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  1. If you are giving him cooked chicken bones then you are lucky he's still alive; generally too brittle and splinter and break easily causing perforations My dogs eat dirt when they need minerals in their diet, when they start digging and eating they get vitamins. Maybe dirt to your dog is like seasoning to you -
  2. WideSky

    Car Taxes - Chapala

    It is helpful to bring last years registration document with you;
  3. WideSky

    physical therapy choices locally

    Dr. Justina Jimenez in West Ajijic, down from Dental Express has worked with lots of rotator and shoulder surgeries; Note she is a doctor as well as a physical therapist and her staff are great. 766 5563
  4. Take your pick. And if you 'got in trouble in CR' it could be construed that you are 'on the run' and we wish you would lay low
  5. apologies for being off topic but Jonnyintrouble - Why are you here then??
  6. We got our Jalisco licenses in Feb of 2017; 10 multiple choice questions in english (mostly signs/pics) Luzma provides a study sheet; if your current license has not expired no driving was required; each type requires different physical license - car, truck/chauffeur here, motorcycle (and separate costs for each); over 60 licensees were 1/2 price; and Luzma asks if you can jump the que, especially if you are over 60. Luzma will also tell you what you need, # of copies and will prevet them before you leave. If you think lines for gasoline are long, you ain't seen nothing. Now some of this may have changed with the new government but for the most part it should be good ....
  7. WideSky

    Handicap spaces

    Not that I'm defending Tingting but my husband is on crutches with a leg brace and walking is a challenge. Sometimes he says he will go in then changes his mind, cuz it's stupid busy, people are rude and it doesn't take much for him to be knocked off balance. I don't have handicapped sign but it sure would come in handy sometimes when you park with room to get out then when you come back you have to turn into twiggy or climb over your seat then I have to back out just so he can get the door open wide to get in the car. .
  8. WideSky

    Water Pressure Tank

    In November I paid $5500 for a 26gal pressure tank and new switch with installation, parts & labour total cost was $7500. The tank was purchased at the place in Riberas across from Maskaras Clinic; The new tanks you just replace now rather than replacing the bladder; often the inside of the tank is so corroded that it is simpler and most cost effective to get a new one. Depending on where you live your pressure tank could last quite a few years.
  9. WideSky

    Angiotrofin Retard (diltiazem) 240 mg.

    I get that people age and don't remember shite (and yes I'm in that category). I also get that people ask the most inane questions . Most find it easier to sit at their keyboard and ask the ether to give them the answer. Perhaps it is just an inordinate number of people recently who REFUSE to do a little research for themselves BEFORE asking a question. Guess I've reached my limit of ..... well you can fill in the blank.
  10. WideSky

    Angiotrofin Retard (diltiazem) 240 mg.

    So I guess you aren't lakeside and you don't buy this medicine regularly here hence the repeat question. So can we expect to see this same question again in April? Do you know Einstein's definition of insanity .....
  11. WideSky

    Drivers’ Licences?

    Nope; office was closed here several years ago; you can renew when they do come lakeside but can't say when that will be.
  12. WideSky

    Angiotrofin Retard (diltiazem) 240 mg.

    You posted this same question in September and got answers including where to buy and costs. So you think things have changed drastically in 4 months????? blankletmusic Posted September 4, 2018 No luck at all on the websites of the larger farmacias finding this drug. I take this for high blood pressure. Does anyone know where to find this med and what it costs?
  13. WideSky

    foto infraccion

    You didn't do a search on this site; I found it - https://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/vehicular/index.jsp
  14. WideSky

    Auto upholstery

    AND which community lakeside might this be???? Don't recall seeing an upholstery place next to the post office in Chapala.
  15. Remove leaves from rosemary and mince = strip the leaves from the rosemary and chop fine i.e. mince Rosemary can be found in grocery stores or a neighbors yard; I have put the concoction in a spray bottle and then sprayed the dogs. If your dog is skittish but likes to be groomed or petted I would put some on the brush or your hands and work it in; if your dog has long hair I would get it shaved then it is much easier to see/find the fleas and to treat.