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  1. I went a couple of weeks back. I am in their area, no need for year payment but incentives for direct debit payment with card.
  2. Totally agree, i now see the seafood place on carretera (nr sunrise )now closed up. Never saw anyone in there
  3. Praise when its due. I just emailed noc to get ip changes for some customers. 10minutes later confirmation email and done!
  4. To be fair all paid iptv services have had huge problems after the raids on europe about three weeks ago. They are now just starting to get back to normality. The free ones i install werent affected they use a different system. But its been a difficult time for all iptv services and customers. Plus the local telmex internet pm slow down doesnt help. Dont know the guy but a bit of understanding and pacience from both sides during this tough time might help. I do have a paid service 12.99usd as well, and during this time they have not charged customers until 100 percent running again
  5. Not true at all. The free ones were not affected by the incidents, they use a completely different system ! They arent websites! The ones i install have been around for at least 4 years plus i have my own proprietary app. No need for vpn and theres no antivirus required. Please get your facts straight if you are trying to to diss my service.
  6. Im not sure if it is the backbone. This slow down is only in afternoons, peaktime, and isnt in all areas. Trying to get telmex to admit it took a long time and not coming up with solutions.
  7. In sat. Myself and some neighbours got upgraded from 5 to 20mbps some 3 months ago. Worked great for a month. Then two months ago we still get 20 till about 3pm, thereafter 1 or 2. Spoken with telmex cdmex and local office many times. Thers just not sufficient capacity is the final answer. No sign of it improving. Affecting quite a few areas. We are going to try ilox. God knows whats going to happen when snowbirds get here..
  8. Some 50 plus recommendations for my system. Just on one fb page!
  9. I went in to ilox to signup. Lady in front of me had some probkem getting money back from a prepayment. One her way out she wished me good luck! Not what i want hear, but so fed up with telmex its worth a try.
  10. Smoked cod. Never had it battered but love it poached with a couple of eggs. Superlake had battered haddock in the freezer a few weeks back. Not bad considering we are in the middle of mexico. I used to get frozen atlantic cod from (hbe?) supermarket when i lived in tamaulipas. That was pretty good as well.
  11. Clearly states...la pacena. Luz at lcs is a very good optican.
  12. Really difficult to get real fish n chips in england. Whitby is probably most famous. The local places are mostly chinese owned and never the same. Although many chippies in scotland are of italian decent and can be excellent. Cod in england, with mushy peas. haddock in scotland, with a fried mars bar. Plaice occasionally or halibut was a speciality. Probably wrapping in newspaper is illegal these. La pacena can be good, but expensive. The halibut was great but i think 300 pesos for a small portion. The head waiter puts me off with his garbage stories of where the fish is from and his attitude sucks.
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