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  1. Thank you so much. And, yes, I do have signs on the house.
  2. I did not know this and apologize. I was told I could do this. I'm a novice and I will learn.
  3. Thank you much! I wasn't aware of this and am very new to posting. I did post on inside lakeside.
  4. I am so sorry. I'm new at this so thank for the information.
  5. Other than Facebook is there a site I can post my house for sale here in Lakeside?
  6. The Sale is tomorrow Saturday March 13th from 9 AM to 4 PM.
  7. Garage Sale/Bazar. Everything must go. From doodads to kitchen items like glasses, dishes, crock pots, coffee stuff, iced tea maker, cameras that are in good condition, wine glasses, plastic glasses, cables of all kinds, keyboards, usb hubs, furniture (love seat & 2 chairs, 3 ikea chairs/one with foot stool, reclining deck chair that needs new cover, 2 bedside tables, etc. San Lucas #22 in Riberas del Pilar. One block toward lake from Carretera. On the corner of San Lucas and San Luis.
  8. Experienced Gardener wanted: Must know plants, fertilizers, and insecticides. References required, Prefer independent contractor, English a plus. Call: +1-850-485-2525
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. Yes, I have received totally legal advice concerning the plates.
  10. Back again with same problem. I cannot travel to border myself. Husband bedridden. Is it possible if I sell to a US citizen they can drive it north without me? It is a 2005 Ford Gulfstream BT Cruiser. It has been stored beside our home since 2009 and hasn't been driven much at all. It's blue book is over 30,000 US. Purchased in 2006. Mileage when purchased 5,630 miles. Battery needs recharging so can't read mileage now. Will post that later.
  11. Want to buy used body lift or hoist. Can be manual. For transferring husband from bed to wheel chair.
  12. Does anyone know about the fastest and most reliable internet in Riberas del Pilar? We just heard San Antonio is getting 50 MB down. Pete, I hope you're online.
  13. Has anyone figured the cost of driving to Laredo, TX from Chapala including tolls and gas?
  14. My husband is not able to leave the house and I cannot leave him to drive it to US. Is there someone or some company here that would do that?
  15. Rules here on selling vehicle with US plates. Or, who can I see for advice.
  16. We still have the lovely dog and thank you so much B for your response. We so hope his owners will find the flyers I put up at El Torrito, Superlake, Vet store in Riberas, the new Vet store going into Chapala, and Walmart. I asked at The Container store but will bring another flyer also. This dog is so well behaved and in such good condition. A really healthy good looking animal. I have three rescues and a small house so hope we can find his owner.
  17. Found black and white male dog Monday evening. Very domesticated. Trained. He is white with black spots mostly black head with black ears. Just a lovely dog. Please call 765-3163 or 3310982221.
  18. So glad to hear Benno's isn't gone forever! Thanks for the new phone number.
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