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  1. I had never heard of DirectTVGo. Is there a local installer? Or do I contact them directly? I found their web site at https://www.directvgo.com/mx/ .
  2. WOW. Great answers to my request. However, I am only looking for someone who may already have a truck CAPABLE of towing a 5th wheel, maybe at one time may have had a hitch in place, who may want to make some extra cash to tow someone else's 5th wheel. It is not for me, so I would not be looking to buy another truck to tow a 5th wheel that I no longer own. And I am not asking anyone to modify their truck to install a hitch just to make a few pesos. SIMPLE question; Is there someone out there who may be interested in towing a 5th wheel and has a truck capable of towing a 5th wheel? If you a
  3. Thank you for your input. YES, It is correct that you need a 5th wheel hitch to tow a 5th wheel RV AND I live in Roca Azul, so I do ask people that own trucks capable of towing 5th wheels. People have their own reasons for not wanting to do the job. Sometimes, there is someone looking to make some extra cash and willing to take the time to do the job. In fact, there used to be a man that went by Canada Bob that had towed some RV's in the past, but not sure if he is still around, OR if he can tow 5th wheels. It is possible that he does not have the 5th wheel hitch. I DO HAVE A
  4. I know that this has been asked in the past. But I am asking again. I am looking for someone to tow a fifth wheel RV. An acquaintance of mine is looking for someone who has a truck and hitch who can move his 5th wheel RV about 200 meters on the same property located in San Luis Soyatlan on the southern coast of Lake Chapala. If interested, please message me with your rate and contact phone number. The RV owner is Mexican but speaks English well. He would like to do it on Saturday, 1st of June.
  5. Like anything else you will be bringing, it all depends on how much you will bring. If you plan to bring 100 lbs worth of food and many boxes of meds, of course, you will attract attention and certainly be told to pay imports and possibly confiscations. But if you are bringing a two weeks supply of food and a couple of months worth of meds, I wouldn't worry about it. Check with local shops, including Pet Coto see if they carry what you need. Just make sure your vet docs are done correctly and shots are up to date. I would be more concerned about that stuff than about the food and meds. Safe tr
  6. As I said; Ignore the sarcasm and ignorance that you will encounter. Not everyone is eager to shoot someone or flash his firearm to everyone he encounters. But, as you can see, from a couple of posts, the procedure to purchase and register a firearm in Mexico is very easy and affordable. And it is not difficult to LEGALLY purchase a LEGAL firearm. The folks on Mexicano Armado are experienced and very knowledgable about the Mexican gun laws. If you are looking to purchase a firearm you should be able to find a seller from the Guadalajara area. Sign up on the forum and monitor the guns for sal
  7. Owning a firearm is completely legal as long as you are a "Mexican Resident". A LTC is also available by may be difficult and almost impossible to get. Buying a firearm is surprisingly easy. You do not need any paperwork or license to buy, but you do have to register it once you do buy. And you can buy from anyone. No need to go to DF for one. Visit https://www.mexicoarmado.com/index.php . It is a forum where you can buy and sell firearms in Mexico. You can also find all your answers for licensing and registration. Good luck. Ignore the sarcasm and ignorance that you will encounter. A mature
  8. I am watching this post. I do not suffer from COPD, but I am asked the same question by relatives that would like to visit. I would love to hear from COPD patients that either live in the area or have visited. What was your experience like? Everyone is different, and it all depends on the patient's overall health condition and the severity of the COPD. So, each person may have different experiences. I am hoping that COPD sufferers will respond and share their experience. Thanks!!
  9. Roca Azul in Jocotepec charges $750 pesos a month for storage. I had mine in storage for several months while I was converting it into a home. No problems. Secure.
  10. I had been going to a certain clinic for years and they recently told me that my U.S. insurance was no longer paying for my office visits because the visits were no longer connected to my surgery. What one has to do with another I do not know? They would no longer see me for any visits. Shortly thereafter, I received a call from my insurance's fraud investigation department saying that they were investigating the clinic. Apparently, the clinic was charging my U.S. insurance company $450 USD for office visits, which is usually MUCH less in Mexico. They also charged them $45,000 USD for a surger
  11. Before you go, you need to go to carmax.com and click on sell your car and complete an applicatrion where they will give you a free appraisal that will be good for a certain number of days. No obligation. They will include instructions on how you need to prepare for the transaction. I think they explain how they determined their price. Of course you will not get the highest price you would like. They are in the business to make a profit, so they need to leave room for them to add in their selling price. So don't think you will get the most you can get. That is why I said they were fair. Aft
  12. WE sold our truck at Carmax in San Antonio and flew back to Guadalajara, Got a fair price for it.
  13. Spencer, have you considered hosting an educational seminar? Your document is top notch and looks like it could be used in a seminar. I would be willing to pay to attend an educational seminar on Jalisco traffic & criminal laws and procedures for English speaking civilians. Something that would supplement your document and would be geared to the layperson. I am not sure if there has ever been such an event or if one currently exists. Maybe there would be others that would be interested in attending? Just an idea.
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