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  1. barcelonaman

    Meals on Wheels

    This lady makes great stuff at the monday market and looks like will do specials. Also lakeside delivery service supplies from many local restaurants for appx 50 peso charge. http://food.sslakeside.com https://m.facebook.com/home.php#!/story.php?story_fbid=1090493031129127&id=100005053204626&refid=28&_ft_=qid.6612683957826245112%3Amf_story_key.-6964891305787991761%3Atop_level_post_id.2028148543913079%3Acontent_owner_id_new.100005053204626%3Aoriginal_content_id.1090493031129127%3Asrc.22%3Aphoto_attachments_list.[1090491991129231%2C1090492791129151]&__tn__=*s*sH-R
  2. barcelonaman

    Boys youth futbol

    Lots of football teams of different age groups play at field in ramon corona in san antonio la floresta end. Normally from around 4pm week days for training and matches on the weekends.the groundsman should be able to give more info. Theres also the football field in ajijic.close to salvadors old restaurant which certainly used ti have a couple of kids teams, plus at the bottom of same street where wednsday market is.on left hand side in la floresta they have built a new pitch.
  3. barcelonaman

    Uber from GDL

    You install the app. Register with them how you want to pay. Cash to the driver or credit card,or through PayPal. When you need a taxi select your destination.will show the price and availabilty. Confirm, then you can message driver.they seem to have discontinued being able to phone him. You then see where the uber is on your app. When arrived at destination.either pay the cash or confirm with him that the job is finished and paid with your nominated card. There is now an option to give the driver a tip if you use cc. I have used uber frequently for nearly three years in various mexican cities, never had a problem, apart from Guadalajara..rude ,wont take you to destination although they accepted it. Ask for more money than is quoted .etc etc. If you dont use the app, they arent uber.simple. Any rogues will probably not have any insurance cover either.
  4. barcelonaman

    Potholes riberas

    Following on from a previous thread, the potholes , appx 300mtr before (seven eleven)and maybe 500mtr after mamas deli are still there.they are bad,and now quite a few of them, beware. Entering chapala isnt clever either.
  5. barcelonaman

    Telmex Arcadyan Modem questions

    5.0 gives a faster data speed and less interference from domestic appliances but has a shorter range. You need to check your devices can handle this, if not use 2.4.
  6. barcelonaman

    Uber from GDL

    So the four uber taxis currently showing on the uber app dont exist ? The six times i have used uber to and from lakeside in september and october ,using the app and paid direct to uber, not the driver , are all rogues? I dont think so. There is a new company servicing guadalajara called didi.seem cheaper, but not so many cars at the moment. I dont know if they will come to lakeside yet. Same idea as uber. Use an app and decide your preference for payment. https://www.google.com.mx/amp/s/expansion.mx/empresas/2018/09/18/didi-crece-presion-sobre-uber-inicia-operaciones-en-guadalajara%3f_amp=true
  7. barcelonaman

    Coming home

    Imo there's too many nut jobs, false information,and keyboard warriors on these boards,which eventually wears everyone down and don't bother posting anymore.As you say it's not just chapala.com.
  8. barcelonaman


    No.not lakeside.checkout ilox thread.
  9. That will be the place with really loud music that disturbs the neighbours then.
  10. barcelonaman

    work has begun

    Yo1.7am wednesday i managed to avoid the one that was posted about,however a few hundred mtrs further on hit a pothole and damaged wheel rim.
  11. Just been through it. Huge police and militay presence.i reckon 100 cars and trucks of police and different military forces. Obviously all armed and many plain clothes. Helicopter landed close to hotel perico and the tyre place. No idea what happened. Libramiento blocked heading to chapala Chaos on the careterra. No sign of any accident or bus on fire.
  12. barcelonaman

    Men's electric shavers

    Cg. That was also my last experience with electric,i was hoping latest tech had improved things.. What was the make 757?
  13. barcelonaman

    Men's electric shavers

    So which brand electric shaver is recommended ?
  14. barcelonaman

    Attempted Scammer Alert

    It's impossible to call these numbers back, normally says number doesn't exist,even when using the call back from your phone.
  15. barcelonaman

    Looking for friends while on my vacation

    For a younger crowd, el barco, iron horse, infierno and possibly toms old bar,think called the cocktail lounge now. Cameleon used to be busy but havent been for a while.things start around 9 or 10pm. They are all safe,but just be street wise if you have to walk home at night. Taxis are pretty well non existent at night unless booked in advance. We have uber but dont know if they run late either. Think all the above have facebook pages.