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  1. Joco: Last week, my rental agent told me that my landlord can/will no longer accept USA drawn checks for rent even though my lease is in USD not pesos because of this banking change. He said he'd accompany me to Intercam, with all the usual needed documentation and I can swipe my ATM there and get pesos with no commission or charges. I already have an ATM that does that because of my banking relationship with my USA bank, so we'll see. In any case, it is just another PITA that we've exchanged for the benefits of living here, and so...wherever you go, there you are!
  2. Quote from policy endorsement: "$750,000 USD Annual per person"
  3. Yep, us to...we need to get to BWI which is a major stop/hub for SWA.
  4. I've got it. Cost through Boomers is about $1,000 USD mas o ma menos per individual per year. (you join Boomers to get it). Deductible is down to $3,000 USD; maximum benefit is $750,000 USD and, for example, Cancer treatments (God forbid!) limit is $200,000 per insured per year. Air ambulance is included with a $25,000 USD limit to the nearest facility that can handle your problem. Pre-exeistings count only for the first year. If you've HPB and in that first year, you have a condition caused by it, then it is not covered, after 12 months, it is. Under a certain age, no physical is required. Valerie (who is Blue Angel) is very upfront with all the info, We are into our second year of coverage with it. We've only used it (Thank God) for their Interconsulatation Service which was very helpful.
  5. In March, there was an ad in the Reporter for Square Dance lessons, taught by Ralph Courtney. I just called his phone number but there is no answer, perhaps he is a snowbird (?). Our group wants to hold a square dance on December 21 (tentatively) and I need to locate him, or someone else in our community who can to it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  6. Is there a local (lake area) doctor who specializes in sleep apnea and is familiar with CPAP/BiPAP machines? Any referral would be welcomed. Thanks.
  7. Lots to agree with here: only one night NBD, out on the patio, again NBD - come another night, sit in another location...sheeeesh!. The food is great, I love it, but my pet peeve with it is the kids outside the restaurant the one's begging for "tips" to watch my car, before I go to eat, and then after I come out, for "watching" my car. It does make the experience unpleasant, no matter the cause (which the liberal part of me sympathizes with). I would only wish there was a way this could go away...but it is not the management's responsibility, I know. So again, my personal choice is the question here, not the restaurants.
  8. FHBOY


    It will always be our "go-to" place for a good meal, great beef and those fantastic baked potatos. If someone could convince Bruno to allow Vicky and his grandson to do some remodeling, more people will show. Bruno's a a consistent gem in the restaurant culture, now if they just be allowed to shine and polish it. We don't eat the decor, and the food is consistent and good, and moderately priced. I'd like to see more traffic.
  9. We've heard that there is an annual TP contest in January (?) for the community. Does anyone have any specific information about it? Date(s) Time(s) Entrance Deadlines Team(s)? Entrance fees Contact info Thank you
  10. Where is the information about this event posted? - entrance requirements - fees - how to apply to enter - entrants deadlines etc
  11. Our non-profit is contemplating an event that needs a square dance caller (maybe with his/her own music) if we can find one. If the event takes place, [it is still in the preliminary planning stage], it would be around American Thanksgiving time. If anyone knows of a caller or is a caller, please PM me. Thank you.
  12. Due to scheduling we must take a Guad tour on a Monday. One of the travel agencies in town only offer a Guad tour, with a side to Tlaq on Sunday, and the charges are astronomical, $65 USD/person. The other agency will not know when or if they will offer a tour, it depends on the # of people who want it at that time. We will soldier on!
  13. Batter, batter, batter. Zing, batter!
  14. Has anyone used Tapatio Tours (http://www.tapatiotour.com) for sightseeing in Guadalajara? I have read TripAdvisor and the general comments are good. I'd like people with first hand experience to respond. The price ($110 mxn) seems good and the hop-on-hop off feature is like we had in London. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also, which guidebook(s) have you found most comprehensive and portable for a tour? I do not want to drive all over Guad, neither can any of us do a whole lot of walking. THNX
  15. Did DL from GDL to DCA - $590 r/t end of December - via ATL (with preferred seating upgrade!) - less expensive w/o that!
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