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  1. WideSky


    You would need to go to a lab and get a sample container; labs don't like samples brought in in baggies. Likely won't get the results until the next day. With the lab results you can ask your doctor for his opinion. Parasite medicine is pretty potent so you best have a definitive diagnosis rather then self medicate. If you are really bad then go to either of the hospitals.
  2. Black red vines at Mi Ranchito Cremeria;
  3. WideSky


    Raymie, for ease of searching, you should modify your post to put your tag line either after the 'wanted' or include it before your 'with or without LnB'
  4. There are at least 3 animal FB pages in english, not sure how many spanish sites Lost and found pets - lakeside area https://www.facebook.com/groups/329484064364793/ Lakeside Advocates for Animals- https://www.facebook.com/groups/LAKESIDEADVOCATESFOR/ BBB&S Lake Chapala - fur, feathers and fins https://www.facebook.com/groups/884995861533687/
  5. Since you have something for sale, put it in the classified section. PS Pulling up a FOUR YEAR OLD post that has NOTHING to do with you selling a solar hot water system is a bit silly.
  6. Have you looked at a map to see the distance between Arizona & Lake Chapala? +/- 1200 MILES Would have made more sense to ask someone who lives in the area you are planning to be in. Doing an internet search of shaw direct satellite footprint would give you information. https://www.global-cm.net/SD sat coverage.html
  7. Do a search "pet sitter" , there are suggestions; Also check at your vet's office sometimes they have contacts.
  8. See posts today (Wednesday) SP has the shots.
  9. LCS is planing on a health fair, so keep an eye on their website and on these web boards for info.
  10. You asked this question in 2017; perhaps the suggestion then still holds true now.
  11. AND it has been posted on FB and the person was advised to take the dog to Lucky Dog by a volunteer who knows the status at LD.
  12. If you are on FB; check out The Doverlaff Songwriters Circle, Chapala - Recently moved from Oregon where they hosted this type of venue for many years. pulled this from their FB site - Hope you Singers and songwriters from around the lake can join is for our second Doverlaff Singers and Songwriters Circle in the Chapala Haciendas Sunday, October 20th at 4 pm for some singing. Bring your own beverages. PM us if your interested in the details and the directions.; https://www.facebook.com/The-Doverlaff-Songwriters-Circle-Chapala-102889524439288/
  13. Moderators, is there a way to keep old posts for informational purposes but lock them from further commenting and being dragged to the forefront. Most of them contain outdated or inaccurate information. As you know businesses and services can be very fluid here particularly in the off season. Surely your technical person can write a code to do it automatically. I know it can be done.
  14. Add to jh5127 list - floor, shower and little used sink drains too - make sure they have water in the traps; scorpions & cockroaches both utilize this conduit.
  15. Well if he can provide you proof of his employment with the orphanage then perhaps; I searched and could not find any orphanage in La Barca;
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