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  1. Fixed as in bike parking - talk to Grant Raymor at Doppio Cafe in Riberas; he has/had a yellow one out front
  2. The shop is called Boca Mar and it is owned/operated by my neighbor & his family; he goes to the fish market in GDL every morning to get fresh stock. pulled this from the FB page - PESCADER√ćA BOCA MAR!! !! JUAREZ # 547 BEHIND PLAZA CHAPALA, FRESH SEA FOOD, DELICIOUSNESS, SOOO CLEAN, BEST PRICE AND QUALITY!!! BUY YOUR PRODUCT AND THEY COOK IT THERE FOR YOU FOR A LOW PRICE!!! BEST OPTION IN TOWN. PICK UP SERVICE: 33 3166 8800 33 1320 8225 SOON DELIVERY SERVICE ...
  3. Lots of masseuses at spas, in home or massage therapists, also lots of physiotherapists; costs can vary between $300 - $500 pesos; several orthopedists to choose from and cost is $600-$800 pesos per visit; not sure about the cost of a cortisone shot. I know you can also get stem cell injections lakeside. All of these are call up and make an appointment - no referrals required.
  4. Lake Chapala 2019 directory, page 141 is a full page ad for Lakeside Hearing Services - https://www.imagenmx.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/2019DirectoryToUploadRevision1-a-1.pdf
  5. FYI Chapala Tianguis is (when in full swing) 700-800 meters in length whereas the Ajijic Tianguis is about 300 mtrs long. Comparing Chapala to Ajijic is like comparing apples to oranges. Chapala and Ajijic have some of the same vendors but in Ajijic they may get to charge more due to the clientele. You want traditional go to Chapala, SJC or Joco.
  6. Yep can't do temporary or permanent visa applications from inside Mexico, have to start at a MX consulate; check a specific consulate's website for the requirements. Remember that every time the minimum wage rises in MX (usually in January) so do the financial requirements for temp/perm visas. Also don't assume that a tourist visa will be renewed every time for 180 days. Once they recognize your passport as being a frequent visitor to MX the length of tourist visa could be shortened drastically.
  7. Firstly this post is 4 years old so it is possible that a lot of those who posted are no longer on this website. Secondly, If you want to flog your talents perhaps joining some of the local/lakeside FB pages would be more beneficial as there seems to be a thriving 'alternative medical' community here
  8. El Granero has good vanilla but it is in a sealed bottle.
  9. Intercam opened at branch in that new mall at the corner of Juarez & Carratera.
  10. WideSky

    Feta cheese

    You can get feta cheese in the little blue boxes that have cubes or it is in a flat package labeled 'white cheese', it is in liquid and it is feta.
  11. WideSky

    Feta cheese

    It is going to be called Gourmet Garage and it will be a little east of Ferrosa in Riberas; copied this from FB "For those who like Mi Ranchito Cremeriain Chapala, they are opening a 2nd location soon with the name "Gourmet Garage." It will be in Riberas, just east of the Pemex station. See comments for a Google Street View and map, although the street view doesn't show a building there... obviously constructed just recently."
  12. Firstly who was your Dr. Secondly, My husband went to Dr. Rios at Alta Retina (In Mirasol) in the last month and was very impressed; he had gotten something in his eye and also had a blind spot both issues were thoroughly investigated. They do have a selection of frames available. I called on a Friday and had a choice of apptment dates and times.
  13. Bodies in Motion I believe was 400 or 450
  14. For those metrically challenged, which ever way the wind blows; I had it in standard initially (miles/yards), then changed it without thinking; oops; glad you all had a chuckle.
  15. For those of us who don't reside in your area lakeside, could one of you please give us a better idea of: How close is the shelter to the residences 1/2 kilometer, 2 kilometers, 500 meters? In relation to the residences is it north, south, east west? Which residential community/ies is/are being impinged upon?
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