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  1. WideSky

    Pie maker in Joco

    This was posted today on the Gringos Ajijic FB page from Brittany This Saturday Nov 17th, and next Wednesday Nov 21st, I will be delivering pies and muffins in the area from Jocotepec to Chapala. Place your orders now! Pumpkin Pie-$120 Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins$10ea Coconut Pie-$120 Pecan Pie-$170 Dutch Apple Pie-$170
  2. WideSky

    Pie maker in Joco

    Brittany Franklin de Ornelas has been posting pumpkin pies in the last few weeks with deliveries from Joco to Chapala. No contact info though, perhaps send her a FB message. This was posted by her yesterday - I will be delivering again this Saturday and I am also taking orders for Thanksgiving if anyone wants anything else! Im also adding new pies
  3. It has been stated numerous times on FB pages and at least one person who comes to house/pet sit a couple times a year has had their 180 day permit reduced. It would have been flying in. As you state sporadic occasions, so you take your chances and roll the dice. As with much in life, no guarantees.
  4. Please note that you are not gted a 180 day tourist card each time you come back in; they have been clamping now on 'frequent visitors' and reducing the # of days on second or third time across.
  5. WideSky


    Checked their FB page and got this - closed monday & tuesday; open wednesday thru sunday 4-10pm
  6. try going to the customs & immigration website for Canada, there is a section on vehicles - https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/declare-eng.html#_s20
  7. DanVet at Soriana has groomers also.
  8. WideSky

    Coleman fuel or white gas

    mercado libre has it
  9. Luis at Mexico Rustico built a friends Tommy Bahama knockoff, complete with caning inserts and matching file cabinet; Honest Abe & Oscar at Cadillac furniture are good too.
  10. WideSky

    Co-signer for rental

    money talks, the rest sleep in the street or with da' fishes....
  11. WideSky

    Cinnamon Rolls

    You can occasionally get cinnamon buns at It's Kinda Bazar Kinda Not in Riberas; check out their fridge - homemade pickles, antipasto, carrot cake, brisket, etc, etc; you never know what you will find. Looks like Williams Burg pies and bagels may be available there too.
  12. LCS will be getting them later this month; maybe check to see if you can still get in on it.
  13. WideSky

    vehicle legalization

    You may be able to purchase a vehicle in Mexico but it CAN NOT be registered in your name unless you have a Temporale or Permanente visa and a CURP number. The plates generally stay with the vehicle. This relates to Playa del Carmen but it explains it the requirements - https://mexlaw.ca/foreigners-registering-vehicle-mexico/
  14. WideSky

    Scotia ATM

    Scotiabank did a full system upgrade a couple weeks ago; I've never had any issues using my card - except when (a) the internet is down; or (b) very low/no cash in machine. The receipts aspect was out of paper for about a week but that too has been rectified.
  15. WideSky

    Egg whites

    Soriana too; by the pint or quart size.