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  1. Residents of Upper Riberas, beware! There have been 3 break-ins in the last two weeks in our area. The police don't seem to do much about it, not even more patrolling in the area, so we have to take it upon ourselves as good neighborhood watchers. The last incident was at the Mormon Church. Without a police blotter anymore, it is hard to know what is going on right next door sometimes.
  2. Tomorrow (6/10) between 9- 1. Upper Riberas (2 blks up from Orma Auto) Bedroom and living room furniture, bookcases, coffee table, couch, large and small plants, handmade table with a rare Metepec mirror, pots, baskets etc. Much much more. Lots of freebies. No questions please, just come.
  3. My iPad was deactivated and I need help to reactivate it. Anyone at Lakeside that can help me?
  4. Thanks for the rec' on a bricklayer. Basketmaker

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