellers-entering-canada
  14. Yes, "The city of Chapala will be spraying to prevent dengue and other mosquito-born diseases this week. Be sure to close your windows and remove all pets from your front yard. See schedule"
  15. https://mx.latinoplaces.com/jalisco/veterinary-ophthalmology-guadalajara-647896
  16. Did you try contacting Ajijic Hospital? they likely have contact information particularly if someone took over his practice.
  17. You seriously expected to be notified. If you missed your 'age group' you could have gone to ANY age group when vaccines were available over the past seven months. This website lists when/where vaccines are available but it looks like they are doing students at the moment. You could try going to the bienstar office at the chapala municipal building and sign up. https://coronavirus.jalisco.gob.mx/ruta-de-la-vacunacion/
  18. Ilox is not available in Chapala Haciendas; Total Play sales people say December or January.
  19. according to the Ancianitas website it is located on the South shore of Lake Chapala between San Pedro Tesistan and San Cristobal
  20. I believe it is near Jocotepec; here is the website https://ancianitaslakechapala.weebly.com/
  21. Was this procedure an 'in thru the side of the chest'? did it fix or replace the aortic valve?
  22. Likely because in the past aortic valves require cracking open the chest, heart lung machines, a week in the hospital, and months at home in recovery
  23. MitchF if you are on FB the stats are posted daily on the Chapala Health Talk FB page. Stats are pulled from a number of government websites and compiled. An AVC report is generated but can't recall its regularity. https://www.facebook.com/groups/222858375093594/?hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&multi_permalinks=823486468364112
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