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  1. Golden Bead. I took a look at the ad on Page 37 of Ojo and it's quite impressive. Will call and check out Dr. Villaran. Someone said he's one of the top 5 cosmetic surgeons in Guad. I know of Anne Dyer's reputation at Plaza La Montana and, my feeling is, she wouldn't be in business this long if she didn't have a top-notch surgeon working with her. We'll see how it goes. I still have the other recommended doctors to follow up on if this does not work out to my satisfaction. Thanks everyone.
  2. Golden Bead (above) says Dr. Benjamin Villaran is the surgeon who works with Anne Dyer at Casita Montana. I would appreciate comments from anyone who has had a facelift by Dr. Villaran. Also, does Dr. Villaran speak English...has he had any U.S. training? Please PM me if you'd rather not discuss his credentials on the board.
  3. I've read previous posts re cosmetic surgeons in the area. What scares me the most is Luke's comments to "be careful as plastic surgeons are not required to have the same number of years of education & training". How does one then find out which cosmetic surgeon has the best qualifications for a facelift? According to Luke's posting, he has had disastrous results from his experience with a plastic surgeon & had has to undergo reconstructive surgery. He was referred to the first surgeon by his Principal Care Physician who did a sloppy job in finding the first plastic surge
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