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  1. Todo Bueno resale shop in Riberas has hand-painted walking sticks right next to the counter as you walk in the door. I saw probably a half dozen there last Friday. Todo Bueno is located next door (east of) S&S Auto, ajacent to Have Hammers Carpentry school.
  2. La Pueblita has been on-again off-again for the last 5 years. Here's a prior thread that that provides alittle history.
  3. Snuck in under our gate at maybe 5 weeks of age, skin and bones, probably dumped. Now 12 weeks, about 10 pounds, vet checked and has had 2 of 3 vaccines, ready to go to a new home. She is doing well on her potty training, has mastered fetch, and we're working on sit. We will pay for final vaccination due Dec. 7th. PM if interested.
  4. If signed in as a user, the wait between searches is 15 seconds, mas o menos. If viewing as a guest, not signed in, the wait is 300 seconds, mas o menos. I just tried it both ways.
  5. They (Capital Brokers Guadalajara) are offering units for sale. https://www.vivanuncios.com.mx/a-venta-inmuebles/chapala/departamentos-de-lujo-con-vista-al-lago/1001318847250910997990709
  6. Has anyone noticed the 13 story condo building ready to stsrt construction between the Piedra Barrenada restaurants and the Raquet Club ? Will be just a few feet off, and to the north of, the carretera, where a white concrete block building now stands. Big signs went up in front of the project today.
  7. Vianney is a home store with locations all over Guadalajara, and also have a small store (limited stock) in Chapala. The Chapala store should be able to order anything you find on their website, but don't find in their store. Chapala store is located on Miguel Martinez, 4 blocks north of the 'main' traffic light at Hidalgo/Madero,, and 1 1/2 blocks east of Madero. Website is here: https://www.vianney.com.mx/Productos/RECÁMARA/EDREDONES
  8. The process is simple. Create a text message with the phone number and the amount, ie: 3331234567 200 Send the text to phone number 7373 Both you and the receiver will receive a text message back from Telcel confirming the transfer. The credit takes on the same expiration date as whatever credit the receiver already has. Best if the receiving phone has recently added a credit with a 60 day expiration. If they have no credit on their phone, it has an expiration of 10 days. You have to make sure the receiving phone is also Telcel. Can't transfer credit to a phone usig Movistar, or any other, provider.
  9. I've seen them in the booths along the Chapala malecon.
  10. Cheating Shaw ? Shaw does not have content distribution rights in Mexico. Revenue Shaw receives from customers in Mexico is cheating content providers.
  11. Muriatic acid does the trick. Same stuff that is used to clean mineral deposits from glazed swimming pool and fountain tiles. Available at Ferromteriales Lopez, the hardware store next door (west of) El Barco. 50 pesos for a gallon jug. Wear rubber gloves and don't inhale the fumes, goes without saying, when using this product.
  12. Dr. Haro in Riberas can repair dentures while-you-wait, without an appointment.
  13. Difficult to do a cost of living comparison using a single derived average (purchasing power) Example: My property taxes are 100 USD in Mexico vs. 10,000 USD in the US, 99% cheaper here. Gasoline, howeer, costs 3.34 USD per gallon here vs. 1.91 in the US, 74% more expensive here. If you don't own your house, or drive a car, neither of those comparisons are relevant. Better to use a calculator that compares today's costs for individual items in both locations, like Numbeo. This website compares costs in Illinois to Ajijic; as submitted by people who live in those 2 locations. https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_cities.jsp?country1=United+States&country2=Mexico&city1=Des+Plaines%2C+IL&city2=Ajijic
  14. The current, government controlled cost, is posted on the back of every truck, by law.
  15. Variation on the plastic wall anchor. Drill the same 1/4" hole, but instead of the plastic screw anchor, tap a 1/4" x 1" wooden dowel plug into the hole until flush with the wall. (these plugs come in picture hanger kits, along with the plastic anchors) You can then drive a small nail into the wooden plug. When you move, pull the nail and the plug/mark becomes almost invisible, or you can paint the spot using a cuetip.
  16. El Grano Cafe sells the burlap bags that their coffee beans come in. They usually have a stack next to the cash register.
  17. Search Google using: Estacionamiento Guadalajara Centro The first result will be a map. Click on the map, and it will show you an expanded map, with every public parking garage. Down the left hand side of the page will be a list of each one, with name and driving directions to find it.
  18. Giltner. As you describe your "mockingbird" scenario is exactly what happened with the chapalaweather.net station today. At 6:00 a.m., the station reported .05 inches total, while another station in Riberas was reporting 2.01 inches. The station continued to add rainfall for the next 6 hours, in increments of .01 until it reported a total of .19 at 12:00 noon. Between noon and 12:30, an additional inch was added to your total, bringing it up to the 1.15 you are reporting now. I can post the chapalaweather.net station values for every 10 minutes for the entire day, if you wish.
  19. Bontepar, Just be glad that you found a way. Many others have also, but if you start making alot of noise about it, that loophole is going to close, and your 'legal' vehicle will become illegal overnight, and then all of us in the same situation will be screwed.
  20. Amanda, Nadine & Henry Laxen maintain a list of Chapala tennis players, with phone and e-mail contact info. Also includes info on courts in the area, with contact info for reserving court time. E-mail them and they will add you to the list. http://www.maztravel.com/chapala/tennis/players.html
  21. Verify coverage where you live: http://www.megacable.com.mx/verificar_cobertura.html Check for service complaints over the past 24 hours here: http://downdetector.mx/problemas/megacable/chapala
  22. Roberto Delgado of Chapala Tree Service did some work for us, and when a bee colony was discovered inside the trunk of a tree, work stopped and Ramon Lopez Ornelas was brought in. He is in Ixtlahuacan, but travels all over lakeside. Bees are his passion. Land line 376-596-1001; cell 331-069-7861 or 331-116-2504. His knowledge about bees is nothing short of amazing.
  23. San Juan Cosala at the ironworker/scrap dealer acros the carretera from Bodega Del Arte. About 200 yards west of Farmacia Guadalajara on the mountain side. Photo below. They were tile dealers for many years, and still have all of the old stock stashed in a trailer. Also, they have buckets/boxes/bins of recycled tile laying all over. I found some pieces of of a hideous green tile, must have been from the '70's, that matched exactly the tile in our shower. Bodega Del Arte and the scrap dealer are owned by the same people.
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