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  1. I've been in Canada for over a week and all supermarkets are and have been out of flour and yeast - apparently, because people are isolated in their own homes, there is a surge of baking, especially bread baking (what could be more comforting?), going on .... back to basics in many ways
  2. I highly recommend Dr. Hernandez and support from Anne Dyer who makes it all easy
  3. I have had nothing but the absolute best support from Ron Magen. He answers all email right away and makes sure to look into and rectify any problems and answer all questions. I have solar water heater and solar electric panels and have nothing but praise for him.
  4. When you see Hector tomorrow can you please ask him about the illegal gate that La Floresta has erected over the arroyo between Lazaro Cardenas and La Floresta?  I am now out of gas and my daughter and baby are here for a month in Riviera Alta - it is impossible for us to walk with a stroller on Lazaro Cardenas and down Revolucion - we need to get to Walmart for groceries ... why is the gate there? It is only pedestrian access and puts a lot of people into a dangerous situation if and when they can't walk out. This also happens in the rainy season when the road is impassible because of that gate - it is a matter of safety, not just convenience .... can you please help? Thank you for all you do - I know you do a lot and this might seem like a trivial problem but it is making it very difficult for many people - especially those without gas who can't walk 

  5. I think horse or cow manure is good composted - just not a good way to deal with dog poo
  6. I always flush the contents of my plastic poop bag in the toilet .... I still don't know how I would pick it up and get it to a toilet without plastic but I suppose I should try using those wax paper bags. If they are making flushable ones, it's wonderful news but would our sewer systems be able to handle them - we can't even flush toilet paper. Further to this - it appals me to see poop wrapped in plastic rotting in garbage cans - a recipe for all sorts of diseases. I have a compost pile but I don't think you can compost anything but vegetarian animal excrement? I don't know but it's important to be thinking about the garbage we are making - including the stuff that sewers, not garbage dumps, were meant to dispose of.
  7. At the Mexico City airport I needed a wheelchair because of a sprained ankle. Another woman, also using a wheelchair, was in the same coach of the train that connects the terminals as I was so I asked what the proper propina would be because she was Mexican and would know what was fair. She said about $200 pesos as the guys who were pushing us were not allowed to go back on the train but had to take a taxi or walk back to the original terminal with the wheelchair. It's different at the Guadalajara airport with only one terminal.
  8. The Calendar Girls calendar will be available at the LCS Holiday Fair.
  9. Oh! Well, thanks for that information .... will look for alternatives, for sure .... thanks for possibly saving my life ....
  10. I have run into very rude newcomers here in the past couple of weeks - thought it might just be a coincidence but now it seems it's more than a harmless blip - there are a lot of people coming down for reasons that have nothing to do with loving Mexico and its culture .....
  11. I'm looking for an old dish (36" diameter approximately) to use as a lid for a firepit .... wondering if such a thing is possible? Anyone?
  12. "they love to rake it all bare" ?? I have an ongoing battle against those awful, polluting, nasty, destructive, unhealthy Leaf Blowers they all use!! Raking would be the next step, but leaving it all on my garden is what I keep asking for - maybe oneday?
  13. I would ride my bicycle if we had a safe bike lane, resulting in one less car. If there were more like me, there would be more cars off the road and much less pollution. It's hard to tell what impact it would have on traffic until we see how many of us there are. I come from an island where there are no cars and everyone rides bicycles until well into old age. Then they get tricycles.
  14. I didn't do the "platelet rich blood plasma" as suggested by mkshawn. I got stem cells, obtained from my own adipose tissue and blood, centrifuged into an injectible which was inserted into my knee. The procedure took just over an hour and cost me $2500.00 Canadian dollars and was done in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at a Sports Medicine clinic there. That clinic has a large roster of professional athletes who have had stem cell injections and are raving about it. I am having good results and am happy (not raving, yet) but I am a senior whose results aren't as good as those who are younger and still have some cartilage left in their knees. Also, I had this done at the end of May and it takes some time to start working so I'm not sure if there will be further improvement. From my understanding, it is the way of the future and already has proved itself as a better option than knee replacement in some cases. I have no idea if it is available for hips but would think it would be - why not? I don't know if anyone is doing this in Mexico yet - the Canadian clinic has only recently started this treatment and, so far so good as far as results go .......
  15. It's called negative option billing and large companies in Canada were doing it until, as TelsZ4 says, the government put an end to it
  16. It's not a scam - they are offering a service and they sent me an email telling me I was going to get it unless I called and declined the offer ..... this was happening in Canada many years ago until they changed the law - I think it's called negative option billing or something. In Canada now, you have to opt in and they no longer can make offers that stick unless you opt out. I think it's legal in Mexico to make it opt out, rather than opt in, though.
  17. I just went into TelMex and the charge is $49.50. They can't stop it - I have to call the # myself to do that - but they will reimburse me when/if it shows on my bill next month.
  18. I got an email last night from TelMex saying that I would be charged $49.50 per month on my bill from now on for a new service - "Inbursa" which I had never heard of and certainly don't want. I called the number in the email - the same one the OP posted - and got a recording listing 3 options in Spanish. This is not a TelMex number but was listed in the email as whom to call if I didn't request this service. I decided to just pop into Telmex today to get it removed from my bill ..... seems like it's a big campaign and we should all check our bills next month.
  19. Days - or maybe it was one week ----- faster than I could have expected, in any case
  20. I have been relying on Ron Magen (STI) for a few years now - first for solar hot water and now for solar electric. I cannot praise him enough!! Absolutely Amazing customer service, backup, care, immediate attention to any problems and his guarantee is totally honoured. The condo association where I have my home also found him to be the best, as far as price and reputation, and entrusted our overall solar electric to him. I heartily recommend him.
  21. If you're still in the US, is it possible to test whether or not you can receive texts (I understand you can't receive phone calls for free) within the data plan you have? Would really love to know as my kids never call, only text ... thanks, Diana 

  22. People can't call you on your Mexican cell phone when you are in the US but can they text you?
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