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  1. Residents of Upper Riberas, beware! There have been 3 break-ins in the last two weeks in our area. The police don't seem to do much about it, not even more patrolling in the area, so we have to take it upon ourselves as good neighborhood watchers. The last incident was at the Mormon Church. Without a police blotter anymore, it is hard to know what is going on right next door sometimes.
  2. Tomorrow (6/10) between 9- 1. Upper Riberas (2 blks up from Orma Auto) Bedroom and living room furniture, bookcases, coffee table, couch, large and small plants, handmade table with a rare Metepec mirror, pots, baskets etc. Much much more. Lots of freebies. No questions please, just come.
  3. My iPad was deactivated and I need help to reactivate it. Anyone at Lakeside that can help me?
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for a handyman that can build small things with wood and do a few other small repairs?
  5. Well, I thought I had experienced just about everything that is annoying about Walmart but today's experience takes the cake! I left my cart for no more than 5 minutes to use the restroom and when I came back, it was gone. I asked a clerk and she started giggling. The manager came and led me to six of the blue totes in the front of the store and told me my groceries were dispersed in all of them along with other people's groceries. Even my paid-for pharmacy drugs were stuffed in with all the other articles. They all just giggled. No "We're sorry" or any apology just giggling. After going throu
  6. Is there a way to nationalize a travel trailer that entered Mexico with my car in order to sell the just travel trailer here?
  7. Can anyone give me information on a woman in San Antonio close to Mario's restaurant that assists people with visa renewals?
  8. Big arts and crafts sale, perfect for Christmas gift solutions this Saturday, at Adobe Studio, 112 San Jorge. The work of seven talented artists will be on display 10 - 4pm. Woven tapestries, stone carvings, stone and silver jewelry, baskets, masks, fiber jewelry, leather jewelry, painted glass and metal, craft supplies, basket kits, and a free drawing for a bird's nest basket. (need not be present to win). Mexican food by Lurdes will be on sale. Two blocks north of Orma Auto on the carreterra in Upper Riberas.
  9. Thanks for the rec' on a bricklayer. Basketmaker

  10. I need a good stone mason for a small brick-laying project. Know of anyone?
  11. Saturday, April 23, 10 - 3, Community Bazar with multi families selling items at the end of San Jorge in Upper Riberas. Left off the carreterra at Orma Auto Parts coming from Ajijic and 2 blocks toward the mountains. Furniture, clothing, kitchen stuff, art, plants, books, two bikes, ceramic tile, small gas bar-b-que, 4-person tent, VW Combi and much much more.
  12. PRIVATE ART CLASSES AT ADOBE STUDIO Adobe Studio closes May – September, however, this year we will be offering private classes in basketry, formed paper sculpture, fiber jewelry, spinning, dyeing, weaving and paper making. These sessions are for people wanting to learn a specific skill one-on-one with an instructor. 150p per hr. Thru these summer offerings, there is also the opportunity for a person to make a dreamed-of project a reality with the help of an instructor. Prices quoted upon design of project. For more information, contact Jan at: adobestudiomx@gmail.com
  13. We are collecting first person accounts of strange, unusual or just plain weird occurrences in Mexico. If enough are collected, we will publish an anthology. Synchronicities incurred, sightings of cryptoids, ghosts, UFOs, shadow people, other unexplained phenomena, or just something weird that has happened to you. Have you experienced any of these? Submit them to us in either English or Spanish. You may submit anonymously if you prefer. Send entries to: paranormalmexico@gmail.com. Include your name and contact information.
  14. Adobe Studio January 2016 Classes Fiber Arts Fundamentals—Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving 4 Mondays, January 11, 18, 25, February 1, 11am - 3pm Instructor: Brad Mowers (30 years experience in all fiber techniques; working artist and instructor 700p (instruction and materials) In this class you will get your hands on the essentials of the fiber arts. You will start working with wool fiber with a Mayan paddle spinner and spin the fiber into yarn. On the second day we will fire up natural dyes in primary colors – marigold for yellow, cochineal for red, and indigo for blue – and give your yarn bri
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