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  1. barcelonaman

    Asus 10 inch tablet detachable keyboard

    5 years old.lightly used
  2. barcelonaman

    Canelo Triple G

    Toms old bar now called the cocktail lounge now advertising it. Start from 9.30pm Edit. Purple garlic pizza on careterra also avertizing now.
  3. barcelonaman

    Taxi Fares

    We do the nrw bus station to s.a.t regularly. Normal taxi you have to negotiate. 500 to 550, max, but yesterday wanted 800 and no negotation ! Uber is cheaper at around 300 to 350 but also varies.some not keen as price is low so i normally say i will give them 50 or 100 pesos cash.as a tip.
  4. barcelonaman

    Canelo Triple G

    Possibly Adelitas or el barco or iron horse. Maybe toms old bar. Edit.just checked facebook and none of the above are advertising it..maybe best to stick with erotica in the plaza.
  5. Theres an s.p. clinic in san antonio.
  6. barcelonaman

    Fund raiser for local star

    Unfortunately he isnt the only one. I have now got stage4 cancer..no insurance.my fault. spent around 600,000 pesos this year on ops and treatment.big hole in my savings. Now getting chemo on seguro popular but still having to spend on expensive drugs which are not covered,but every little helps. Would be worth checking with sp for gasto catastrofico. This has been a great help to me.
  7. barcelonaman

    UBER "problem," or maybe not?

    Would imagine anything not done through the app would null and void their insurance.
  8. barcelonaman

    Recommendation for basic auto insurance.

    Theres various comparison sites in Mexico. Here is one. Google more. https://www.rastreator.mx
  9. barcelonaman

    Asus 10 inch tablet detachable keyboard

    Sorry for delay. Its android. Dont think windows exist on this type of tablet.
  10. barcelonaman

    UBER "problem," or maybe not?

    Current price via the app 228 pesos from sat. Many scammers out there ,only use the app. Used uber in many places in mexico all been great, apart from Guadalajara. Cancel for no reason. Rude. Cars dirty. Moan about coming to lakeside as the tarrif is low. I normally say i will give them 100 pesos cash extra. Still a deal from central gdl.
  11. barcelonaman

    Chaplain Elevation

    Elevated to, high priest ?
  12. Anyone know if there is a direct bus from ajijic to Guadalajara around 6.30 am via libramiento? Thanks
  13. barcelonaman

    Hollister stoma paste

    I have two new tubes of hollister karaya5 stoma paste .purchased two months ago in original packaging.500 pesos for both.
  14. barcelonaman

    Help for a newbie

    Just for information.. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Asesinan-a-chofer-de-Uber-en-carretera-a-Chapala-20180805-0051.html
  15. barcelonaman

    Where to sign up for Seguro Popular

    How did chillin resolve this problem?