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  1. Two possibilities. I had heard they were having trouble with their licensing (Don't know if this was true.) or his very pregnant wife needed him home. She was due soon. Whatever the truth of the matter they will be very much missed for their friendly environment and their good food.. They had developed a good following in a very short time.
  2. My best to Barbara. So glad to know Dr. Youcha has been able to help her.
  3. CIBanco is directly across from the side of the TelCel building at the Laguna Mall.
  4. None of them say Allpoints. They say Banorte and ask you to agree to their fee for usage but when you see the iithdrawl there is no fee. However, all that being said, people are reporting none of the Ajijic or Chapala machines are working. The best deal is to go to CIBanco and use their machine. You can take out up to the equivalent iof $1000 USD in pesos for the grand total of $1.17. I went with a friend this morning who took out 19000P at one time. It beats taking up to 3000P at a time from a working Banorte ATM and having to keep repeating the process until you reach your allowable amount.
  5. Shira


    The French bakery is located in the little mall that is across the street from the la Huerta mall on the lake side of the carratera. It is a small building behind the big steak restaurant in the front. All of their baked goods are made by a French baker.
  6. Shira

    New Brew House

    Good for you having a good experience Suegarn.. You are always preaching how people should act as you are so perfect. If it had been a mistake or a problem and they tried to rectify it it would be forgivable but no one went into the kitchen to see where our order was. The waiter turned out to be the culprit when the person I think is a partner, got involved after we exited and he admitted to being at fault when pressed. He is not a new waiter. He is a veteran Adelita waiter. No one stopped their personal conversations, including management, to check for our order. None of their handling of the situation was done in a way that makes me want to return. I never say never but it will be a very long time before I even think about it.
  7. Shira

    New Brew House

    A friend and I just came from the Brew House. It will be a VERY long time until I will go baclk First, the volume of noise is horrendous. They intend to do something about it but it will take awhile. Second, The service is a disaster. It took 45 minutes to get three tiny tacos with chopped up bits of aracherra that could have been cooked in no more than 3 minutes. The waiter was called over three times, a manager spoken to twice and a supervisor twice asking where our food was. None went into the kitchen to check. During this time several people came in after us and left. We were still waiting. Someone who had been there before said they are very disorganized. An understatement if I ever heard one. After we had paid the bill we discovered another manager who checked into what had happened and apologized and offered us a lunch on them. I said thank you but no thanks. He was the only one who cared about what happened and why. At some point they might get it right but they are a far cry from it now.````` I am adding this..They were posting and advertised that the staff had been trained at Adelita before being posted to Adelita's new venture. Either the training didn't take or Adelita does not know how to train. The fundamentals of service were nowhere to be found.
  8. Bravo Theater had its opening of the play, Sylvia today. It is a don't miss it show. It is VERY funny. The cast is superb and under the direction of Roseann Wilshire it hit every high note the play write intended. Jayme LittleJohn plays the part of Sylvia, a dog. She uses both verbal language and body language to bring Sylvia to life. It is hilarious.. Do yourself a favor and get a ticket and go see it.
  9. I am makiing a chicken dish tomorrow that started out using Milani French dressing. That is long gone from the shelves so I finally found Classic Catalina dressing, made by Kraft and others. It is an excellent substitute. . I can only find it in Florida when I visit there, which is not often, but I buy a few bottles that last for a couple of years.. I am about to use my last bottle. I guess I may have to get to Florida. I rarely leave Mexico so I guess a trip will soon be necessary. AGGGHHH.
  10. Angiotrofin retard 240 is best priced well below any place in Ajijic at Soriana if you sign up for their points card. They have it only a day or two a week with limited supply available. The Ajijic faramacias are pirates when priciing this . I have never found farmacia Christina to have the best prices on most drugs.
  11. Two of us went for lunch. Very unimpressed with the Italian choices we had. The garden was lovely and peaceful and the service good but the food did not call to us to return.
  12. I ask for aguaras when I need turpentine. I get it in paint stores. It is very cheap. I have used it when painting with oil paints and when I use house paints.
  13. I remember that. In the days when I had my malinois she would have eaten anyone who tried to get over the wall before their feet hit the ground. She was all the security I ever needed. I thought you had a dog back then.
  14. The one I have is very clear in both visual and voice. I put it in years ago so I would not have to go through the house and garden to see who was there. It saves a walk and an an annoyance by vendors and those selling their religion or looking for handouts. It has also become a security help. I see or hear who is there by the picture that appears on the box on a wall in my living room.
  15. The lighting store by Sunrise has a top quality camera and intercom unit, I have one. However it can be bought much cheaper in Guadalajara and the service when buying it is also superior.
  16. I believe I saw the guy on Linda Vista two days ago around 11:00. I had driven out of my gate but realized I had forgotten somehng so i pulled over and left the car on the street and went into the house. When I returned a few minutes later I went to drive down the street when a white car turned into the street. He started up the street but when he saw me slow down he backed up to the corner. I waited for a couple of minutes before starting to drive again. He then headed up the street and I watched as he pulled over around sixteen and then stopped and got out. I went around the corner and watched. He got back in his car and left. I had a good look at him when we crossed paths. There was no one else with him. There were workmen where he stopped and got out but he stopped near them. only for a minute or two before leaving.
  17. There is a small office immediately to your right as you enter the grounds of the building where you get your license. They look you up on the computer and give you a paper with the info.The office is outside the building. Next you go up the stairs to the first level and turn left to the line to get your paperwork checked. The office is on your left. Skip the line and just walk in and up to the desk. Once they check it and find everything is there they will escort you to the big room where there are many desks with licenses processed including having your picture taken. After you have this step completed you you continue through the room exiting the building at the end and turning right and right again. Here you will get in line to pay and then you wait to have your name called to pick up your new license. Good luck.
  18. I had someone drive me in to Guadalajara and take me through the lines. If you are a senior you jump the lines. We were in and out iin less than an hour. It was worth my usual airport driver take me in and take me through, Very quick and easy with his knowledge and doing the leg work. They give you a new 4 year license.
  19. I had Kodi installed to unlock the box. Amazon had originally sold the Fire box unlocked but was concerned about a piracy suit so eliminated it. I have a VPN and had it long before I bought the box.
  20. I have the least expensive Telmex and thus the lowest speed of wifi. No problem. I got the Amazon Fire Box because it was built to address slow speed. I have a Fire Stick as well without Kodi and it works ok but not as well as the box. I did a lot of research before I decided on getting the Amazon Fire Box. The technology was one of the best available. The technology will get even better as time goes by as "cutting the cord" is a growing option for home entertainment. There is a learning curve to getting the most out of it but it really is not that difficult. Fortunately for me I have a savy daughter who talked me through it after I connected it to the tv.
  21. I have an Amazon Fire box (not stick) that has Kodi installed. I am very pleased with it. I just read that Roku is coming out with a range of boxes and their top of the line will have for the first time what Amazon't Fire box has had for quite awhile. I got first run, still in the theaters, movies as well as oldies, loads of tv channels with current series but with the ability to go to the beginning of series and run all the shows. There is also music.
  22. I had two dogs/ They never went to a restaurant. They were better off home where they were free to roam and I was free to eat without having to keep an eye on them. Just like smokers who went to restaurants and stunk up the place and polluted the air it is selfish to to push your dog on others and also cause a problem for the restaurant owner legally and creating a loss of business for them. You may think they appreciate your business but how many more people would patronize a good place if no pets allowed and both you and the ones who do not wish to share the space with your dog could enjoy being there.
  23. 8 years ago I bought a Jeep from the car tianguis in Guadalajara.. I took a mechanic with me. The first car I saw that I wanted was checked on a computer iin the tianguis office as we were going to pay and leave with the car. They could not confirm its credentials and made the owner take it back. The second one was a go and I still drive it. It is 21 years old and so far so good.
  24. I really like City Sandwich. I have been there a few times. With only 5 sandwich choices on the menu and sides, can they do enough business as time goes by to sustain their business?
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