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  1. Lots of these things in walmart and farmacia guadalajara.
  2. Anyway the raffle for his presidential plate will help matters ,after of course paying the 1.5 million usd for storage and maintaince to a u.s. company. Wonder if he is any good at bike lane developments?
  3. Very nice...get yourself on the local facebook pages as well.
  4. Quite a few do use bikes but not the bike lane. Non have lights. I drive early mornings and is as dangerous as hell. They have a death wish . Dont stop at traffic lights, dont look behind when turning. Just crazy.
  5. Cocktail bar and cameleon constitution. El barco, iron horse. Exotica , adelitas ? New bar west of plaza i think is a sports bar. Hidalgo 18.
  6. Something wrong then. I have had treatment there for 18 months, and continuing. I had to pay for infusor appx, 800 pesos, emend tablets appx 2000 pesos ,optional, acido foliatico 2000 pesos, twice a month. The actual chemo was always free. This was for appx a year. From July all items were available for free.in december i started with new treatment tablets to take at home. Cost 7000 pesos. Free under s.p. I would get your friend to check, its not expensive even when some items arent available.
  7. Thats so strange, i have been receiving cancer treatment at the instituto cancerologia for 18 months or more with s.p.
  8. Thanks rony. Im another satisfied cancer suffer getting treatment at the instituto.
  9. Think the guy who comes up with these ideas and planning is called stevie wonder.
  10. Mrs rupert, thats the big question.. Im happy with telmex i get 20 to 25mbps, no ip change needed. However this varies from street to street ,even house to house. I also like that telmex have a local squad of techs should it go down, ilox dont. Since wizz changed its name it also seems to be pretty reliable these days. Ilox when it works seems fine ,but just too many doubts for me, but many are pleased with it. However the lack of modems, now this not changing ip address and total lack of communication, prepaids still waiting, are red flags for me.
  11. Telmex and wizz supply customers with a public ip address from the start. Only ilox are different.
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