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  1. What is the difference between Legalization and Nationalization of a car.
  2. Vehicle Nationalization at Laredo border 2018 I’ve scanned and read past posts on this board about vehicle nationalization. I would like to post this topic again to gain a better understanding. I am a bit concerned about this endeavor. If anyone has nationalized their car recently, it would be great to hear about your experience and advice. I know it is a huge hassle to nationalize a California plated car but my 2004 Honda has really low miles and is reliable so I want to nationalize my vehicle. I am now permanente and need to drive the 2004 Honda to Laredo. 1. Where do I attain a temporary permit locally (Lakeside) or in Guadalajara to drive my insured car to Laredo? 2. Where do I go to draft a document that will permit my Mexican friend to drive my insured California plated car with me in the car? 3. I understand the drive to Laredo is about 12 hours. Is there a recommended route or half way point hotel to stay in? I am in favor of toll roads. Is there a hotel in Laredo that is recommended? 4. Once at the Laredo border I understand I have to work with a broker both to import and export my California plated (no overdue registration fees as the vehicle has had a non operation status.). Can someone describe their experience or recommend a broker? 5. Online on blogs I have seen that cars over 10 years old may not be imported, however I have spoken to a broker and that person said for an added fee the vehicle can be nationalized. Anyone have real experience nationalizing a older vehicle in 2018? 6. I am not certain if my Mexican friend can accompany me. If you are a lady and need to cross the border for temporal status requirements, please personal message me. 7. Any other input that is helpful is greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙏.
  3. Our Canon 7D Camera was stolen Saturday May 13 from our home If you come across our stolen Canon 7D camera with a colorful embroidered strap or likely they would remove the strap - please let me know. The camera and zoom lense new is valued at $1,500 - would be so pleased if I could buy our camera back. Our camera was about 8 years old and worked perfectly. Many Thanks.
  4. My flat tire situation could and most likely happens absolutely anywhere. I am grateful that it was a learning experience and not worse. I wish to convey that we also love our life here in Mexico. We love our wonderful Mexican friends. Most of the Mexican people that we know are so good to the core. Their soft spoken polite warmth touches me. There are many examples of kindness from strangers here in Mexico and everywhere. I love that. I’m just sharing my experience so others can benefit and be better prepared. Common sense is the main aspect of navigating most any situation. For the most part - life is good here Lakeside. I say “Thank you Mexico” and “Viva Mexico.”
  5. Hi Lakeside7, Thank you for your follow up post. Now I understand the relevance of your question about where I was parked before my flat tire. I really wanted to think it was random but I can speculate that I was targeted leaving the ATM. Folks, just be aware and careful. Now I have a new level of vigilance for myself.
  6. I am sharing my story because I am hopeful that reading about my experience will genuinely help some stranger who may find themselves in the unexpected situation that I found myself in. As I reflect on what happened - I believe that someone was looking to take advantage of me and likely rob me. I am just fortunate that the guy left when I asked him to. If I had read about this type of “set up” before it happened to me then I would have been less rattled by the event. I’ve read about the “mustard trick” where someone spills some mustard on you and then they try to help you by “wiping up the mess” while the person pick pockets or robs you. I believe this type of thing is similar. I was asked where I was parked prior to the flat. My last stop was at the ATM next to DormiMundo across from Walmart before my vehicle’s tire went flat. Perhaps I was targeted from leaving the ATM and he knew or guessed which way I was driving when I left the ATM. Perhaps he managed at the exact moment my tire went flat to tap on my window. Perhaps there was more than one person involved in my situation. I suppose this event also encourages me to be more aware when it comes to the ATM. I don’t know exactly how or where the imbedded object in my tire got there. I don’t believe my vehicle would have smoothly traveled from the ATM to where it went flat. I believe the fellow with the can of air put the modified sharp nail like object firmly in the road and I ran over it and then my tire went flat. However, I have no background in how vehicle’s handle when one’s tire is pierced. Either way, I simply wish to help strangers understand this type of thing happened to me and to be aware of how one would react if it happened to “them.” My advice would be roll up your windows and lock your car doors and do not accept help from some stranger. Also be sure to have your cell phone in the car.
  7. Well, I’m pretty certain that I ran over the modified sharp object and it immediately punctured my tire. The fellow was also roadside with a can of air alerting me about my flat tire.
  8. My tire was punctured by a nasty looking modified sharpened object that was removed from my tire when I had it patched. I believe only my vehicle was affected during my unfortunate incident.
  9. My vehicle’s tire was purposely punctured by a protruding custom made object that was removed from my tire. My tire went flat while heading West on the Carretera after the Libramiento and before the stoplight at Pranzo Restaurant on Monday, April 30th at around noon. A young clean cut fellow aged between 19 - 23 (I’m guessing he was about 5’ 7” 140 pounds - not a large fellow) tapped on my window unexpectedly and startled me as my vehicle was handling oddly. He spoke to me in Spanish - telling me my tire was flat and to pull over. I locked my doors and pulled over to the side into the bike lane on the tree lined Carretera in La Floresta. The fellow had a can of air in his hands. He said he wanted to help me. I told him that my husband was on his way and he should leave. Fortunately, he did leave. I wanted to share this because it gave me a reminder that we need to be aware and careful.
  10. Last time we came back to the Guadalajara airport from the United States, the immigration people made us call a vet to come to the airport even though we had our health certificate. Our Vetrinarian issued health certificate did not list both our US address and our Mexico address on it. Does anyone have the phone number or email of a vet that is willing to travel to the airport? I can not find the vet's business card. Many thanks!
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