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  1. The car: 2005 Volvo XC70 AWD Station Wagon 98,000 miles Completely Volvo serviced all of it's life.
  2. Thanks to all. I figured that to be a valid PoA it would have to be by an American Notary. If I need to go to a US Consulate, where is the nearest one? The buyer told me what was necessary in the wording, I can cut and paste from the web and add the necessary specific information.
  3. It is necessary for me to return my car to the USA to sell it. I dread the trip and my wife absolutely refuses to go through it again. The car is titled in both our names. This being the case I was told by the buying agent that I can use a Power of Attorney with all the proper info in lieu of her appearing. Where can I get a P o A that will be valid in the USA here at Lakeside? I assume a Mexican P o A will not be valid. Thanks.
  4. TO Mainecoon: A while back you suggested that we stop at a Travelodge in Pharr, TX, at the end of the day's travel and then head for the border to get what...all our documents and stuff so that the next morning, we can just drive through? Are you saying that the process can be done in steps, not all at once? I hope so, because we will have 3 or 4 cats with us, and having them in a car is not a great idea, even though we won't reach the border until about January 9 or 10. Please excuse if this question sounds silly, but we are neophytes at this (long distance driving and border crossing) and need all the help we can get.
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