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  1. I have some root canals that have failed and will need multiple extractions. I have read that a dental surgeon should do the extractions since root canal teeth are extra brittle..... Please post or P M me if you know of a good dental surgeon,preferably at lakeside. Thanks in advance!
  2. You have your point of view, which i dis agree with, i see nothing hysterical about her post, I see it as educational and i appreciate having read it. I think people who have polyps removed are both hysterical and stupid. Im entitled to my opinion also.
  3. Am posting for a friend who needs a high quality, gasoline powered weed eater in good condition, Please PM me if you have one or know of one. Thanks in advance!
  4. I need my signature notarized on a paper for South Dakota, must be a U.S. notary and does not matter what state. Please P M me or post if you have contact information for one. Thanks!
  5. I looking for an indoor air purifier, preferable an Alpine living air model XL or XL 15 but will consider any model or brand if its working good. If you have one or know of one, please P M me or e mail me lawandrew29@outlook.com Thanks in advance!
  6. Looking for a practioner offering EDTA IV Chealation treatments at Lakeside or nearby. Please p m me or e mail me at lawandrew29@outlook.com if you know of anyone. Thanks in advance!
  7. Anyone know if the officials from Guadalajara are coming to lakeside this month,to do renewals of Jalisco drivers license? Any information will be much appreciated.
  8. Im posting for a friend ,we are looking for a tracker or Suzuki sidekick, prefer a four wheel drive model but will consider the normal 2 wheel drive. Matters not what plates it has on it. Prefer a 1989 thru 1998 year model. Please P m me if you have one for sale or know of one. Or e mail me schraderlarry@easy.com
  9. Yes, that is what i had read somewhere, that we could do the application and pay at a local bank. Then go into Guadalajara to have picture made and pick up the license, maybe they have not gotten it set up yet. Thanks for your comments.
  10. Anyone know the process yet, for re newing Jalisco Drivers license online? Thanks in Advance!
  11. I have a good and in expensive car, that i will sell, will e mail you.
  12. I am confused as to why post requirements for applying for temporary residency within Mexico if one is required to apply only outside Mexico. Is it now just an option rather than a requirement to apply outside the Country? Thanks for your posting this, but please clarify, can a person now apply inside Mexico?
  13. Thank you for sending this information. I was inquiring for a friend who really needs a

    four wheel drive model. I myself, am considering to leave Mexico after 15 years here,

    but have not found the ideal place to re locate to, I am hoping you will tell me where

    you have decided to move to, and i wish you the best wherever that is!

  14. Last i heard there was a known, 11 million or so Mexicans living illegally in the U.S. Why dont you go up there and clean them out! I fail to understand how you find it so upsetting that one American with a small income may be living here illegally, when the Mexicans up there are also working illegally thus driving down wages for Americans, Like American veterans who cant find a job that pays enough to live on.....your attitude seems ONE WAY and Hypocritical to me
  15. No pics, wish i had that good a camera and knew how to use it though.
  16. to be more specific about my own sightings of UFO,S in San Luis Soyatlan. One night i saw a huge, what i chose to call Mothership become stationary in the air above the mountains, then a total of 7, smaller ufo,s exited the mothership and scattered laterally in all directions, went out of my sight. I went indoors for a while and after about an half hour i went back out, just in time to count three of the smaller ufo,s re entering the mothership. I assumed that the other 4 had already re entered as the mothership then took off, silently and quickly. I have been watching them for years, so im not confused with satellites, burning balloons, weather ballons etc.
  17. I lived in San Luis Soyatlan, on the South side of the lake for over ten years. From my, large and private, back yard I watched many UFO,S at night and i do not drink alcoholic beverages. I had no view of the lake from my back yard but i know a well educated, professional man who told me that he has seen one entering the lake. I would like to see it for myself and i appreciate the positive reports here. To the ones asking about Tequila etc. I would suggest that perhaps it is only non drinkers who are alert enough to observe the sky and the beauty of it.... I once had a habit of looking at the bottom of a bottle myself and i dont remember seeing any UFOS while drunk.
  18. Just be real carefull if you take a long distance bus, look under the seat, look in the overhead compartment, move to another seat if you see any bulky packages near your seating area. Dont carry any luggage that has t go under the bus. These days you can be jailed and shaken down for thousands of dollars if the wrong thing happens to be under your seat............... Of course the driver and or whoever put in there get by just fine.
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