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  1. I sent a pm to the OP and checked today because I didn't get a response . . . this after I was unable to send a second pm with my e-mail. Now I see a msg that says OP has not read my msg but also that the OP is "blocked." What the heck does this mean?
  2. Thanks, Bisbee Gal, for that wonderful post. I am very interested in San Cristobal and, because of your post, may go there sometime in May for a few days. Would you please post re possible hotels. Did you stay in Tuxtla Gutierrez as well, and can you recommend hotels there? THANKS!
  3. VSOP

    power adaptors

    Thanks so much. I see on my power cord to re-charge the netbook, it says 10A125V, so am guessing that cord is better than good-enough for US and almost good enough for Mexico . . . works for me!
  4. I know zip about electricity, AC means air-conditioning to me. Can I safely assume that adaptations for ordinary usage of electrical power (as in charging a netbook) are no longer needed throughout Mexico? (Only true in more populated areas?) Last we travelled in Europe, I think we blew up the adaptor! Thanks.
  5. The analysis by Villalobos makes the situation seem more hopeful, at least to me, than I had previously thought. Thanks so much, Arroyo Grande, for the links . . . and also for your always clear, level-headed and knowledgeable contributions.
  6. Hey, Hound Dog . . . my neighbor moved here . . . Munngummers . . . recently, from 27 years in Ouagadougou and she wishes she had never left . . . Ouagadougou, that is.
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