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  1. Kimanjome - another thing is that the roof has to be absolutely clean; all old peeling fabric or paint removed; scrubbed and washed; a pressure washer works well for this. The process should be apply a 5:1 mixture of impermiabalazante; then membrane (I recommend Fester or Casther - it's thicker and comes in a big roll) using full strength to apply the membrane, wait until dry and apply another full strength coat (usually the next day). Membrane is not something to be laid out and walked on before applying; when doing ours we worked in sections/strips with each strip overlapping the previous one; Job is messy and tedious. stuff comes off your skin but not clothes.
  2. I might be inclined to cruise the bazaars and look for old umbrellas.
  3. You can expect to pay between $400-$600/session; depends on who and for what you are needing therapy.
  4. Come on you all know just one shower does not a rainy season make; So patience grasshoppers.
  5. Considering the link is ONLY for Jalisco and if you scroll with your mouse slowly it zooms in, then click on a pin and it brings up the address; Looks like a lot of them are running out not too many green pins anymore
  6. If you have health care coverage here, check to see if it will cover you in the US. Check your credit card company too, sometimes as part of their service(s) they offer health travel insurance. OR Call Francisco Guiterrez at Isaac Insurance (in SAT, lakeside, close to the light near Paninos) chapala.ventas@isaac.com.mx
  7. A Notary or immigration consultant may be good to assist with the paperwork but the OP still needs to attend at a MX consulate to obtain their visa. We did not have to provide any translated paperwork - it is mostly financial i.e numbers are numbers. Each consulate seems to interpret the immigration requirements differently so once you get an appointment, check the consular site for visa requirements. AND the financial requirements change each year in early January after the minimum wage is established.
  8. According to the accredited mechanics even Joco has lost it's accreditation
  9. Here is the website with the mechanics that have stickers; you can zoom in and if you click on a pin you get the address and type of vehicles they service. http://siga.jalisco.gob.mx/talleres/
  10. No mexican consulate in Winnipeg; we ended up going to Toronto as it was the only place we could get an appointment. You can go to a MX consulate in the US . Once you get your visa you have 180 days to get to Mexico; once you are in Mexico you have 30 days to finish the process at immigration. The visa you get at the consulate is only pre-approval, you must finish the process at the immigration office nearest to where you will be living i.e. in Chapala for lakeside area. https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/toronto/index.php/en/servicesforeigners/visas?id=243 Getting an appointment can be tough in Calgary, I've heard they book appointments MONTHS in advance.
  11. If you are a member of the FB page Gringos Ajijic & lakeside do a search of "driving mexican plated car in canada" and you will find several pieces of information regarding this.
  12. Check the website embedded in the article; but here is some of the benefits http://www.experience-san-miguel-de-allende.com/inapam.html
  13. If you want a consult go to your own doctor; why waste the hospitals time. Like going to the ER when you have a sore throat. I've paid anywhere from $500 (GP) to $1000 (specialist) lakeside and GDL. If it means I don't have to spend an hour + each way driving to GDL for surgery or to see a specialist, I don't care what it costs. Same as when your shopping, if you REALLY want or need to have something specific, you don't look at the price you just suck it up and buy it. FYI 1.5 yrs ago San Javier charged $3400 for a standard room - small & farthest from the nursing station.
  14. Del Valle make a 100% juice from concentrate; just juice listed in the ingredients. Similar to this box , but it's pricey $20+/ltr; We only use it when the oranges at the market are crap ie. little or no juice and the per kilo price is high.
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