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  1. WideSky


    She had posted a larger female dog for adoption over a week ago.
  2. You may want to check with Transport Canada; Mexican cars do not meet the safety requirements.
  3. Here is a video of a murphy bed - lengthwise from Cadillac Furniture https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2053794961358098
  4. Don't know about that, Ray sold his house in the frac a number of months ago and I believe his other place is rented.
  5. You could wait until Hospital San Antonio opens. I understand that surgeries will be performed there.
  6. During carnival the ferris wheel would light up and change colors. From a distance you may not be able to see movement just lights.
  7. i) I assume it was here; if not no need to answer questions 2 & 3 ii) so how was the wall built? iii) how long ago was it constructed and are there any signs of listing or movement?
  8. When buildings are constructed NOB a standard concrete footing (6-8" deep x 14-18" wide) with embedded rebar on a 2" gravel base is used. Even in areas of clay soil and earthquake zones this was adequate. SO... could someone provide some reasoning WHY brick walls are built on a one meter deep base of rock.
  9. I live here so why would I travel to Mazatlan and incur the travel and hotel costs when I can get the dental work done here. Seems like an odd question. At this point in life when I find a dentist I'm comfortable with why go elsewhere.
  10. So you pull a thread from JUNE 2017 and expect things to be the same. You ain't in Kansas no more. Lots of consignment/bazaar shops in Riberas
  11. I would try a local (California) agent; if you have pre-existing insurance in California check the policy, there may be a travel component OR it could cover you in MX. Health care is relatively inexpensive here - GP visit +/- $600 pesos which you don't generally use insurance for. There is no co-pay on meds here. Took me two years before I got health insurance and that is only for accidents or catastrophic situations, everything else is out of pocket. If you have an accident in your car, then your vehicle insurance should cover that (but you should check about whether your coverage extends to MX).
  12. To clarify RVGringo's post, you CANNOT register a vehicle as a tourist and as a tourist you cannot get the required CURP or RFC.
  13. Looks like a 3k run on the Libramiento and a 2k run on the road that goes up the road toward the International School.
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