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  1. ZEB..THANK YOU! Wish there were more brave and honest people in the world, you have provided a very valuable service please do not allow the coward types on here to dis courage you. That nurse is THE ultimate of human decency and i have forwarded copies of this video to many others and it will go viral.....or at least i hope so. Well done!
  2. Meantime if you want an i phone x to accompany the laptop..I have one i would sell at 500 u.s. dlls or pesos equal, at time of sale It currently has an AT and T chip in it and the number goes with it, if desired. Phone was bought new in Guadalajara at $27,973 pesos on January 31st 2018 and is in excellent condition. P M me or e mail me at lawrencek2015@yahoo.com if interested, price is firm
  3. AM posting for a friend......who wishes to buy a machine of the best quality, a high end brand in excellent condition, he mentioned brands like LIFE FITNESS or PRECARE etc. says it need not have electronics such as the heart rate monitor, but he is wanting a top end machine...... If you have one or know of one please P M me or e mail to Larry ... lawrencek2015@yahoo.com Thanks in advance
  4. Im never happy to hear of police mis treating anyone but...maybe he said something about thier Mother and or maybe they didnt believe he needed to work over the week end........every coin have two sides, i once had a director of my high school who most everyone wanted to beat up.,,just sayin
  5. Thanks! I mainly want to warn people that its happening, want folks to be aware
  6. In the Roca Azul area,there is a group of 3 people working for the government, going door to door knocking and touching doorbells, no gloves,no masks, no visible hand cleaner,no eye prtotection and they want to sit and chat and ask questions...even of people like me who is in a motorhome. I told them to go home and keep thier distance from me, i told them i did not blame them at all but the Govt. has asked me not to go out and visit anyone, ive been already 6 days complying with that request from the Governor of Jalisco, and yet here are Federal employees wanting to get in my face !, Im over 65 and have underlying health issues, which i told them from a distance..... My understanding is that its voluntary, and is supposed to be for permanet residents or citizens in any event, i think they should put that all on hold or call people on the phone, whatever............
  7. Its not about charity,never was. Im glad you can not understand these pedophile loving, sickos who love to terrorize the small children here with thier gross Zombie , sick behaviour , From what i heard from some of the Mexican people, the event may not go so smoothly for the ugly gringos this year, time will tell. I just read about a Canadian in Cancun who was allegedly a pedophile, seems that many of the Mexican people have had enough of pedophiles and thier supporters,the guys body was rolled up in a rug,reports said he died hard, if he was indeed a child abuser, I wont be crying about his demise. May he and all child abusers rest in hell. By the way, I was once a significate donor to the red cross, but have not given a dime since they allowed this evil to be associated with tier name.
  8. Yes, I went along with a friend,taking another,very sick friend to the so called Joco hospital yesterday,wasted several miserable hours, got no help for the friend, who is a member of seguro popular , his original contract and the required 4 copies were presented. If i have an emergency i would want to be taken anywhere but there, i had no sense of anyone caring about the patient, only paperwork,they did finally ,at least to pretend to take an xray althugh it was never shown to me or to the patient if it exists. They presented an order that would have supposedly allowed the patient to be looked over at an emergency room in Guadalajara The patient however,had become a non believer after suffering incredible pain in the hallways for hours Enough said. If I myself had to depend only on public hospitals or clinics here, i would be on my way back N O B to the U.S.A where in my home state,any human who is sick and in pain gets treatment, no matter thier race color or creed, that is the State of Texas.
  9. Ask your friend if $55,000 cash is acceptable,please

  10. Am posting for a neighbor who wishes to visit a Psychologist at Lakeside, any recomendations ? Thanks in advance!
  11. Am posting for a Mexican friend who has been confined to a wheelchair for 20 plus years, he just recently tore ligaments loose in his right shoulder and can not manage his regular wheel chair. He needs a good working, electric wheelchair or mobility scooter asap and can pay a fair price for one. Please PM me or call me at 332 804 9579 if you have one or know where one is located. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have had several friends here over the past 18 years, who have been told to move out and go to the Coast because of thier difficulty in breathing. I myself ,hope to move to a coastal area soon for the same reason, diagnosis of COPD and Doctors telling me to head down to the coast to live. Wish you the best,whatever your decision.
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