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  1. Or save up from all the trips to the bathroom at night and 'water the flowers' in the morning.
  2. It's called INSABI and it should be the same place. Found this on a FB page for Chapala - "The new program requires no pre-registration, you will just go to your nearest former Seguro Popular building with your CURP". Clinic is on Flavio Romero de Velazco 408B in Chapala and is open until 3 p.m
  3. Telcoman - difference is between minimum wage and UMA; do you know for sure if they have implemented the UMA? Big difference between UMA (86.88) and minimum wage (123.22) Most consulates are still using the minimum wage as the base.
  4. Check with Jayme Littlejohn at Bravo Theatre she was selling them.
  5. Go to this website; scroll down and you will find an artisan who makes/sells these https://www.feriamaestros2.com/maestros2020
  6. omron elite; model HEM6232T; Costco only had wrist monitors at the Lopez Mateos location; but online there is a bigger selection https://www.costco.com.mx/Salud-y-Belleza/Salud-y-Cuidado-en-Casa/Monitores-de-Salud/c/cos_13.4.2
  7. We recently rescued a puppy and she is about 9 weeks old now and weighs 3 kgs. We've had her for almost 3 weeks. Puppies do very few things - eat, sleep, play, go potty; Your task is every couple hours put the dog outside (or where ever you want them to do their business) - day and night. Bladder control is a learned thing and it can take a long time to learn. We re-enforce with ours by taking her out and telling her 'let's go outside and pee', 'time to go outside' or 'time to pee' then praise her when she does something. She can go 3-4 hrs now before she needs to go out at night. When
  8. I live in the Haciendas and have never heard of 'lower' chapala haciendas.
  9. Moderator - perhaps spam???
  10. I don't think they are 'allowing' trick or treating but lots need their sugar fix (babies, kids and adults); personally it's lights off, lay low, disconnect door bell - kids are little germ factories and I ain't gonna risk coming into contact with them.
  11. We use intercam. When I need money in my mx account I write a check from my canadian account and deposit it here. Takes max 10 days to clear but once it clears my cdn account I can take a printout of my cdn account showing it has cleared to intercam and i can access the money right away. Exchange rate is going to vary from day to day so....
  12. It's not Python that's the problem, it's the "for resume to impress recruiter". The OP likely doesn't know who the readers of the web board are therefore it is also likely spam. Most of us are too 'long in the tooth' to be working on python projects to impress recruiters.
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