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  1. Posting for a friend. This is a complete,new kit that he bought to install on a 1989 Ford pickup with the 6.9 diesel engine, He said it will work on all the year models when Ford used this 6.9 diesel in pickups. This is a Banks turbo kit that costs 3,000 u.s. dollars and he is asking 1,000 u.s. or peso equivalent for the kit. P M me if interested in the kit or if you happen to have a pickup you would sell that has the 6.9 diesel engine and is 4 wheel drive. Mexican farmers and ranchers can get legal plates for farm use only, so u.s. plates on the truck would be ok and i have a Mexican rancher friend who is looking for an older 4x4 diesel pickup. Thanks in Advance!
  2. Im posting for a friend who needs a small, open type utility trailer for use on the farm, not on the highway, so plates do not matter. Please do P M me here if you have one or know of one. Thanks in advance!
  3. schraderone

    "Thrill the World" rehearsals start TODAY!

    Your activities cost money, money that could be donated to good causes instead of used to scare innocent babies. Nothing thrilling about your gross and ugly faces.
  4. schraderone

    Asus 10 inch tablet detachable keyboard

  5. I am looking for a source to buy EDTA suppositores, or a practicioner who actually uses liquid EDTA via IV . There are some Doctors using solutions they make up that often have Vitamin C etc. Thanks to anyone who knows this product or therapy by personal experince if you would P M me your experince or maybe post it.
  6. schraderone

    Best Airline to Mexicali?

    Thanks very much, i appreciate your comments, will give them a try then.
  7. Anyone reccomend an airline with flights from Guadalajara to Mexicali,besides Volaris? Thanks in advance!
  8. schraderone

    Best place to look for used sxooter

    I know of a like new,2015 motorbike with only 5,000 kilometers for sale in Joco is 125cc is not a scooter,is a motorbike style ,the price is 700 dollars or 12,500 pesos, license are paid up thru 2018. E mail me at lawandrew29@outlook.com if you want to see it.
  9. I have some root canals that have failed and will need multiple extractions. I have read that a dental surgeon should do the extractions since root canal teeth are extra brittle..... Please post or P M me if you know of a good dental surgeon,preferably at lakeside. Thanks in advance!
  10. schraderone

    Colonoscopy questions

    You have your point of view, which i dis agree with, i see nothing hysterical about her post, I see it as educational and i appreciate having read it. I think people who have polyps removed are both hysterical and stupid. Im entitled to my opinion also.
  11. schraderone

    I need to buy a gasoline powered weed eater

    Thanks, sent you a P M
  12. Am posting for a friend who needs a high quality, gasoline powered weed eater in good condition, Please PM me if you have one or know of one. Thanks in advance!
  13. schraderone


    I need my signature notarized on a paper for South Dakota, must be a U.S. notary and does not matter what state. Please P M me or post if you have contact information for one. Thanks!
  14. schraderone

    Oxygen Users?

    I sent you a P M
  15. I looking for an indoor air purifier, preferable an Alpine living air model XL or XL 15 but will consider any model or brand if its working good. If you have one or know of one, please P M me or e mail me lawandrew29@outlook.com Thanks in advance!