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  1. barcelonaman


    All available free! Why pay?
  2. This is the way to haggle.
  3. barcelonaman

    Ajijic Malecon Repairs

    I'm wondering if they're going to ask the residents for money to fix the many, many potholes? Double snort.😣😣 somebody on a facebook page already suggested this !!
  4. Anyone know if they are coming to lcs anytime soon?
  5. barcelonaman

    Why was Estillo thread locked ?

    Thats shocking. I am battling cancer as well and if anyone makes fun of that they will be recieving a Glasgow kiss and or a knee in the cojones! For that alone i wont be going to that place.hope all works out for you.
  6. barcelonaman

    I Shop closed?

    They are open as usual. Telephone problems all week.
  7. And wonder or wonders people can and have removed previous icons to save face. R.
  8. Hello?  Are you there?

  9. Can you please tell me how this works with a firestick?  I have one from Amazon.  Gracias

    If you are happy with standard definition or maybe 720 hd depending on your internet speed, i can install free apps onto firestick or android box.min 4 mbps download speed.

    Only disadvatage is no programme guide.

    All us and uk mainstream sports,news.documentary , entertainment, channels available for free.

    No registering. No payment.as legal as shaw.

    Also missing coronation street ?

    I can install on demand episodes  from uk and of course live three times a week.

    BBC iplayer.

    Pm me for details.not kodi.

  10. barcelonaman

    Blood Donation Needed

    Was in same situation earlier this year. My doctor managed to sort it with the hospital some how. Also ask hospital staff. Cleaners nurses etc. They might have friends or contacts. Also facebook might be an option, one of the local gringo sites. Beg borrow barter or gingoes in ajijic, They are a younger crowd.insidelakeside board helped out a friend of mine last year as well. Good luck.
  11. barcelonaman

    Television options

    I seem to have stalker. Everytime i advise or offer my services this person puts the laughing icon on my posts. This so called "expert" has obviously never tried it otherwise he would just shut up.He is just showing his ignorance again.
  12. barcelonaman

    Dead Car!!

    If the car is dead how can she get it to these places?
  13. barcelonaman

    Television options

    More ignorance from our expert dinosaur..!
  14. barcelonaman

    Television options

    As well as u.s and u.k channels ,can now offer canadian channels including Bbc canada, cbc news network,cbc vancouver and toronto, ctv,ctv news fox news canada. More details in computer section of classifieds or pm me.
  15. barcelonaman

    TELCEL Cell

    One bar again now. Had two voice messages left but never had the phone ring