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  1. when i entered mexico from laredo in october, 2009, the aduanas gave me an import certificate for my car. when i renewed my fm-3 in october, 2010, my lawyer acquired a stamped letter from the SAT at the airport. In october, 2011, he came back only with the original application letter introducing me to the 'aduana de guadalajara, jalisco, sevicio de administracion tributaria...' it was stamped with a 'received date' in october, 2011. it seemed strange to me that i did not get the same letter back from the SAT in Guadalajara as I had gotten in 2010, only a copy of his application letter saying that it had been received. he said that the law had changed and that this was all that was then necessary. this seems mighty shady to me. when i drive back to texas in a few weeks, will i have trouble leaving the country without a proper aduanas letter? should i just skip the aduanas altogether? i'd like to try and get my $400 banjercito deposit back. (please do not tell me that i did not pay this bond, or that the fee only went into effect in 2011, or whatever you may think). if my documentation is incorrect, will i just forfeit the fee and be able to cross the border, or are worse things possibly instore? would i be able to drive this car back into mexico at another time? thank you to those who know the answer
  2. thank you, intercasa. my lawyer did this for me the first 2 times i renewed my fm-3, but this last time, he just presented me with a letter saying that he had asked for the paperwork to be done, along with the paperwork, and assured me that this would work. i kind of doubted it then. guess i'll see what happens
  3. Thank you intercasa for your answer to my question. do you know how do to it 'properly'? what does that involve? i'd love not to forfeit the money. do i reply for the refund at the aduanas at the border when leaving the country, or at another aduanas, say at the guad airport. do you know what paperwork i need? I have had my lawyer draw up papers each year since asking to renew the bond, but i am not sure if they are valid. any comments by people who have had experience with getting their $300 or $400 bond back would be appreciated. and thanks to all the people who told me that i was wrong when i wrote that i did not post a bond at the border. however, i entered at laredo on oct 27, 2009, on a valid FM-3 and paid a $300 or $400 bond via credit card. it showed up on my statement within 2 days. any more help from people who have actually gone thru this would be appreciated. thank you again, intercasa, dpl
  4. when i drove my car from Texas into Mexico 3 years ago, i had to get an aduanas sticker for the car and pay $400US or so as a bond. all my Mexico guidebooks say to make sure and surrender the sticker when i leave the Mexico in order to get my deposit back, and also in order to bring the car back into the country at a later date. has anyone gone thru this procedure? did it work? did they get their money back? thank you dpl
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