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  1. personally i think the johnny character and now another are the reason so many have left his board. they arent funny and just seem to wind people up. they should have been rousted long ago. Geordie my arse!
  2. why not ask the kids what they want? did they want a skate area in the first place?
  3. thanks rod for the explanation. would this also be the cause of a few apps not working as well?.particularly iptv? is there a way around this problem?
  4. i take it you arent happy with ilox. could you explain the problems to us who are considering moving to them ? thanks
  5. there is a facebook group doing the same thing are you both co ordinating? they are having fund raisers, and the king and queen of ajijic competition. gringos ajijic has the details. hector is involved i believe.
  6. about 6pm today. entrance to floresta. new boxes on poles. white unmarked vans. but had opened the telmex box where they are working
  7. lorenzo sent you a message on your contact page on your webpage but not had any answer. will send you pm here.
  8. barcelonaman


    Minimum 40 minutes. Pretty tasty. Spanish tortilla is good as well
  9. Can you give me details traderspoc. Just need some pretty basic stuff done. Or any other recommendation Tks
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