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  1. A mother and daughter were injured by flying glass. They were buying oranges, so you can see how close they were by looking at the foto. Could easily have been so much worse.
  2. Yes few reports on facebook and photos. Seems only minor injuries thank goodness and doesnt affect panchos business too much.
  3. I can give you nfl network, ESPN and fox sports channels on my firestick service. No monthly fee.. Or load the nfl game pass onto it but needs the full subscription paid. Pm me for more details.
  4. I bought this model from mercadolibre two weeks ago.looks similar. Arrived within24 hours. Just change over the cables change your devices to new password and off you go https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-639158146-modem-telmex-2019-ultima-generacion-envio-gratis-_JM
  5. Had 3 kindles in 8 years. Couldnt live without it, but strangley the one i preferred was the old keyboard model, but the new ones are quicker and lighter.
  6. Excellent, thank you. However doesnt have a facility to trace potentially abducted cats!
  7. Nothing will increase your speed. Will only boost signal strength.
  8. Telcel taking a leaf out of telmex book, spurious insurance?
  9. Looks like that place has gone cg, looking for alternative.
  10. Any where that sells them to go?
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