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  1. I guess the Chapala (Monday) and Ajijic (Wednesday) markets will be open at least for the remainder of April. Here is an extract from the GDL reporter - Guadalajara Reporter 12 hrs Chapala relaxes rules for hotels, restaurants and street markets The Chapala government has modified Covid-19 mitigation rules for local hotels, restaurants and street markets (tianguis), allowing them to operate for the remainder of this month under certain restrictions, in accordance with guidelines established by state and federal health authorities. Mayor Moises Anaya presided at a meeting with hoteliers and restaurateurs on Thursday, April 2 to explain the new dispositions. Businesses dedicated to food services such as restaurants, small diners and taco stands that choose to remain open are only permitted to sell carry-out or home delivery orders, provided staff comply with obligatory sanitary precautions such as the use of face masks, gloves and hair nets or caps, Mayor Moises Anaya explained at a meeting with hoteliers and restaurateurs. Hotels and lodging facilities are allowed to receive guests coming to the municipality exclusively for work purposes, including government officials, medical personnel and professionals employed in essential services. Conventions and meetings are not permitted on the premises. Hotel restaurants, bars and access to swimming pools must be closed. In a press release issued Monday, April 6 the Chapala government announced that merchants who reside in the municipality will be allowed to resume business at the weekly tianguis in Chapala and Ajijic, exclusively for the sale of food and drink products and other essential goods. They are required to adhere to protocols for social distancing, disinfection and sanitation to reduce the risk of Covid-19 contagion.
  2. I read the translation and I took it to mean the food, etc vendors along Madero, not the Monday tianguis but perhaps it means the mercado .... "The merchants of the tianguis in the municipality of Chapala, who carry out only and exclusively essential activities, such as those stalls that sell food, beverages and basic necessities products, may resume the operation of their shops in the usual places, days and times. It should be noted that they must follow the hygiene protocols recommended by the Ministry of Health for the prevention of #coronavirus, such as sanitizing and disinfecting, as well as reducing the number of people who operate in the respective areas."
  3. Do a search 'chiropractor' lots of results
  4. In case anyone was interested - Translation from this afternoon’s address to our state by our governor, Enrique Alfaro. (Here is the video link: https://www.facebook.com/EnriqueAlfaroR/videos/244498123347137/ ) UDG presented the results from the plan that was put in place on March 12. These results gave us the necessary scientific backing to make further decisions. The strategy we designed worked and it worked well. Jalisco’s increase in cases was 196%, while the national increase was 389% The virus spread in CDMX 2.5 times faster than in Jalisco. The state of Mexico is now way over Jalisco with an increase of 750%. The timing for Jalisco to mobilize a strategy came when the federal government was still minimizing the problem. We chose to make our own decisions because we understood the priority of acting now. We didn’t do it to confront others. We did it because we had no other choice and because of the recommendations made by our science experts and the World Health Organization. We put the health of Jalisco residents above everything else. Time proved us right. But we cannot claim a victory yet. Today the federal government has reacted and our president has changed his approach. I want to express to our president that he can count on us. We join our president in supporting his request to remain in isolation until April 19. We support our federal government if he declares a national sanitary emergency if it comes to that. We know how to raise our voice against the federal government when we don’t agree with their policies, but we also know to support the federal government when their commitment is well-founded. We insist on our desire to close our airports to flights coming from danger areas, but we cannot do this without our president’s support. We insist on wanting to do massive testing but cannot do so until the federal government approves the importation of such tests. As governor, I’ll continue leading with all the initiatives necessary to protect our people. In the next few hours, I will deploy our hospital conversion strategy to be prepared when needed. I will continue to provide support for small businesses and those that need the most support. I ask all municipalities to implement all the measures we have established and to keep their populations well informed. We will not relax. We are doing everything we can to protect Jalisco. We must stay at home, except for the essential, particularly those at risk: those over 60, diabetes or hypertension, pregnancy or those with respiratory symptoms. Some people have to go out to look after all of us, doctors, physicians, folks that work in supermarkets and so forth. If we keep 60 percent of us stayed at home, by April 19, we can have between 184-194 new cases. In contrast, if only 40 percent of us stayed at home, by that date we could have between 1514-1718 new cases. It is that important. So we must continue to follow our guidelines between now and April 19. Semana Santa is coming up. And that doesn’t mean stay at home now and then stay at home at a vacation destination. Not only are you putting your family at risk, but you are also putting our state at risk. Going on vacation means bringing the virus elsewhere. We know this is not easy. Believe me, we don’t enjoy doing this. This is an emergency. Our families and their health are at stake. This is the moment for national unity. The moment to take ourselves seriously. This is the time for co-responsibility. Each one of us must do our part. Let’s put aside our differences. We are in the middle of an emergency. Mexico needs us. Jalisco is ready to do our share.
  5. When we were at costco this week several registers were open with at least one aisle of product between lines and, as noted above, at least a cart length between individuals and also marks on the floor. At the pharmacy counter two persons at the tills while the patrons respected everyone's proximity and stood back while someone was being attended to at the till. Although there was an occasional individual who had to have their question answered NOW and encroached on another's space.
  6. https://themazatlanpost.com/2020/03/23/must-read-if-youre-laying-off-your-mexican-employees-due-to-coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR1v4TO6HoyBDAFFv0QBXi0FBjeqxo1H-TRGu3n4fvQZvR5WSSABsJ4T5tw
  7. https://nypost.com/2020/03/23/man-dies-after-self-medicating-with-chloroquine-phosphate-to-treat-coronavirus/
  8. UPDATE Per the Governor of Jalisco! ATTENTION EVERYONE IN JALISCO STATE!!! PLEASE SHARE! Finally the Governor of Jalisco speaks up! the key points (this was translated): PLEASE READ 1 TO 10 POINTS!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT NEWS FOR US!! 1. Going by the calculations and examples of Italy, Spain and USA, who he says put economics in front of people's safety (ouch!), Jalisco will take earlier measures to protect it's people. 2. They will have $230million pesos to invest in proper medical equipment and test kits etc. 3. Cancellations of mass events. 4. Jalisco was the first State to suspend classes which other States in Mexico have followed by example and provide the tools for classes on line.. 5. Bars, gyms, churches etc. closures for the next 15 days. Restaurants to take better precautions. 6. Have $1,000million pesos in aid for the small business sector. Wednesday they will inform business owners how to access funding. 7. The next 3 days they will announce a program for testing for the virus. 8. To avoid rumors, there will be no shortages of food, public transit will not be shut down, they will not negate private hospital testing, they will not suspend public service and they will do their best as a gov't to keep their people informed with true facts. 9. Calculations of this virus show that the next 5 days are crucial to control this virus. 10. The Jalisco Gov't is asking that we: STAY HOME FOR 5 DAYS to avoid forced quarantine later. It is a scientific fact that if we stay in isolation at home for the next 5 days, we can avoid a more serious out break! There you have it!! This is no joke!!! I have family and friends in Italy, France and Spain!! They are wondering why we in Mexico have not taken action!! California is not that far away from us and look what is happening there! Please take this announcement seriously!!
  9. You could do a search for "US Notary". Once a notary leaves their jurisdiction they are no longer a valid notary. The US consulate is the only legal US notaries available in MX. Due to the current crisis you may want to call your US agent and determine if a MX notarized document will suffice or perhaps one of the on-line notaries.
  10. and you think colloidal silver is safe for internal use.
  11. Talk to Francisco Gutierrez , he can provide you with both private health insurance and auto insurance quotes from several sources. He is a great guy and speaks english. He will also sit down with you and explain the pros & cons of the quote. Health insurance will depend on your age and pre-existing conditions; auto will depend on vehicle and what options you want. gutierrez-francisco@hotmail.com
  12. The mayor made this announcement yesterday afternoon - translated - Our Mayor, Moy Anaya, announcing closure of the city in the following areas. The mayor is closing all city activities, museums, TIANGUIS, parks, sports complexes, government dining halls will be to-go only, not dine in. He is issuing a recommendation for private establishments to close as well, and mentions aquatic parks, cinemas, etc.
  13. Did you try contacting lake chapala birders? https://chapalabirders.org/information According to their site there is a yellow billed cuckoo locally
  14. GDL only accepted black and white so I doubt that the Chapala office would accept anything else.
  15. Thought one might use Google Maps which I referenced; made a typo in the original coming down the hill from Chapala, after the pedestrian walkway overpass there are three roads that can be accessed from the right; take the middle one keeping the wrought iron fence to your left. It's the same road if you were going to Parisio Escondido. Yes Riders of the Sierra Madre (on google maps) is north of highway 166 which is a bad road. Carlos is not open on Sunday; someone is usually there after 9:30am. On google maps street view Carlos' place has two big tires, a pile of rocks, stack of bricks, two blue barrels; chainlink gate with green inserts.
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