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  1. including "you know, that white fuzzy stuff on the walls"
  2. Jesus Flores is also a professional, fixed the weather worn and salitre areas on the exterior of our house, used drop clothes, left sight clean and tidy each day and showed up on time; 378 120 2201
  3. Read on a FB page that someone did call the Hospital in La Barca and the response was that they could not confirm any vaccinations events for saturday.
  4. Would that not be up to the person receiving the shot? What would be stopping them?
  5. Doesn't work; so you might want to try something else.
  6. There are lots of bazaars lakeside that take items on consignment. There are also several buy sell pages on facebook
  7. Pulled this from Sonia Diaz website: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/about.html " Selling, Scrapping, Donating Car "You may not sell nor donate a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico. If a foreign plated car is unable to be driven may it be left in Mexico? NO, it must be towed to the border. To legally scrap a foreign plated car it is only done so at about 6 locations and you pay the cost. Once scrapped, you then deliver proof of the vehicle being destroyed to the proper authorities in Mexico City. The requirements are very specific. The other issue with taking a vehicle to a
  8. Just an FYI -"Contact with the sap, leaves, stems and roots may cause skin irritation, blistering and dermatitis."
  9. Trinidad Papeleria can fax - at the lights near Cafe Negro (closed on saturdays). Faxing is sooooo slow. I too have had problems at Ishop and had to try a couple times to get it thru.
  10. Huh!! MX abstract for Canada to get a MX license? Did I miss something?
  11. Is it local (Jalisco) or NOB plated?
  12. FYI my post was from over a year ago; been there, done that
  13. Trinidad is usually closed on Saturday.
  14. With the mail now centralized in Chapala I have seen the postman's moto looking like a hippo waddling down the road they are so loaded. We used to get mail delivery at least once a week, now maybe once every two weeks. I know when the phone is due so I just go online and pay before the due date. Bill usually shows up within a week or so. Same guy has been delivering the CFE bills here for the last 4 years so he knows to put it in the mailbox; I also know when he delivers (between dates) so I'm always on the lookout at that time.
  15. Should post it on Beg Barter Buy & Sell Chapala FB page; you might want to include some pics.
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