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  1. Cod and haddock are by far the most popular fish for uk fish n chips.
  2. Couple of years ago i wanted to open an account. They wanted to come and photograph my house ! No way.
  3. If you can please donate. Always a big demand here as blood banks are small and frequent requests for donars to family and friends are common. Someone donated last year and saved my life!
  4. Im between sessions natasha. Start again thursday. Tvtap seems to be undergoing maintenance, when you see update message for 2.9. Then download it, although millions will be doing it at the sametime, so keep trying. No problem to email me.
  5. Parts of san antonio had this for about 6 months. I live towards la floresta end and we got 20/25 about three weeks ago. Its dsl, definately. Not had the bill yet but happy to pay to to keep this speed. No changes to be made, all works as it should do.
  6. Yes of course i remember. Time flies. Now you can get it on big screen!
  7. Yes us and uk versions. HGTV. Oprah, over 200 in total.
  8. For my business i have got ilox to change about 25 customers to public ip. No noticeable change in speed, however in about 5 cases the change still blocks some iptv services. No idea why. Tom kessler has various theories and is most helpful and knowledgeable. For my service telmex at 5 mbps is sufficient. Free demo.
  9. 1800 pesos.including new firestick. No monthly fees here.
  10. Im about to be interviewed by the bbc about it.
  11. From informador. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Fotogaleria-Hielo-inunda-calles-de-la-ZMG-tras-tormenta-20190630-0041.html Really strange, but the effect was most certainly snow like.
  12. Just back from there, no doubt fell as hail. But is certainly snow like on the streets, parks etc. And very very cold.upto to a mtr in places but i reckon deepest i saw was around 30 to 40 cm. Videos on fb showing much deeper. From basically el alamo to old bus station .would never have believed it. Melting now and no doubt flooding soon.
  13. Since last week end 20 download from 4.close to walmart.
  14. Any other suggestions? Need someone urgently, dermika nothing till next week.
  15. Thats what they used to be called in the uk as well. . Not sure its p.c. now !!
  16. Brake lights seem to be an additional extra here which most dont seem to take up. Indicators as well. And dont get me started on cyclists without lights in the dark. Madness.
  17. I have done a few of these locally, but for some reason sometimes they work fir some and others not. Express included. Get a free trial before you pay, explain to the customer service exactly what you want to watch and they will tell you which server to use..it does affect your internet speed so if low ,less than 4mbps it might buffer, but netflix can stream at decent levels below this.with ilox no problem.
  18. Im dealing with tom who is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond, and isnt even an ilox employee. Person im contacting in noc again very helpful and quick response.
  19. In a few cases yes. Tom and ilox have been very helpful but in some installs i do still not successful even after ip change. In one instance i have a customer where we didnt change the ip and everything worked perfectly. Why , no one seems to know. Another customer used a vpn, works on one server but not another . Would like feed back on the dns changer, but really all this is beyond many people and they just want it to work like telmex, but with the faster speed.
  20. Problem is tom, people dont understand the all the stuff in the background and want it to work the same as telmex .
  21. Happy to give you a free demo for my service. 1800 pesos. Includes new firestick, No monthly payments.over 100 usa network channels and now some usa local. No iptv service is completely buffer free, there are many reasons. No chance of a virus with firestick. The updates are automatic or if there is a problem i come to sort it. Pm me for more info
  22. Angus. What did your friend get done exactly? With tom kesslers help we managed to determine that you need to change from private to public to make some iptv work. But in a rare occassion even this doesn't work. So interested to know.thanks
  23. Very weak signal, lots of interference in s.a.t Been like this for about two weeks.
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