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  1. The car: 2005 Volvo XC70 AWD Station Wagon 98,000 miles Completely Volvo serviced all of it's life.
  2. Thanks to all. I figured that to be a valid PoA it would have to be by an American Notary. If I need to go to a US Consulate, where is the nearest one? The buyer told me what was necessary in the wording, I can cut and paste from the web and add the necessary specific information.
  3. It is necessary for me to return my car to the USA to sell it. I dread the trip and my wife absolutely refuses to go through it again. The car is titled in both our names. This being the case I was told by the buying agent that I can use a Power of Attorney with all the proper info in lieu of her appearing. Where can I get a P o A that will be valid in the USA here at Lakeside? I assume a Mexican P o A will not be valid. Thanks.
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