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  1. You mean Frats or Greg's Auto; both their FB pages show they are active.
  2. She is Hensley on this web board so you could message her.
  3. Golf carts are illegal on the carreterra (highway) but they can be driven on the side streets. They are supposed to be plated but .... What do you mean "don't need to pay tax" what tax? If it has license plates it is registered and therefore yearly fees are due.
  4. simple search of their website - https://portal.bbva.mx/aplicativos/buscador-sucursales/index.jsp
  5. Send a FB message to Hector, the Expat Liaison - https://www.facebook.com/Chapala-EXPAT-Liaison-114208060239293 Send a FB message to the Mayor - https://www.facebook.com/MoyAnayaAguilar Send a message to the Municipality? http://reportes-chapala.gob.mx/reportes/upload/open.php
  6. Mom's Deli is in Riberas - you mean it's not there any more???
  7. Found this post - "Dr. Berenice from Pet Place Veterinary Clinic has asked me to post this information to all of her clients. PLEASE do NOT go there without an appointment. Due to the new covid restrictions please be advised that we will only accept patients by appointment only (radicalcher@hotmail) for medical or grooming. This includes stool and blood testing. You can email the office (radicalcher@hotmail) or call before coming in for food or medications so that we can be sure that we have it. The cost for any items will be given to you prior to your arrival and your purchase will be
  8. Friends took their dog there for shots on Tuesday. Gate is always closed so people don't just wander in. Only pets are allowed inside. Did you call them - 376 766 3627
  9. Several of the garden center stores (Lauras & Vivero Verde for example) carry a variety of seeds (flowers, vegs, herbs). Jane Holdren (on Hacienda Labor towards San Nicolas) has aged horse manure for sale by the bag. You can also buy bales of peat moss locally. I found that if I mix local bagged soil with peat moss and a little slow release fertilizer my potted flowers are quite happy. Not everything will grow here in same season or conditions as they did NOB.
  10. You might want to ensure that your PCR test will still be valid once you enter Canada. I pulled this from a news report from Jan 22 - "Canada already requires those entering the country to self-isolate for 14 days and to present a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days before arrival. The suggested measure would require isolating at a hotel rather than at home." Here's the full report - https://apnews.com/article/travel-justin-trudeau-canada-coronavirus-pandemic-03ade79159d79080d1ec007ed07751bf?fbclid=IwAR0TO0d4wFtLCjFd084Umpt6qG0HFnsnwB-CbtZkRE1PJUAXG3mtT0OskHA As for layove
  11. Mr. Hayden, you REALLY need to look at dates. This thread ran from April to August 2020 with the OP finding movers. If you want to advertise a service, put it in the classifieds.
  12. So don't sit really close to the heating element/grate - you will definitely get burnt (that goes for cat and dog tails too); don't wear nylon or polyester near it; remember to shut the valve off; don't let it run all night unattended. Simple, common sense stuff.
  13. I was in there before noon today, girl was on her phone when I walked thru; no issues at all.
  14. Quite large could mean that he is 'broad across the beam' so perhaps you should take a tape measure with you; wouldn't want to get a chair that he has to shoehorn into and then can't get out of it without help.
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