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  1. barcelonaman

    Fiber Optic Cable in San Antonio? PRONTO???

    Sub contracrors for ilox.
  2. barcelonaman

    looking for Kodi and addons help

    Sent you pm. Long message to txt.
  3. barcelonaman

    Fiber Optic Cable in San Antonio? PRONTO???

    Probably ilox.sent you pm.
  4. barcelonaman

    Taxis service

    Been using them for 5 years, maybe on average once a month. Only once were they late and when i called at 5.30 am.they were here in 10 mins. I confirm the night before and no problems ,so surprised to hear this. I also use alex Peterson who has 100 percent record for 5.30 am trips.
  5. barcelonaman

    Shaw High Definition

    Sent you a pm.
  6. barcelonaman

    Shaw High Definition

    Sent you pm
  7. barcelonaman

    Flying To China Via LAX

    Done that trip a few times in past few years. I have always stayed overnight close to lax to avoid problems, the immigration/customs is slow in and out, but im not a u.s. citizen.
  8. Theres many things wrong around here but the climate isnt one of them.
  9. barcelonaman

    Off gassing at Cinemagic

    Maybe someone had frijoles for lunch.
  10. Anyone got upto date info including el saltillo and zacatecas. Thanks
  11. barcelonaman

    Gas situation from laredo

    Thanks geeser.got a friend coming down and just wanted update. Have a good trip.
  12. barcelonaman


    Sent pm
  13. barcelonaman

    Driver to Guadalajara needed

    I am also getting chemo in gdl. At the s.p. instituto de canceroligia. I drive to chapala bus station to get bus at 6am .then taxi to arrive around 7.30 for 8am start. If your friend is attending same clinic and times and dates coincide could share and split costs. Send me pm Or if your friend has any questions.pm me.
  14. barcelonaman


    Pm me for information on how to get free all us and uk mainstream channels free.
  15. barcelonaman


    Pm me for information.
  16. barcelonaman

    home security

    Yes. He also speaks english.
  17. barcelonaman

    home security

    Might be of benefit.https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/sg-alarmas#D[A:sg alarmas] Ask Alberto 331 025 5970 for installation price and further advice.
  18. barcelonaman


    All available free! Why pay?
  19. This is the way to haggle.
  20. barcelonaman

    Ajijic Malecon Repairs

    I'm wondering if they're going to ask the residents for money to fix the many, many potholes? Double snort.😣😣 somebody on a facebook page already suggested this !!
  21. Anyone know if they are coming to lcs anytime soon?
  22. barcelonaman

    Why was Estillo thread locked ?

    Thats shocking. I am battling cancer as well and if anyone makes fun of that they will be recieving a Glasgow kiss and or a knee in the cojones! For that alone i wont be going to that place.hope all works out for you.
  23. barcelonaman

    I Shop closed?

    They are open as usual. Telephone problems all week.
  24. And wonder or wonders people can and have removed previous icons to save face. R.
  25. barcelonaman

    Blood Donation Needed

    Was in same situation earlier this year. My doctor managed to sort it with the hospital some how. Also ask hospital staff. Cleaners nurses etc. They might have friends or contacts. Also facebook might be an option, one of the local gringo sites. Beg borrow barter or gingoes in ajijic, They are a younger crowd.insidelakeside board helped out a friend of mine last year as well. Good luck.